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Sunday, 22 May 2022

Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

Destination: Abu Dhabi, UAE

It's capital of United Arab Emirates and about 1.5hrs drive from famous Dubai.
No quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors.  Need to download local app Al Hosn.  PCR test needed every 14 days at AED40.  PCR test is available in all hospitals, most clinics and some of the shopping malls.  They even have drive-thru.  The airport's PCR result is as fast as after 3hrs, others varies from 8hrs to 24hrs maximum.

Duration: 17 Mar to 15 Apr 2022
Fully used up 30 days of free visa.

Weather: Mar 14 to 28 degrees, Apr 27 to 40 degrees

Flight: Etihad Airways
Economy $509 for 2 way.  Bid for biz class, topped up $375 for flying over and return was additional $400.  Flight duration about 7.5hrs.

Time difference: 4hrs behind Singapore
Eg. UAE 1pm, Singapore 5pm

Currency: SGD1 = AED2.65 (approx.)

Accommodation: I stayed at my sis place in Al Reem Island

Protocol for face mask: Required indoors, outdoors optional


Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa are MUST VISIT if you are in Dubai.
Dubai Mall and Souk Al Bahar Bridge.

One is the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area, at over 12 million square feet (equivalent to more than 50 soccer fields).   The other one is the tallest building in the world, standing 829.8m.  These 2 iconic landmark of Dubai are besides each other so I am putting the 2 of them in one post.

The mall contains more than 1,200 shops, an ice rink, a SEGA game centre, a five-star hotel, 22 cinema screens and 120 restaurants and cafes.  Obviously, one day is not enough to cover it all.

It depends on where you are from, what you are looking for and what type of traveller you are.  The prices are not as competitive as Asia, ie. you can't shop till you are drop like BKK, cos it's not cheap.  But if you are from Europe, it's a paradise especially when exchange rates are in favour.   If sight seeing is not your dish, you can spend 3 days 3 nights in Duabi Mall without getting bored.  (I have a friend loves shopping/window shopping so much that she did shopping 7.5days throughout her 8 days in Korea.  Actually my kid sis also the same, I died lolxx......)

I only spend a afternoon in the mall (bought nothing), covered only a small fraction, but sharing with you guys where I had walked.........
Burj Khalifa could be seen from far, we were about 10mins drive away from it.

We entered into Souk Al Bahar but was as good as entering into Palace Hotel.

The front foyer of Palace Hotel is sooooooooo beautiful, but I heard that the rooms are not cheap here.

It's absolutely stunning here with a good view of the tallest building in world.

There's another souk within Dubai Mall building - The Souk.

Very exotic, instagrammable photo spots every and any corner, swing over even if not buying anything.

There is an aquarium in the mall.

Experiences with tix.

FOC viewings.

There are a few food courts in Dubai Mall, my weak legs could only bring me to this on the 7th floor.  Lots of fast food including Macdonald's and Subway, also both local and international cuisine. 

I stepped into this Jap cum chinese restaurant cos I was too tired and hungry.

When I saw beef hor fun on the menu, I thought, yeah!
It turned out more like beef pasta, where got ppl stir fried hor fun with tomato sauce sia, haiz......

In the same food court, Ice Cream Lab.

Very interesting.

Place your order and they make it fresh on the spot.

I ordered salted caramel but I think their best was cookies and cream (after trying the sample).

At the same food court, I also tried chicken crepe with coke.

Many retails, branded and non-branded.

Dubai Mall has an ice skating ring.
Penguins are your best buddy that you can hold onto.

Had been seeing Divers Fountain on screen and it's amazing that I made it to see the real thing.

Walked out from this fountain was another landmark - Dubai Steel Heart.
Behind the heart is Burj Khalifa, can't missed the height.

Full view of Souk Al Bahar Bridge from here.

Souk Al Bahar Bridge links Dubai Mall and the souk.

I managed to buy some souvenirs and this LED lighter for hubby from Al Bahar Souk.  This later went into the check-in luggage and reached onto his hand.  I am unhappy with him, but I am not heartless....

It became more and more crowded for the fountain show.  Starts from 6.30pm and subsequently every half an hour (that's the timing during my visit, there may be changes).

The sky was mesmerizing during sunset.

The fountain show at 7pm looked better.

So that's Burj Khalifa from far, being inside it was another experience.

Here's the view at it's foot.

Is that Lamborghini?  Those car doors lolxx....

My sis booked a dinner with At.mosphere, however she was disappointed with the service, so everybody mood dampened a bit.  Only one lift goes to 122 level, so everybody had to queue for it.
The lift doesn't stop at the restaurant, had to take this spiral stair case up.  I hate walking up the stairs but the view was pretty.
Could see Dubai Mall and fountain.

Didn't take much photos of the restaurant.  The view was...... like that lor, the window glass panels must be hard to maintain....

My sis was served with this cocktail with dying celery which pissed her off even more.

Prawn Salad AED185

Chicken Wings AED120

Delicious but price tag was really high, 3pcs half wings with salad SGD45, my heart bleeding to type this.....

Wagyu sliders AED120
Cheap Gardenia buns, urrrggggg..... luckily the wagyu patties were not bad.

I forgotten what's this.

Billionaire Golden Burger AED275

Dubai fountain show from the top.

View at night.
Putting At.mosphere aside, a normal tix to be up at 120+ level for the view is around SGD60 with a complimentary drink.  It's not any cheaper.   Either, overall not recommended to get up Burj Khalifa unless you have too much money to burn.  Personally, I feel that Burj Khalifa is prettier from far (and it's free), 距离美。

Next I'll be doing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the most popular attraction in Abu Dhabi.