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Sunday, 29 May 2022

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

 Destination: Abu Dhabi, UAE

It's capital of United Arab Emirates and about 1.5hrs drive from famous Dubai.
No quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors.  Need to download local app Al Hosn.  PCR test needed every 14 days at AED40.  PCR test is available in all hospitals, most clinics and some of the shopping malls.  They even have drive-thru.  The airport's PCR result is as fast as after 3hrs, others varies from 8hrs to 24hrs maximum.

Duration: 17 Mar to 15 Apr 2022
Fully used up 30 days of free visa.

Weather: Mar 14 to 28 degrees, Apr 27 to 40 degrees

Flight: Etihad Airways
Economy $509 for 2 way.  Bid for biz class, topped up $375 for flying over and return was additional $400.  Flight duration about 7.5hrs.

Time difference: 4hrs behind Singapore
Eg. UAE 1pm, Singapore 5pm

Currency: SGD1 = AED2.65 (approx.)

Accommodation: I stayed at my sis place in Al Reem Island

Protocol for face mask: Required indoors, outdoors optional


Most people will stay in Dubai and make a day trip to Abu Dhabi.  If you are one of them and there's only one place you can go to, it will be Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  I won't bother to put the address here, anybody, everybody will know the Grand Mosque, just tell the driver and you will be right there.  From Dubai to the mosque takes about 1.5hrs drive, from Abu Dhabi city takes from 10mins to 25mins depending on which side of Abu Dhabi you are in.

The mosque is so huge that it can be seen from the highway.

A bit more about Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, it's a stunning building measuring 290 X 420m, almost fully marbled and house the world's largest carpet.
It was built in 1996, completed on 2007.

Entrance into the mosque from linked tourist center.

Men always have a easier way out in every aspect.  Women..... haiz.....
Anyway, just cover up from head to toe (cover up to ankle cannot, MUST to toe), in loose fit attire, tight fitting body hugging cannot.
They sometimes close one eye to Europeans cos I saw a few wearing jeans and gotten through.

No entrance fee but need to scan in for entry.

Tolerance Path = long picture gallery, the locals likes to take a buggy ride, there's also travellator to conserve (our) energy.

Queen Eliz was here!

Selfie spam.
I bought this long dress from local H&M for less than SGD50, head scarf stole from my sis.  Other than visiting the mosque, tourists can wear whatever they want.  I had seen ang mos with shorts and almost spilling boobs.  For myself, I was comfortable with normal t-shirt, pants and dresses for dinners, no assets to be sexy liao lolxx...

There are security guards at every corner and restricted photo taking areas.  Visitors are not allowed to step on the grass, carpet or swim in the pool lolxx....

My beauty completely hidden lolxx.....

Beautiful marbled mosque and intricate marble flooring.

If buildings and architectures is your apple, the following photos will be like gems, else, they are rather repetitive.

The crowd.

Other than the designs, I realised that the flooring may not be installed in a usual way.     It may be for drainage, I am not sure.                          

While I was trying to fix my selfie stand, a nice guy offered help and these were the photos he took for me (if only my own hubby can be this good with camera.....)

The largest carpet in the world, it's measured to be around 5627m2.

Special effect lightings, nicely concealed, one may walked pass without noticing.

Manicured plants.

I didn't make it to visit during the evening.    I was saving a evening itinerary with my kid sis, however we didn't make it at the end.  I will come back to patch up this regret.

While I was on the way to the toilet, I found this fully marbled religious washroom.
Sibei beautiful and perfect.

The exit leaded to a souvenir shop.

Walking pass the souvenir shop leaded to Souq Al Jami whereby, tourist can have refreshments, some souvenir shopping and purchase of attire for mosque visit.

Rental of robes no longer available due to pandemic, but it's available at a reasonable price.

Wealth and beauty are displayed everywhere in UAE.  Glass lifts, chanel inspired rose design flooring and glass dome, I was wow-ed.

While most people flocked to Starbucks, I find it more attractive at Tim Hortons.

I had lime juice and chicken wrap while waiting for my transport.

During my stay, I was looking for cushion covers like these but couldn't find any with the right price.

That should be all for Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  Dubai and Abu Dhabi should be in your bucket list.  Next I will be putting together all the shopping malls I had been in Abu Dhabi, some are like a dream for tourists, some are down to earth for locals and expats.  Bye bye for now <3