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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hock Lam Beef at ARC

Date of visit: 02.06.2013

Before I headed to Henderson Waves we had dinner at Hock Lam Beef.
Please allow me to spam my face here before I proceed with this short review ^^
That's my simple makeup and OOTD in black and turquoise which I had posted in full body at Henderson Waves post.

It's almost empty cos' it's before 5pm and also given to the fact that ARC is really a quite place without much human traffic.

Beef noodles is their signature but they do serve other dishes too.

Braised Egg S$1.00
Bee Hoon Dry with sliced and chunky beef S$7.80
Kway Teow & Noodle Dry with mixed beef S$7.90

My dry noodles came with thick sauce garnished with salted veg and grounded peanuts.
The portion was very huge for me.  Inside were beef balls, beef slices, beef intestine, beef tongue etc. all tender and delectable.  Herbal soup and sour chilli sauce were really great companions of the beef noodle.  I am not a big fan of beef noodles but would say this was quite a yummy causal dinning experience.

Hock Lam Beef
460 Alexandra Road #02-24
ARC Singapore 119963
Tel no: 6272 9945

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