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Thursday, 25 April 2013

King's Laksa Steamboat

We discovered a stretch of nom nom eateries along Teck Chye Terrace.
The stretch consist of Taiwan eatery, a famous economical Teochew porriage (very crowded), some zi char, Korean BBQ etc.
  Parking can be a challenge, they are fully aware of this problem, thus valet parking is available.
Too stingy to pay for the service, we parked near Serangoon sports stadium and took about 10 mins to walk down.

We decided to settle for something different;
steamboat, but not ordinary steamboat, it's LAKSA STEAMBOAT!!

Ala-carte buffet S$23.80+ per pax.

Help yourself with dip sauces and condiments.

Choice of 2 soup base.  Laksa base was a must and we chose chicken soup for another.

Nice pork belly but beef not good leh >.<

At the left hand corner were pig's kidney slices.
It's my first time to see steamboat serving this cos' it's really difficult to clean and prepare.
The prawns were acceptable but could be better if they were bigger and fresher.

The pipping hot laksa soup base was heavenly with tau pok and cockles :P~~~
It's intensive shiokness which you can't get from a bowl laksa noodles.
The chicken soup was freshly broth with chicken and not msg chicken cubes.
Yes, my picky taste buds can tell the difference.
So once, my tongue needed a "rest" from spicy laksa, drinking the chicken soup was really comforting.

Lime Juice S$2.00

There were some fried items included in the buffet, we ordered chicken wings and tofu.

Mango pudding was the only dessert on the menu, no other choices liao.
But we were happy with it ^_^ yummy.

The restaurant was a bit funny though.  Throughout our dining for more than 1 hour there, they repeated PSY's Gangnum Style non-stop.  I know it's very popular and hot, but don't have to repeat the whole night ba -____-

If you have extra calorie space to spare, can pop in to try out!

King's Laksa Steamboat
Teck Chye Terrace #17
Tel: 6287 8010

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