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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Trick Eye Museum at Resort World Sentosa

Date of visit: 18.06.2014

I know there's going to be a long queue.  I know it's going to crowded but I die die need to go. Trick Eye Museum was having 50% discount which was going to end soon.  I tried to bluff myself that it's not going to be that bad on a weekday >.<

I had my "Save Money Mission" planned out nicely~~

1) Take MRT to Harbourfront, then take the express train (no taxi);
2) Queue and secure the tickets first (50% discount!);
3) Have lunch at Malaysian Food Street (cheaper than restaurants);
4) Dilly dally a bit and wait for our time slot to get into Eye Trick Museum, YAY!
5) Back to VivoCity and wait for our chauffeurs to drive us home (FOC transport).

Flawless.  But 人算不如天算, I started to screw up (again)........

It's a Wednesday about 11am, no seats inside our International MRT.  By the word International, I don't mean it's standard (of course), I mean the passengers.  We had China, Thailand, Europe, Indonesia, Philipines blah blah blah, you name it, King Luis and I were with it.  Nobody likes standing for 1 over hour, be it you are young or old, pregnant or not.  It sucks, but for "Save Money Mission" have to endure.

I tried to shut myself away by reading a book.  It worked initially, but when my stomach started to churn it's way to it's exit, urrgg...... not able to tahan till Harbourfront, we dropped off at Lavendar station.

Shit (for real).  After releasing whatever I need to release, I know it wasn't possible to hop back into the MRT unless we want to kiap ourselves between the doors and humans.

"Save Money Mission" aborted, we took a cab.  It was so comfortable, so very the comfortable...
 We reached Sentosa in less than 15 mins.

This was the queue and the ticket booth was not in sight.

My sis was already at the queue for half an hour.
I walked further down, saw the ticket booth finally and found my sis with my noisy niece and nephew ^.^

Pull Karsten's leg.

Gotten our tickets around 1pm, time slot for entry was 4pm.
 The 50% discount was a big saving, paid S$25 instead of S$50 for 2 adult tix.

Happily, we whisked the kids to Malaysian Food Street for lunch.
It's closed, I couldn't believe it  #@&^%$*  (swallowed down all the vulgarities cos' children around)
It's close on every Wednesday TT________TT
"Save Money Mission" failed, again, twice in a roll.

Lunch was settled at Pisco.
The kids fidget too much and didn't really eat.  But the food was really good, will do a separate post on it.

After lunch, I put everybody in this dessert bar, trying to "conserve" their energy as much as possible.
Atas shop front, hawker standard's service, chopped carrot pricing.
Banana crepe with ice-cream was S$17.90.

Then we had great fun with the selfie stick.
Every passer-by was looking at our direction.  Funny, is selfie stick that rare?!?

We were talking non-stop, running after Karsten non-stop.  Before we know it, it's time to go into Eye Trick Museum.
This was the crowd.

I kept saying sorry throughout cos' I kept blocking people's camera.  Unintentionally of course.

To be considerate for others, it's snap and go, snap and go at each station, thus it's difficult to get good photos.  Able to get clear photos already 偷笑.  As much as I love taking pictures, the crowd got me tired in less than 2hrs' time and only stopped over at certain stations.

While I was editing the photos, I realised I could create a story with all the photos, so here you go!!
Witch Susan's Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a witch called Susan who lives in a Wonderland, somewhere on earth.

Everyday was play day.

In Wonderland, nobody needs to work cos' nobody needs money.  Almost everything could be obtain from witch craft.  She had all shoes, all bags, endless clothes that every girl dream for.  But Witch Susan was lonely.
She always wonder how's the outside world like...

One day, Witch Susan chanced upon a book about the outside world.

 Curiosity was killing her and she decided to leave home to see and experience them herself.

Witch Susan wanted her friend MoMo to come with her, but MoMo said he was too fat, he couldn't get through the Twilight Tunnel, the exit of Wonderland.

So, alone,Witch Susan left Wonderland through the Twilight Tunnel and started her adventure...
She was the first witch who left Wonderland.

Witch Susan travelled on her beloved broom, but little did she realise, the farther away she was from Wonderland, the weaker her witch craft and power became...

One night, an anaconda appeared from nowhere.  Witch Susan wasn't afraid of course.

She killed the beast with her broom, but at the same time, broke it.  A witch was no longer a witch when her broom was broken.  She was an ordinary human being without any magic power.

Witch Susan wasn't despaired, she travelled by a horse, like every human being would.
Dangers were waiting for her...

She encounter many vicious beasts.  Climbing up a tree was the best way to avoid them.

However, this day, she climbed up a bamboo which was too smooth to grip on, she slide down and was being captured by a T-rex.

The T-rex decided to keep Witch Susan for supper.

A kind mammoth saw what was happening and chased after the T-rex for 3 days 3 nights.

The wicked T-rex fell down the cliff while trying to run away.  Witch Susan was saved.

Witch Susan had lost all her powers including making food from air.  Although witches don't need to eat everyday, one month away from Wonderland was long enough to make her hungry and weak.

So, she worked as a ballet dancer and that was her first job ever.  The ballet troop left for another city a few weeks later.  Witch Susan didn't follow them, she collected her earnings and continued her adventure.

There was this bald ugly man tailing Witch Susan trying to rob her.  With a swift movement, the witch pulled down his pants and the robber screamed like hell.

Although Witch Susan was unharmed, her impression towards males were very bad then.

Witch Susan reached a city.  No vicious beasts but giant humans!
Witch Susan was being caged by a giant baby and forced to sing till her throat went dry everyday.  She managed to escape when the cage's door was loosen.  She run and run non-stop through the night until she was sure she was no longer in Giant Human City.

Witch Susan found herself in Female City where only females live here.  She meet Mona Lesbian and fell in love with each other.
However, Witch Susan felt that long distant relationship would not last, she need to go back Wonderland one day.  Mona Lesbian was broken hearted, but let Susan go, and renamed herself Mona Lisa, L.I.S.A. means -


So now you all know where the term "lesbian" comes from.

Witch Susan was physically and mentally drained off.  She need to go back to Wonderland, on her feet, without her broom.  Just as she was feeling troubled, she meet a giant swan.
Witch Susan told the giant swan about Wonderland.  It occurred to the giant swan that it sounded like a good chance to go to Wonderland.  The swan carried Witch Susan and flew towards Wonderland.  Merely a hours later, the swan gave up, cos' Susan was too heavy >.<

Nothing is ridiculous in a fairy-tale, the giant swan decided lend it's wings to Witch Susan.  The swan shrink itself, rest and relax inside the front pouch of Susan's shirt while Susan took over the wings to fly.

The bicycle was the GPS, cos' Witch Susan's sense of direction was pretty hopeless.

Witch Susan made it back to Wonderland, finally.

  She regained her powers and gotten herself a new broom.
  The giant swan lived happily ever after in Wonderland too.  Once in a while, Witch Susan would still borrow the swan's wings, not for flying but for photo taking >.<  She loved to pretend herself as an angel.  But she knew she would never be an angel, she's a witch and it's in her blood.

~~~ THE END ~~~

* the above fairy-tale is fabricate by Susan Wong, 如有雷同全属巧合.


  1. Very creative story! well done! ;))

  2. Wow.. love your storyline! *clap* *clap*

  3. it's amazing sentosa
    nice information

  4. Hello, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum and hope you had great time time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers (http://trickeye.blogspot.com). If it's okay for you, please let us know. Thank you! ;)