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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wine Universe, more than wine..

Date of visit: 30.01.2015

I had probably walked pass this place a thousand times, it looks kinda rowdy to me, so I never thought of patronizing.
There's always lots of people inside and outside, standing or sitting with an alcohol drink held in hand.  Everybody was talking as if they had never talked before, noise was drowned by laughters and laughters were drowned by music.  I very much preferred quiet places, although I am always the one creating the most noise.

My kid sis brought me here for light dinner after Asia Beauty Exhibition.  I didn't expect this place to be her frequent hang out.  She managed to half coax and half dragged me into Wine Universe.

It's weird, it wasn't noisy when I stepped into it.  They played music from the 80s, my era.  I like.
I was being "swallowed" in before I knew it...

All the service crews know my sis by her name and what she wants.  Service was very warm and friendly, I felt like VIP, lolxx....

I seriously don't really hold liquor well.  I know none of you believe me >.<
 I had been taking too much selfies with wine glasses, I looked damn pro when actually is a pose only.

Pinot Noir Chamoson 2012 S$78.00
One glass of this and I was done, but I kept myself sober enough to eat.

Wagyu Beef Cubes S$18.00
No sauce was needed, melt in mouth beef cubes was heavenly with coarse salt.   The salt was damn delicious!!  I am not exaggerating!  Both the beef cubes and salt was so good that I requested for another serving =P~~~  We licked up every grain of the salt.  Learnt something new, now I know, salt has got different types and grades, and they can taste very different.

Octopuss Carpaccio S$16.00
I miss Greece.  I had the most delicious octopus there.  This beautiful plate of octopus petals comforted me.  Spicy citrus sauce was very appetizing to complete this cold dish.

Paper thin slices made each bite so enjoyable.

Rosti Alaska (small) S$12.00
Crispy golden rosti was covered with a heap of salmon.

Another drool worthy close-up.
How can potatoes be made so tasty!

The above dishes I tried were superb.  If I could stomach 2 orders of each of the above, I would!  But could only take in another wagyu beef.

Now I know wine places serves good food too.  Another wine place with good food is Bistro 1855.  Both were introduced to me by my sis on the same day lolxx...  Her dinning experience were far more than me, but she hardly post up on her social media.

Just realised that Wine Universe have set lunch menu too, looks very attractive to me, hope to try some day ;)

Wine Universe Pte Ltd
9 Raffles Boulevard
#01-109 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6338 0717

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

To-gather Cafe, so near FengShan

Date of visit: 14.02.2015

This was an accidental found when we were driving round and round FengShan Market looking for a parking slot.

This cafe occupying 2 shop units below Bedok Blk 85 flat was bustling and had a very cute name.

1st visit - Full house, we decided not to wait and went back to good old Fengshan Market.

2nd visit - It's a Monday, and we didn't know they are close on Mondays  TT___TT

3rd visit - WE MADE IT!!!  At last, for brunch.

I got a friend who loves English country style decors, I told her about this place.  She came and was crazy over the interior lolxx..

Colorful post-its for diners to leave love notes, at the same tine decorated else a boring black partition.

It was only when making orders at the cash counter, we realised it's Valentine's Day.
As long as our pockets allowed and we have time, WE EAT, we don't wait for special days.
  But still, thankful for that customer who cancelled her nails appointment with me the very last minute.   飞机放的好!  I was feeling so happy from within heehee... old auntie gotten a chance for mini celebration for Valentine's.

They had different flavours of lava cakes in the fridge display, too tempting, we ordered some.

Iced Mango Latte S$4.90
Big chunks of mango with cold milk, NICE!  Damn worth the price!

Apparently seemed quite popular with the crowd too.

To-gather Big Breakfast S$8.90
Really big and it's got the best scrambled eggs ever!  It's so fluffy and creamy!  But the eggs made the toast beneath a bit soggy, would be perfect if the toast could be served separately or simply just put at a corner away from the eggs lolxx...

Grilled Hamburger Steak S$11.90
Nothing to wow about, but was pretty enjoyable.

Matcha Lava Cake S$6.90
Cake was soft and love the rich matcha lava inside.  The ice-cream toned down the sweetness a bit.

Red Velvet Lava Cake S$7.20
This was a special item for a limited period only.  But a little too sweet for our old teeth.  Preferred the Matcha Lava Cake more.

It was after this visit, Uncle Peter and Auntie Susan began cafe hopping like youngsters.
We had been to quite a few already, but this cafe is still my hubby's fav for their tasty food and pocket friendly prices.

There might be changes in menu or pricing cos' this review is really back-dated.  I had a hard time juggling with work then, very difficult to find time to blog.  Having less jobs in hand now, not sure to rejoice or worry about this situation.  But for sure I have more time to blog, so expect more cafe reviews, I have about 4 in the queue waiting to post up!

To-gather Cafe
#01-27 Blk 84 Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460084

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Red Carpet Worthy Dresses

Zalora is having some Hari Raya sale.

I was like.... err.... I don't wear muslim baju.....

But clicking into Zalora's Hari Raya collection, I was surprised by the modern twist and some are pretty wearable for non-muslims.

ZALIA Double Layered Top Now S$16.90   U.P S$24.90
Had been wearing sleeves to cover my fat arms recently >.<   So I love this, pair with any pants and you are ready to go.

ZALIA Metallic Gathered Skirt  Now S$27.90  U.P S$39.90
Metallic sheen with mini glamour, I think these maxi skirts are perfect for a evening dinner or party without being over-dressed.

ZALIA A Line Dress with Panel Details Now S$47.90  U.P S$59.90
Long A Line Dress looks causal with prints like twisted tie dye.  It's a shopping cum high-tea dress ;)

ZALIA Lace Fit & Flare Maxi Dress Now S$48.90   U.P S$69.90
Lace top has got transparent sequins which blings with every movement.  Nice right?  Sexy doesn't mean revealing, I can't decide which color I like better, feel like grabbing one and keep it till Christmas lolxx...

ZALIA Metallic Pleated Maxi Dress S$59.90
This is classy, love the puffy long sleeves, so feminine .

ZALIA Porcelain Print Fit & Flare Dress S$69.90
I love the prints!  But I guess I am too short to carry it off.   Tall girls out there, this is a good pick!

Race doesn't matter, we all deserve pretty dresses!
Happy Shopping to all!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Go Buy Lah! Online shopping!


I am a super woman.

I bought all these for the family by myself!

Taking a train or bus is not possible with this massive load lah sia.
Hubby did not drive me, neither did I take a cab.

I went here!
The most guilt free online shopping ever!!!  Waahaaahaaaa....


Go Buy Lah delivers from Mondays to Saturdays.  Payment can be made by credit cards, PayPal or Cash On Delivery.

I just scroll scroll www.gobuylah.sg, click click, sit at home, shake my butt legs and wait for my purchases to reach my door step.


The Mama Shop is my favorite!  A lot of household items which are heavy and bulking yet cannot live without are here!

I stocked up my Milo, household detergents and a hand soap.
Really can't imagine if I were to carry all these into a bus!

Skyrim PC Game S$14.90
Chosen by King Luis >.<

Bean Bag Ipad Holder S$19.90.
It seemed a nice sofa for Domo lolxx...

This Bean Bag Ipad Holder is for le hubby as Father's Day pressie (he didn't buy me anything for Mother's Day lor, somebody please "educate" him.)
Nice right?  I got good taste, heehee....

Morries Thermo Pot S$24.90

Pink!  It's for me to pack home cooked food to work, heehee...

And my most satisfying buy -
TOYOMI BBQ Grill Pan S$69.90

Family BBQ time!

Restaurant standard kind of BBQ food we got, heeheehee..
The non-stick grill plate and a bottom tray can be removed and easily cleaned with soup and hot water.  Best buy ever!

Whether you are too busy or simply lazy, this online shopping mall is for you!
Go Buy Lah!

What are you waiting for!

Sign up as a member now and get $5 off for your first purchase!

Becos' you are my reader and supporter, you get another $5 discount!

Discount Code: Susan05

Total $10 discount!

That's not all!
Stand to Win an Apple Watch!!

To enter:
1)  Register as a member at www.GoBuyLah.sg (and get your $5 discount!)
2)  Shop and purchase online from now till 30 June 2015.

Contest is open to Singaporeans and/or Permanent Residents only.
Winner will be notified via email by 15 July 2015.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Miam Miam VS. Hoshino

Date of visit: 17/1 & 9/3 2015

Been to Miam Miam at Bugis Junction twice.  Both experience were pleasant ^.^
It's another young place but come to think of it, many cafes I been to were filled with youngsters age from 15 and rarely beyond 30.  Where did all the people of my age go?  Atas restaurants?  Food courts?  Chinese Restaurants?

Felt a bit out of place, but soon forgotten as I sat back digging into the food.

Friendly and smiley service crews literally flew over to your table when you press the bell.

Opening up the menu, they serve similar items as Hoshino.  Both serves French with a bit of Jap element.

Miam Miam Spaghetti S$16.80

This is Hoshino Spaghetti, less expensive S$14.00.  Miam Miam's was good, but personally I prefer Hoshino's in comparison.
Hoshino's has got more variety of ingredients inside, *greedy me*.  It got sausages, egg plant and some onions

French Toast S$10.80.

Served with separated maple syrup which you poured as desire.

Hoshino's S$9.80
Hoshino's toast is thicker and softer.  Hoshino wins, for those who had tried both will probably agree.

Riz Au Curry S$15.50

Tasted almost the same as Hoshino's, S$15.00.

Here's a summary:

Overall Hoshino is slightly less expensive and the ambience is more elegant, Miam Miam is more causal.

Other things we had at Miam Miam
Hot Cafe Au Lait S$5.80
My friend's order, want her to enjoy, so never steal any sip.  However, plain water is charged at S$0.50.

Riz Noir Squid Ink Rice S$16.50
It took me some courage to take this black stuff.  You know when cutting up the sotong, I always handle it's "ink bladder" thingy with extreme care, burst it and the whole kitchen is ruined lolxx...  So, now I am eating that "ink" which I threw into the bin.

My first time trying squid ink rice, so couldn't compared with others, but tasted pretty good!
Egg was fluffy and light, the black mesh of rice had prawns and squid rings.  A little saltish to my taste buds and a little oily.

Had to lick my own teeth clean like a car screen wiper, left right left right, heehee...

We wiped out the whole pot, leaving the grease on it.

Mocha Souffle S$11.80

Freaking, magically delicious!  It melts in the mouth like cotton candy!  Not too sweet, I LIKE!!

Miam Miam is opening at Tampines Mall, my turf.  Looking forward to it so that I don't have to travel far for some French+Jap bites.

Miam Miam French Japanese Cafe Kitchen
200 Victoria Street #02-14
Bugis Junction Singapore 188021