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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

6 Days in Macao and Hong Kong - Day 1

Going to share with you guys my year end trip last year as titled.....

The trip was actually Busy and Difficult instead of Free & Easy.

It was so full of  hiccups.... or perhaps it wasn't that bad if my ankle didn't swell.  More or less my mood was dampen.  Dealing with the pain took up most of my energy and time, so not much of good photos.  But looking at the bright side, Hong Kong is consider relatively near and not too costly, can always fly back de (if I want to).


Destination:  2 days Macao and 4 days Hong Kong

Duration: 14 - 19 Dec 2015 (6 days)

Companion: Family trip with hubby and 2 teen boys

Mode of travel: Free and Easy, air tickets and accommodation in Macao booked with Chan Brothers Travel

Accommodation:  Macao - The Venetian Macao Resort, HongKong - Airbnb

Flight: United Airlines

Ferry: TurboJet

Damage: S$2571 + $617 (Airbnb) for 4 pax

Currency: SGD1.00 = HKD5.41 (same exchange rate for HKD and MOP, so HKD can be used in Macao)

Time Difference:  Same as Singapore

Weather: 13 ~ 20 in Macao, around 24 degree in Hong Kong


We were taking a 5.45am flight, which means that we had to be at the airport around 4am.

But I was still up catching Pokemon in the midnite.   Ideally I should be sleeping at 9pm, wake up at 3am then prepare to go....  But I am always going the opposite of "Ideally", lolxx..  It wasn't that bad though, I was too excited to be tired.

Changi Airport was in Pokemon theme.
At 3.30am, was feeling hungry more than sleepy.

Air tickets nowadays resembles receipts from supermarkets.  I think gone are the days where air tickets were special and precious.

Crazy over PokemonGo, I wanted to play till the very last min I board.
I actually went for it without knowing it was so far away from my boarding gate.  By the time I reached, the spawn was left with less than 10mins.  Very drama, Hitmonchan refused to appear.  I paced up and down for more than 5mins, when it finally did, it appeared under a gym -___-|||  My fat fingers kept tapping into the gym and I was already breaking into cold sweat.  Finally caught and I need to catch my plane. Totally forgotten where I came from, I lost my way and found myself in Terminal 1.

I took the rail back to Terminal 2, then ran like mad towards the boarding gate, omg...
It's gonna be the most ridiculous thing ever happened and sure will hit the headlines if I missed my flight because of playing PokemonGo, omg...

Anyway, United Airlines' breakfast.  One western and the other oriental.

Both didn't taste particularly good >.<

After which I slept like a pig with a bit of snoring (my hubby said).

3 and a half hours was all it takes to touch down Hong Kong International Airport at 9.30am.  Took the internal rail to the ferry transit at it's Terminal 1.

It was easy, following the directions given by the sign boards.

We located the ferry transit counter very quickly by 10am.  Presuming we could catch the 11am ferry.  But they refused to let us in.  They told us to take the next ferry at 1pm.  I am not too sure is it REALLY that we can't get in, or they purposely don't let us in.

Anyway.... 3 hours to waste in the airport, sigh.... but very soon became HIGH!  Loving Hong Kong airport's wonderful wifi, we caught our first Farfetch.  Relieved, as in I knew turning on the game was no longer necessary for the rest of the trip!

Miso Cool
Hong Kong International Airport
Arrival Pre-Immigration Hall, 5th level
The best way to kill time was to eat.  We weren't hungry, but just need to taste Hong Kong and rest our butts.  The menu in chinese took us a bit of time to register.  We ordered a weird bowl:

Satay Beef Udon with Pork Burger Steak  HKD75.00 (about S$13.60)
Also a Ice Lemon Tea HKD3.00, which was like S$0.55!!  Drinks were more affordable here.
The combination was really weird, yet tasty on it's own - tasty soup, bouncy udon, soft semi-minced beef, yummy pork burger which was very much like Mcdonald's meat patty.  But they didn't blend in, weird, lolxx.....

Ferry tix HKD254 (about S$46.30, already paid for) , very ex, in compare to ferry tix to Batam.  Travelling time is the same, about 1.5hrs.

Like taking a plane, our luggage were collected and load onto the ferry.

We boarded at ease with our personal belongings and a small trolley of our jackets  (I fear we would freeze).

So we waited for our ferry, just the way we wait for a plane.

I should had opt for Cotai Jet instead since our hotel is located at Cotai.  Turbo Jet docks at Macao Penisular, there's a bit of distant to travel.  Is an overlook which I wonder what's wrong with me then  >.<

Not able to un-do my mistake, we were up onto Turbo Jet.

It wasn't too bad, seats were spacious and reclinable, very comfortable.  I wanted to snooze for the entire 1 hour journey but something spectacular was in sight.

 Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge (港珠澳大橋)

From what I read, the length of the bridge is about 50km, cost US$10.6 billion to build.

This massive project started since 15 Dec 2009, and is expected to complete by Dec 2017.
And later on, I learnt that the construction of the bridge has caused a decline in the number of dolphins around the region. With more than sufficient means transport by ferry and plane, will this bridge be a white elephant?

It's difficult to survive without wifi, we bought a minimum 3days wifi usage HKD100 from this vending machine upon reaching at the Ferry Terminal.

After which was a nightmare of getting across the road to get to the shuttle bus.  Only 2 ways:
Carry the luggages up and down the staircases;
Queue for the one and only lift, size not bigger than our HDB's -___-|||
Either way was a mini torment. 
Perhaps the inconvenience will be over once the renovation is done.

There's one stretch of free shuttle buses lining up from various hotels.

It wasn't difficult to spot ours.
YAY, officially in Macao!

We were awe by the amazing architectures of the hotels along the way.

We had a nasty shock when we reached the hotel. The 3 males turned their heads at me and asked what hotel had I booked -___-|||  My jaw just dropped and couldn't answer.  The below pic shows only part of the crowd, it's.... I don't know how to say....
 Herds of people were like refugees entering into the hotel.  I not insulting the people but we seriously had never seen so many hundreds of people around and flocking into the hotel!!  It didn't take us long to realise that 99% were going into the casino....

The hotel was huge enough to accommodate the crowd, but the washroom wasn't.... I was in my high tide,  when one woman was scolding another woman for not closing the door.  I kiap myself and controlled until I get into my hotel room, almost 憋死。 

Checking in took about 20mins (I kiap in agony for 20mins also) sigh....

At long last, here's our Bella Suite.  2 nights was S$755.
2 Queen beds, just nice for the 4 of us.

The living area was separated with a grill and.... 2 steps of stairs which wasn't easy to get use to.
Each and every time I had to remind myself the existence of the stairs else I'll trip and fall flat on my nose and tummy (and busts).

It's pretty classic but not trendy enough to please my teenage boys.

There were 2 TVs, this vintage one in the living area, and the other one was a flat screen in front of the beds.

The walk-in wardrobe with bathrobes. slippers and ironing facilities.

The big marbled bathroom with both shower and bath tub.

And also a fabulous dressing table which was my favourite in the entire Suite.

The vanity counter with a huge bronze framed mirror and 2 basins.

Even the WC was lovely.

View from the window.

Had early dinner at Venetian's Foodcourt.  It has got an amazing ceiling that looks like REAL BLUE SKY.

This was build and priced specially for tourists, having said, it's expensive.

We didn't miss home, neither did the Hainanese chicken looked like what it should be, so we gave it a pass.

We ordered from this stall.

Beef Ramen.

Fried Rice HK85.
Both not bad, couldn't remember the exact price but was more than S$10 each.

We ordered dumplings from another stall, not nice, so won't recommend.
Vinegar in pink was something new though.

And we had beer.

I heard that this was famous, so gave it a try.
There was a mini drama....  2 young girls from ..... er.... you probably can guess where, were bargaining at the cashier asking him to give them a discount or another bowl free.  The young man was like: No, no no no X100.  Couldn't get any advantage the girls decided to cancel order, but still stood there.  After half a min, they said to proceed with their order, but showing a black face for not getting any perks.   They thought this is a fish market can bargin one arh??  After those 2 girls (they probably thought they very pretty) left, I shook head, the crew also shook head, 一切尽在不言中... 

Milk pudding (炖蛋) HKD84.00 each.
Nice, had been a decade since I last eaten one.  It's my favourite dessert but not too common in Singapore.

We roamed around Venetian hotel, getting lost was easy.

The shopping resembles our MBS which I bought nothing.

The boat man rowed and sang a Italian classic which filled up air with romance.

Washroom and telephone signs big enough for the blind to see.

Public phones are turning into vintage items already.

Time to step out.

We went casino hopping in one of the free shuttle buses.

Dropped off at Studio City, it's new I heard.

They have Macdonald's here.

There were some spots for photo taking...

Washroom with grand entrance lolxx...

So in love with their toilet <3

They had this 3-D motion batman movie which we didn't went for.

See look only, never purchase.

Stepping out for hubby's cigarette break.

Macao has a brilliant and stunning night view.

Still exploring Studio City.... Posh crystal rain drops was about 3 metres in length, it's so beautiful.

There was a model of Studio City near their ferry wheel entrance, located at level 3.

Also a freaking cute "Aerocopter".  It's like cartoon came to life!

Here, but we were too late, they were closed.
Tix for adult HK100, child HK80, Senior Citizen/Local HK84.  Click HERE for more information if interested.

We asked the securities of the hotel and found the best spot to photograph the ferry wheel.

The design is an eye opening.

The lobby, so grand.

We were tired enough for visiting just one hotel, hopped back into the shuttle bus and returned to Venetian.
Just outside Venetian Hotel, my first time in an overseas gym, heeheehee.... Didn't see any players other than hubby and myself.

We put the kids back in the room before we took a peek in the casino.  It's flooded with main landers who squanders S$500 at each bet as if it's S$5.  We could only afford to see, 玩不起 sia.

Spending on food was more down to earth and essential to stay alive.
This Red Dragon Noodles is located inside the casino, so it's not for families with children below 21 years old. Needless to say it's open 24hrs.  We had decent wanton noodles HK76 which I forgotten to take pic of.

Ta bao Beef Noodles HK74 for my kids, I stole a few bites, beef was tender and yummy :P

Spend some time rolling on the bed and still struggling with the next day's intinerary.  I am going to take a little longer for Day 2, I haven't even edited the photos >.<  Meanwhile I still update my Dayre regularly, do pop by!