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Monday, 11 August 2014

Alive Museum Singapore

Date of visit: 04.08.2014

3D museums aren't really museums; they are a fun house made up of mainly illusionary 3D artworks on the wall or floor from Korea.  Hot, hip and hype in town now, we have 2 in Singapore - Trick Eye at Resort World Sentosa and Alive Museum at Suntec City.  You may read about my experience at Trick Eye HERE.

Now, Alive Museum.

It was a Monday evening, no crowd, no queue.

Before entering into Alive Muesum, try putting your head in the freezer for a halloween feel, heeheehee...

Scroll down and enjoy the photos.
Please note that the dialogues are imagined and created by me ;P
Tickle your feet.

 This is just for laughs.  ps. le hubby is not a pervert.
Translate - "Molest!"

Oh yeah, that's very kind of you Peter -___-|||

As I had mentioned, Peter is not a pervert, he is a King lolxx..

Sticker crown is added so that King Peter looks more like a king lolxx...

Translate - You dare bully my husband, I kick your ass!

Ssssssh.... I just want to see if it's an Iphone 6.

I tried to curl up like a foetus but couldn't, bones stiff, fat tummy's blocking >.<

So, suck thumb.

Trying to be a mermaid although not wearing bikini.

I think I'll die on the spot if I ever see a head inside the WC.

Being squeezed.

Run for your life!

Looking fat here.
 I don't need a hair wash, but I need to refill my water bottle.

Aiyo!  Fatal accident!

I shine in radiance, I rejoice in bliss, cos' you are with me.

Michael's stunt.
How Peter managed this pose, that's for you to find out yourself at Alive Museum.

Replica wolverine.

Strange encounter with Charlie Chaplin.

 Alien me.

Seduce Peter Parker when Mary Jane is not watching...

This is gross.

Fat woman is not heavy, he's just constipated >.<


Kena kicked by big smelly foot.

Chased by zombies, no joke.

逃不出猫爪  Can't escape from paws.

DIY tooth extraction.

I asked him to remove his polo-t shirt for this shoot, he too shy to do so, heehee...

Before I die...  But I don't want to die leh!

Chop you into pieces arh!!

劈腿, literally, yay...

GIF, a bit blur but not too bad I think, heehee...

Just now caught by a cat, now caught by a baby >.<

If everything from the pen can be alive, what would you like to draw?

Penguins, come out and play with me!

Big bully and little poor tiny.

Looked as if I am really sitting when I am squatting.

Not sure why my butt is attractive to an elephant lolxx..

Hang on!

Child abuse lolxx..

I love ET!

When house got blow away...

This visit to Alive Museum with my hubby had made me beamed with happiness.  I felt as if we were dating like young unmarried couples.  He was naughty and cheeky, giggling like a boy, very patient with the camera me.  I just felt young and loved all over ^.^

Translate - Never let go of my hands, let romance on this little paper boat be forever...

Having gathered experiences with two 3D museums locally and one at Bangkok, here's my personal tips on how to enjoy the visit and get good photos -

*  Go with family and friends
I think it's common sense, you can't go alone, you will need someone to take photos for you.  You can't be camera shy too.

*  Cameras with full battery and extra batteries
Don't forget your camera, make sure they are fully charged or you have a spare battery to last.   Else it would be a wasted trip.

However, heavy photography equipment such as large tripods, reflectors, extra lighting equipments etc. are strictly not allowed.  For wedding/pre-wedding, fashion photography, please call Alive Museum Hotline: 6734 8298 for arrangements.

*  Finish your "business" first
Go to the washroom first before entering 3D museums, there are no toilet inside.

*  Dressed comfortably and appropriately
Wear comfortable shoes that allows you to do all sorts of weird poses.  You may need to jump, climb, stand on one leg, twist, bend etc.  Wear outfits that allows you to lie on the floor or sit around at ease without worrying to dirty them.  For girls, I think shorts, pants and decent tops are the safest.  Keep skirts and dresses else where unless you are dying to show your assets.

*  Keep precious handbags at home
Bring handbags which you don't mind to put on the floor.  It's quite a hassle even if your companions don't mind to carry it for you, it's difficult to hold your handbag and camera at the same time, right?

*  Look for the PHOTO POINT ICON stickers on the floor
You may not stand on the exact spot for photo taking, but standing not too far away ensures the best angle.

* Be imaginative, be thick skin, be silly
No need to pai seh one.  Typical "Look at the camera and smile" poses will probably ruin all 3D artworks.  The more expressive you are, the more interesting photos you'll get at the end of the day.   There are some "sample" photos displayed around which you may take it as a guide, just follow or be creative.  Have plenty of fun!


3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall
(between Towers & 4)
Singapore 038983


Adult 13 yrs and above:S$25
Child 3 – 12 yrs:S$20
Package 2 Adults + 1 Child:S$60


Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm)

More Information ~

Don't say I never share, Alive Museum is having
To redeem, simply “Like” Alive Museum Facebook and purchase a full-priced ticket.

Meal includes:
  • Choice of a Fish’N Crisp or Chick’N Crisp burger
  • 1 small fries
  • 1 small coke
  • Worth $7.85!
Hurry, offer ends 30 September 2014!
Burger King LogoBurger King, newly opened at Suntec, is conveniently located beside Alive Museum Singapore at level 3, between Towers 3 and 4.

Thank you OMY for the invite and Alive Museum for the complimentary tickets.

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