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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Journey on Blogging (Part 2)

Blogging life gotten slightly better as in I managed to find a few friends out of a bunch of bitches.

But as I am more into blogging, things got uglier and uglier......

Most people presumed that PR agencies or brands will look for bloggers with better stats to work with.   But nope, I found that they give opportunities to bloggers whom they have better "relationships" with even if nobody reads their blogs.  I have to stress that I have nothing against bloggers with lower stats, after all I was there too, I started from zero and worked all the way till today with a small pool of readers.

It's just that I feel, I deserve more recognition.  But I already came with terms that this is how things works in reality, and it will not change no matter how upset I feel.

For those who knows me personally, I am the most "chin cai" (easy) creature living on earth.  I am often punctual, I smile even if people treated me like transparent, I submit my assigned blog reviews within 10 days.   But at the end of the day, I was being "freezed" by some PR agencies.

Since this is the case, I really don't see why I should cling on and allow myself to be treated shabbily.  Now I seldom RSVP for events which I am sure I wouldn't get selected, even if I do at times, I don't block the dates in my schedule, other stuffs comes first.  Also not participating in blog contests.....

"Blog Contests" is also a beautiful name in disguise for "Blog for Free".  While the winners of every contests are familiar faces, the rest of the contestants who contributed didn't even get a "Thank you" from whoever and whatever organiser.  Prizes like air tickets, iphones, cameras are no longer attractive baits to me.  Even if the prize is a space trip to the moon also no use, cos' it's never meant to be at all.   Not trying to be boastful here, but frankly speaking it's much more easier to just swipe my credit card to get what I need.  Plus, I have got a life time sponsor - hubby dearest.

I know many of my fellow blogger friends are going "Wah..... you are going to offend a lot of people with this post ....."  No worries, me and my blog is "transparent" to those agencies.  So what if they reads this?  They can continue to "freeze" me for all I care.

Not making a sweeping statement, a few agencies are really very nice to me lah, where an invite is always sincere, and I am very grateful to them heehee......

Whatever it is, nothing beats $$

I would like to express my sincere and heart felt thanks to all my readers.  Exactly one year ago, my blog started out with less than 20 unique visitors daily, and today it's has more than 500.

Without you readers, my blog will be worthless, I mean what's the point of posting and posting when nobody 's reading?  Without you readers, I wouldn't be getting the above cheque also.  As childish as it may sound, but a few words of compliment or a comment was all it takes to sweep away all the unpleasantness I encounter.

My blog can go without sponsors, without being a pet of PR agencies, but will die without readers.  THANK YOU very very much my dear readers, thank you.  Please continue to read my blog, don't let it die, I'll continue to blog as long as you are reading.  Thank you again!


  1. *Hugs*
    I don't know what I should say since I know you personally.. and yes, we shall grow tgt and write more meaningful posts.

    1. Heehee.... I am doing fine at the moment, just don't wanna bottle things up, cos' I'll get "internal injury". So I spill it all out and shiokness....... Yes, let's JIAYOU together ^^

  2. Nah, you are just speaking the facts / what bugged you and it's nicely written :)

    It's true most PR and blogger work with those they click better with and they know for sure will attend / write favorably. But there are some who would actively seek new bloggers to expand their list with sincerity, so really depends on luck (for both sides).

    Feels better when we treat it like a "have invite, okay / good. no invite, never mind."
    Less obligations too, i feel :)

    May you'd always continue to write and share your experience (food, travel and others) with all of us. Jiayou!

    1. It will be logical if PR gets bloggers who they are happy to work with. But the funny thing is, they will continue to engage bloggers even if they give them craps like being super late as if they are super stars at events, write a less than 250 words review 2 months later after the event, etc.... As such, these PR made themselves looked so stupid that I also lost my interest to work with them lolxx......

      "Have invite, okay. No invite, never mind." As easy as it may sounds, but being human after all, I was quite affected initially. I understand they do batch email, but they are too lazy (or busy) to delete my contact in their list, that's why.

      Thank you very much for your support, you are a very valuable reader to me. Do let me know if there's anything that I can improve on, or what you may like to see in my blog. Thank you!

    2. I understand, guess there will always be those which gives bloggers / PR a very bad name.

      Yeah, I did felt unhappy for a while too when the brand I've always wanted to work with, didn't bother contacting but what to do... I've given up on trying to get their attention, heh.

      No problems :)
      Well I like your food / restaurant postings, perhaps if possible, you could share/post more on that?


  3. Wow I learned a lot from this post. I am new to blogging so thank you for writing about this! And I won't give up on blogging. I want to get more views from everyone and help people out ^-^ I read some of your other posts and I really liked them!! Would you like to follow each other on gfc?? Please feel free to leave me a comment and let me know ^-^ I am definitely going to follow you!!!

    My Blog

    Keep up the good work!!
    - Kat

    1. Hi Kat, thank you for visiting my blog, already click on gfc ^^

  4. Keep up the good work! Enjoy reading your blog.
    Congrats on the reward ;)

    1. Thank you! Am waiting for another cheque to arrive next month, woot!

  5. Congratulations on getting this far! I'm really proud of you! <3 I know how it feels to receive little/no views for entry you broke your back (figuratively) writing... It's not fun. What even worse is being treated badly by different agencies/brands. :(
    But no matter what, you and I will continue writing! Blogging is the best job I can think of, and a passion is a passion. Great job! <3 I can't wait to see more!

    1. Thank you very much for supporting me all these while ^.^