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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

6D Khao Yai and Bangkok Day 3

Day 1 click HERE
Day 2 click HERE


Destination: Khao Yai and Bangkok, Thailand

Duration: 6D5N 13 to 18 Dec 2018

Time zone: 1hr behind Singapore

Mood of travel: Free & Easy with chartered car in Khao Yai

Chartered transport:  Thai National Parks Taxi
Damage THB10,150 for 2 days including transfer from airport and back to Bangkok hotel on the 3rd day.

Travel Buddies: Husband and teenage son

Flight: Jetstar, total damage around $870 (for 3pax)

In Khao Yai - Casa De Montana:
Caravan 1 night THB3,800
Luxury Container 1 night THB5,300
In Bangkok -  Glur Central Pratunam (3 nights) THB8,835

Currency: Thai baht, THB1 = SGD0.04

Khao Yai - around 16 to 30°C
Bangkok - same as Singapore



Checked in around 8pm again.

Booked Luxury Container 5 (red rectangle) cos it's nearest to the cafe and entrance, shorten distant as much as possible then no need to drag luggage drag until 万水千山.

Interior first....
As a container it's longish, quite luxurious.  Very different from the caravan, of course price also different, but no complains.
We got here a super king bed big enough for 2 adults and 2 young children.

The sofa opened up to a super single at the living area.

The sofa at the side can actually sleep another person.

Lights switch on by touch pad.

Usual beverage plus coffee maker and 2 packets of cookies.  Forgotten to take photos of the cookies but they were seriously delicious!

Even the mineral water looked so smart.

This one modem?

Bathroom was very big, can put in a mahjong table and have a game.

Intelligent WC, the mechanism was a bit noisy but still appreciate it.

Just had to make sure the blinds were close if naked (or half naked).

Yes, a decent shower was all we asked for.

Plants at the opposite end of the shower, hope no soap was splattered over them.

After paying so much for this Container, we die die need to dip into the jacuzzi.  Since it's private, hubby simply wore his brief, I wore bikini.  It was very untimely that the bikini top snapped, so I went topless.  My teenage son left us alone but we didn't perform anything funny lolxx....

The moment my hubby stood up from the water, he began to shiver in cold so badly that I was afraid he might tripped and fall.  I was so busy covering myself and him, then walked like 2 clumsy toddlers back into the Container.



It's another cool refreshing day.

Morning rays shone in.  Waking up early never felt so good.

Air's so fresh.

Umbrella and the slippers provided at the door.

You can see Containers 5 to 1 here.

Each Container was accompanied with a private parking space, good for those who's self driving with a rented car.
Above the car park was a swing!

Spend some time on our private swing.

From swing, could see the jacuzzi.

The big swirl pool was comfortable enough for 5 adults.

Right side overlooks the caravans.  So nice right?

Pic taken from Casa De Cafe, Luxury Container at the left and Caravans on the right.

I had accidentally kept my outer wear in the luggage, too lazy to get it out, I wrapped myself with a bath towel.  Looked quite good on photo lolxx..

Wanted to sit on this carriage but this area was blocked.

We had buffet breakfast in the cafe.  Noodles this time.

Old people's kind of breakfast.

Kiddy kind of breakfast.

This time I ate BBQ pork with some salad.

After breakfast, we started our 2.5hrs drive to Bangkok.  I am going to miss Khao Yai.

The journey was smooth till we reached Bangkok.  Traffic jam as usual, we arrived around 12pm.

First time staying in a hostel Glur Central Pratunam.
Despite of the good reviews, I really don't find it fantastic.  I am probably too fussy, I don't know.... The review at the end of this post is base on my personal views and experience, whether is it good enough for you is very subjective....

Glur Central Pratunam is 10mins walk away from BTS Ratchathewi (N1), 5mins walk to Pratunam Market and 8mins walk to Platinum Mall.  Not the best location but ok.
No early check in available, we dropped our luggage and chiong out like monkeys out of the cage.

The other time I went Chatuchak was by car, it our first time going by BTS.
My hubby as usual, super gan jiong spider: "Walk where?  You know the way or not?"
Me: "No I don't, just follow the crowd..." annoying sia.  It takes a mother of idiot to get lost in Bangkok...
Hubby: "You sure bo?  Like that also can arh???"
Me: "Can!" Not sure, just follow crowd and instinct, if wrong just let him scold again, wouldn't die...

They should had this hang up inside the BTS and the bridge lolxx...

A queue of tuk tuk lining up at the entrance of the market.  I think for more than 10 years I never take tuk tuk already.

Finally I was back at Viva 8 Spanish.  This time MUST try the paella!
Located at Section 8.

Meet the iconic Spanish Chef, Fernando.
He looked like a character walked out of cartoon.  He simply have this magnetic charm of attracting crowd by smiling and tossing salt, pepper and garlic.  He mingled with customers, performed magic to entertain customers and never rejects photo taking.  He probably never expect himself to be a star of Chatuchak.

The paella was visually appealing but I still had reserves.

It was extremely difficult to get a table and I was about to just squat along the street to eat lolxx....  The table we gotten was maybe a stool, waahaahaa....
It's around THB150 for a small plate.  Generously packed with mussels, chicken, prawns, sotong, long beans and peas.  And.... it's DELICIOUS!!!  I will eat this again if I visit Chatcuchak again.

For coconut ice-cream, there were a few stalls around, just any how went to one and it's so gooooooooood!

THB60 for 3 big scoops (2 scoops not enough kick) and topping were there for DIY.

I managed to get a dress, a top, camera strip and cocoon facial scrub.  Most of the time we followed our son around.
He inherited shopping genes from me, he was really happy especially when he found an artist who sells hand painted canvas shoes.

Our son was happy and it was our greatest content.

Allowed him to go for a temporary tattoo.

While his mother continued to eat.

Very nice mini custard puffs.
Bangkok is really a place to eat and shop as much as I like without bleeding my pockets.  Missing this place already while doing this blog.... oh gawd....

Done, like real, last for more than a week.

People jio while we were shopping around, so we had a 30mins massage for BTH150 only, in aircon some more and not bad de!
A rest of 30mins was to continue further!

We stopped over at Noodle Soup with Chicken
 at Section 21, Soi 29 (facing Soi 47) for early dinner.  I don't know if this is the name of the eatery but that's what stated on the red banner, heehee....
Couldn't remember the actually price already but it's quite economical.  Very local and was fascinating to me.   My kid and hubby finds it saltish but was just nice for me.

Beehoon with braised mid drums.

Soup rice noodles with chicken feet, mine mine.
Hubby never eat feet chicken cos he says the chicken run around and step onto all sorts of shit lolxx.....

The hard boiled egg came too pretty with extremely white egg white.  We didn't dare to eat it at first, then we started to guess that this might be duck's egg, so we ate it eventually.  Didn't taste funny whatsoever...

I bought a dress for my friend's baby but haven't pass to her yet >.<

Legs disowned us, we head back to the hostel around 6pm by BTS.  We checked into our 22m2
 big room.
Even with 4 queen beds, the room had more than enough space.  However it's not as clean as I preferred, the last furnishing was probably 10 to 15 years ago.

We stayed here for the next 3 days with absolutely no housekeeping and nobody came to clear the bins even when we had requested.  The reception ladies were friendly and nice, but it didn't contribute to a comfortable stay.

First day in Bangkok ended though the night was still young, none of us got energy to move an inch lolxx...

Didn't manage to finish my Thailand blog posts and I am leaving to Siem Reap tomorrow.  Going to be really busy when I return.  Will dust cobwebs away when I get back, heehee....