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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Yorijori Korean BBQ & Chicken Cuisine


Just a stone throw away from Kovan MRT, in Kovan Community Centre, there's something all food lovers, especially korean cuisine lovers MUST KNOW........

Yorijori Korean BBQ & Chicken Cuisine
"Yori" means cook.
"Jori" means recuperate.
However when put together, "Yorijori" literally means look around. 

Indoor seatings.

My dinning experience at the alfresco area was a windy one ^.^

Yorijori offers authentic Korean cuisine which satisfy your cravings without burning your pockets.

Be warned - saliva inducing photos ahead!

Bottle of chilled roasted barley water on every table at no charge and free flow of Ban Chang (Korean pickled side dishes) with any order of main dish.

Fried ikan bilis is a sweet version but is some how very nice to nibble while waiting for the mains.

The more we eat the spicy kimchi, the hungrier we feel.

Ohsam Dak Bulgogi came, beautiful.
 Cameras and handphones worked non-stop for quite a few minutes.

Ohsam Dak Bulgogi S$15/pax
(spicy pork, chicken & squid roast)

Fragrance of the spicy bean paste fills the air as I stir.

Hubby was very excited and talked non-stop lolxx...

Seducive pot of Ohsam Dak Bulgogi! =P~~~
Despite of the fierce red color, the spicy level is actual quite moderate with a nice tinge of sweetness from the special bean paste.  Thin pork belly slices and marinated chicken strips are so tender and flavorful.  The squid rings are just right without rubbery texture.  This pot is heaven with white rice!

Dak Gal Bi S$15/pax
(Spicy Stir-Fried Chicken)
Almost the same as Ohsam Dak Bulgogi, the only meat in here is chicken.

Haemul Pajeon S$12.00
(seafood pancake)
Generous loads of prawns and squid rings, will be perfect if the pancake can be thinner and more crispy.

Kimchi Fried Rice S$6.00
Seaweed camouflage the mini mountain of kimchi and rice beneath.

Pour onto the hotplate, stir stir stir.... feels very much like playing "cooking games" when we were young.

Basically is to mix everything up, and it's ready to eat in 2 mins!
Flavorful carbo with healthy vegetables, yes.....

Self Tteokbokki S$12/pax
(Spicy Rice Cake)
Add on - Mandu (Dumplings) S$3 for 4pcs, S$6 for 8pcs.

Bringing the Spicy Rice Cake to boil.  Meanwhile preparing Jumukbab!

I gotten to DIY the rice balls.

One more, looking fat but happy here, coating the rice balls with seaweed.

Jumukbab S$5
(rice balls)
Seasoned rice balls coated with seaweed, simple but simply yummy!

Boo Dae Jji Gae S$14/pax
(spicy army stew)

Watermelon Soju S$30.00

I am so in love with this!  Potent alcohol is totally masked with sweetness of watermelon.  Thinking it's mild, took quick and big gulps and it almost knock me down lolxxx....

By this time, we were already full but what came next was irresistible....

BBQ!!! S$15 - S$28
(pork, beef, chicken and prawns)

Garlic Pork Belly.
In case you are wondering, it's garlic that's bubbling in oil in the center of the hot plate.

Before I pop this whole lot into my mouth :P~~~

Marbled Beef

Gaeran Jjim S$5.00
(steam egg)

Happy with steam eggs, happy with Yorijori, happy with him ^.^

Current Promotion:

10% discount when -
* order 3 items or more
* dine at alfresco area during rainy days

Yorijori Korean BBQ & Chicken Cuisine
207 Hougang Street 21
Paya Lebar Kovan Community Center
Singapore 530207
Tel: 6288 6651
Mon - Fri: 3.30pm - 11.00pm
Sat - Sun: 11.30am - 11.00pm

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