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Thursday, 31 July 2014

National Day Buffet at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar


No celebration is complete without food, good food.

Singapore's 49th Birthday is around the corner;

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar at Bay Hotel will be launching an exclusive National Day Buffet!

It was a great pleasure to be invited for this food tasting, feasting in advance.
OOTD - wore this wool dress with pressed threads bought during last year's Beijing trip.
 "Cold storage" since after the trip.  Matching it with court shoes from Pazzion.

Stepped into STREET 50 Restaurant, was greeted by cozy contemporary interior.
  A long stretch of buffet counter is sat right at the centre of the restaurant.  No matter which table you are at, the spread is only an arm's length away, you don't have to walk a mile to get your food.  Heehee..... I am exaggerating a bit here, but you know what I mean right?

Are you ready for mouth-watering food pics of National Day Buffet?
Here you go!
Steamed Hainanese Chicken
A Singapore delicacy which most of us ate since childhood.  Tender chicken meat with slippery succulent skin, was perfect with fragrance rice.

Chef Ricky of STREET 50 had gave chicken rice an amazing make-over.
Breaded Rice Balls
Yes, these cute golden ping pong balls you are looking at is chicken rice!  The rice is kneaded into bite-sized balls, and coated with a layer of Japanese breadcrumbs before entering the fryer.

The golden crust gave out a fragrance invaded our nose before we could bite into them, cutting these cuties up, within were rice in perfect grainy texture.
Buay pai seh, I actually "ta bao" some home and they were still crazy delicious the next day =P~~  The chef's creativity and culinary skill is really remarkable.

Tiger Prawns with Warm Ginger Sauce
Marinated with ginger, tiger prawns were steamed to perfection.  Prawns were so fresh that minimum seasonings were enough to enhance it's natural sweetness, *wipes saliva*.

Chilli Crab Pasta
This set my heart and tongue ablaze!  Pasta with rich, thick, ultimate spicy chilli egg sauce with de-shelled crab meat, it was really hard to stop at one serving.

Paper-wrapped Chicken Risotto
Our familiar paper wrapped chicken is a typical chinese tim sum.

However, a Italian twist was injected into these little packages of chicken mid-wings.
Mid-wings were marinated for 6 hours, bones removed and arborio rice were stuffed in.  Every delicate package is a harmonious marriage of Chinese - Italian flavours, so unique and tasty!

Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nuts
Classic teo chew dessert, yam was blended into a smooth paste, drizzled with mildly salted coconut milk, lastly topped with nutritious ginkgo nuts.  It reminded me of my childhood when my mum asked me to crack ginkgo nuts.  It was really tedious, my fingers got pricked so much by the sharp shells, one small bowl was enough to drive me nuts lolxx....

Durian Pengat
Durian mousse made from fresh durian wrapped in egg crepes, fellow durians will love this dessert!

Apart from the above highlights, this buffet spread also offers other fabulous varieties such as -

Seafood Selection with Snow Crabs, Oysters, Scallops and Mussels;
Chinese Cold-cuts with Char-Siew Chicken, Jellyfish, Octopus, Century Egg and Spring-Roll;
Local Delights such as Satay, Otah, Braised Sea-cucumber with Baby Abalone, Fried Scallop Cake with Yam, Bak Kut Teh, Teochew Braised Duck, Rojok;
and Ice-cream with bread, cone or waffle!

Complimentary Singapore Sling Cocktail for adults
and Complimentary Merlion Swing Mocktails for children!
Holding with me Carrot Sensation cocktail
Celebration is for everybody!

Prices of National Day Buffet at STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar -

Adult: $49++
With every 3 paying adult, 4th paying adult get to enjoy the buffet at $4.90++

Child: $25++ (6 - 12 years old)
Kids below 6 get to enjoy complimentary National Day buffet with every paying adult.

Buffet is only available on National Day, 9th August 2014, Saturday, from 6.30pm to 10pm.

Tables are limited, do not wait, call 6637 9057 for reservation NOW!

Bay Hotel Singapore
50 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098828

STREET 50 Restaurant & Bar is located at the 1st floor at Bay Hotel.

For more information click in ~

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