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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Precious Nail Services Promotion

You get beautiful nails at a good deal while I need to earn more keeps to fulfil my travel dreams ^^

July's Black Box + Vitalift A+ Brillage Mask Review


Black Box is the first free unisex lifestyle sampling box in Singapore which delivers right to your door-step bi-monthly.

Subscription is absolutely FREE on  www.BlackBox.sg

Black Box is still very young, they had their first launch in February 2013.
Read about it HERE, I did a very sexy post for it ^.^

April's Black Box post is HERE.

Here's July's Black Box:
(paiseh, one sachet of coffee is missing here cos' I drank it, totally forgotten that I hadn't take pic >.<)
When I opened up this heavy box, all items were placed side by side each other like jig-saw puzzle pieces, hardly any gaps in between!  After the above photo-shot, the box could no longer be closed lolxx... Now scroll on to see the items individually =)

This month's exclusive Black Box zip lock bag is in cheerful bright blue <3
With some vouchers as usual.

This is my second sachet, gotten the 1st sachet from Vanity Trove, haven't got the chance to try yet.

TAKE 5ive Energy+Brain Power Drink 60ml
I am torn between giving this to Darren or Luis.

LIERAC MESOLIFT Vitamin-Enriched Fondant Cream 10ml
This brand is new to me, it's made in France and for that I am going to give it a try!

COLGATE Plax Fruity Fresh 20ml
This is gonna kill bad breath after eating chicken rice or other "powerful" dishes, heehee...

CETAPHIL Gentle Skin Cleanser 29ml
New facial wash for my kids!

SUPER White Coffee X3
I am not addicted to coffee, but these really perks me up on sleepy afternoons.

VDL Beauty Moisturizer X2 sachets
Another new Korean brand to me.

Transforming peel off mask and
Overnight brightening mask.
Can't wait to try the peel off mask!  But got a little problem with overnight masks, cos' I sleep with my face rubbing the pillow, so any and all overnight masks will go to my pillow >.<

Real Nature Pomegranate Sheet Mask
Give me any sheet mask from The FaceShop and I'll be a very happy girl auntie, heehee...

Black Box had include some special items for me ^.^

VITALIFT A+ Brillage Mask

Product from France.  Let me tell you, it's not one of those usual paper mask.

It's a jelly mask comes with protection sheets sandwiching it, so it looked very thick from here.

I had removed one layer of protection sheet before putting on, and removing the top one after that.

Take a closer look at the jelly mask, it's really "solid" and didn't slide down even though I was fidgeting about.

Skin felt more hydrated immediately after the mask.
Visible and instant beauty effect comes with a price tag of S$10 each.
To me it's worth it, cos' you may use 10pcs of cheaper masks (spending the same amount of money) but may not achieve this effect.

Estetica product are available on http://esteticabeauty.com/shop/ and all Estetica outlets.
Store locations can be found here: http://www.esteticabeauty.com/contact-us.html

PURER SKIN Miracle Serum 30ml
Confirm plus chop, a safe and reliable product cos' it's made in Singapore!
Key ingredient using bird's nest which claims to:
*Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
*Regrow Younger Skin
*Deep Hydration
Gonna give a review after using it.

Meanwhile, Purer Skin is available online at www.PurerSkin.com and will also be available in the selected 10 Watsons store starting 12 August 2013:

Ngee Ann City / JEM / Parkway parade / Bugis Junction / Jurong Point / Compass point / Marina Square / Toa Payoh / Raffles City Shopping centre / ION

 Quote “ILOVEPS” during checkout for a 15% discount!

L'OREAL ELSEVE Extraordinary Oil 100ml
Had been wanting to try this so badly after hearing so much raves!  Thank you Black Box for hearing my prayers!  My hay hair got hope liao!  Will be doing another blog post for this real soon!

Huh?  Why only me got full size products?
Who says!
Black Box have weekly giveaways of Black Minis on Fridays at their Facebook Page.
Click in http://www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSG and "Like" to receive latest update for this awesome lobang!

Website to subscribe for a free Black Box: 

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to the above brands.  Review is based on my own experience. Product may or may not be suitable for other individuals.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Brew Baker at Anchorvale Road

Date of visit: 16.06.2013

This post is a continuation from HERE.

Anchorvale Community Club was the closest place for dinner we could reached with our tired feet.
I didn't want Mcdonalds or Pasta Mania, the only choice left was Brew Bakers.

Brew Bakers with both outdoor and indoor seatings.

Didn't know it was Father's Day, heehee....

I remembered I was very happy to stepped into the cool aircon, it was really warm that day.

One cool bottle of cold water, which was the best in warm weather.

Hubby ordered a Father's Day set of meal with Ribeye Steak @S$29.80
Garlic bread tasted exactly like the ones at Jack's Place.

Miniature prawn salad, portion so small that we found it amusing lolxx....

Cream of Asparagus

The steak wasn't wow, but acceptable.

My Lobster Soup @S$5.80.
It's either you love it or hate it.  I love the lobster aroma but my hubby thought the taste and smell was fishy.

 Slipper Lobster Spaghetti @S$15.20

 Stole a bite of the ribeye steak, he took my lobster too, heehee....

Hazelnut mousse, so tiny that all it took was 2 bites to finish it off.

Overall experience was average, food quality was similar to Jack's Place.
Ending blog post with it's address:

Brew Baker
59 Anchorvale Road
#01-06 Anchorvale Community Club

Saturday, 27 July 2013

S.E.A. Aquarium at Resort World Sentosa

Date of visit: 8 July 2013

As per blog title, you will be expecting lots of pics on sea creatures.

So, before you get "sea sick", here's a big head photo of a human, heehee.....
Makeup of that day ^.^

We bought the admission tickets to the Aquarium together with sky train tix at Vivo City.
Alight at the first stop and took a 5 mins walk over.

Here's my nephew, Karsten.  He's a joyful kid, always happy and smiling.
I was wearing a jump-suit from TaoBao

Trees of candies and lollipops outside Candilicious shop reminded me of Hansel and Gretel.

Here Karsten and his sis, my niece Janelle.

We were so busy taking photos even before we reached the entrance of the Aquarium lolxx..

There was a stretch of exhibits on asian culture before entering into the Aquarium.

There were also ship models to illustrate 郑和 ZhenHe's travel.

ZhenHe was a famous traveller from China (1371-1433).
The amazing part is, this great man is a court eunuch.
It's a pity that we did not have enough time to look through the exhibits and watch a couple of shows :/

Entering into the Aquarium, it was very crowded even on a weekday.

It was very fascinating for the kids.

At the left hand corner was a big fat yellow fish that looked like a swimming lemon.
It has got swollen looking mouth with big blur eyes, damn funny looking, I spended many minutes laughing at it lolxx....

Razor Fish, always in vertical positions.

Can you find the fish which looked like a coral?

Yeah, the crowd...

While the children were taking a break, I was trying to self-take with the nice aquarium background.
King Luis with that -___-||| expression lolxx...
Actually, I can't "tahan" my self-obsession also, waahaahaaa...

Only manage to get 2 pics which are presentable >.<

There was this huge fish that swam round and round, Karsten was really fascinated by it and run round with it lolxx...

There was a little "touch pool" for children (and curious adults) to touch some fish and star fish.

We were holding a shark's egg sac, it's for display, no baby shark inside.

Didn't manage to take down this creature's name.  It's a beautiful sea alien more than a foot in length.

King Luis with his thousand watt smile, meltz..........

Dolphins, one of human's best friend.
There were some scratches on their bodies and some chips on their fins.  Please tell me they are well taken care of?

Looking tough and fierce with long legs stretches across about 2 feet in length.


Gross and amazing looking at the same time.

Here's a slide show of Moon Sea Jelly Fish!

Japanese Sea Nettle

Acromitus Sea Jelly

Blue Sea Jelly

Here's a video clip of these cute Blue Sea Jelly

Upside down Sea Jelly

Indonesian Sea Nettle

Super humongous sotong sleeping, was about 1 metre in size at this position.

Hilgenddorf's Saucord

We were looking at the world's largest aquarium acrylic view panel!
Breath taking!

2 divers in there, but they were not feeding.

Ocean Restaurant was just beside this viewing panel, we tried to walk in for dinner but it was fully booked, darn........

Big, fat and super blur looking, really tickled me.  It's size was bigger than my laptop.

Lobsters, they were as huge as cats, I was drooling with imagination of it on my dining table :P~~

My darling King Luis is so adorable, cos' he is my son.

Tiger fish.

Sea urchins, damn big, must be yummy :P~~

Moray Eels, the whole tank was full of them.

So gross, so pukey, so yuky, so fugly, but I couldn't help to keep looking and took many pics >.<

Looked as if they gonna kiss each other lolxx...


Hammer Head Shark

Motionless, more around 2 metres in length, Lemon Shark.

It seemed pretty harmless without fangs.

It's such a huge fish but it's eyes were size of red beans only sia, WAAAAHAAAAHAAAA....... LMAO!!
Why your eyes sooooo small??!!  waaahaaahaaaaa...... no amount of eyeliner or fake lash is gonna help!!  lolxx... my gawd......  But you got nice skin, so it's still fair after lolxxxx.... laugh die me!

Like another other tourist attraction spots, our tour ended with a souvenir shop.

Giant vintage alarm clock.

Chocolate pops!

Before leaving RWS (Resort World Sentosa), we went into Candilicious (to spend money >.<)
As long as children are happy, adults are happy too.

End this post with smiley lollipops, thank you for browsing :D

For more information on Resort World Sentosa S.E.A Aquarium click HERE