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Monday, 28 April 2014

Changi Point Coastal Walk

Date of visit: 15.03.2014

Although I had stayed at the East area for more than 16 years, it's my first visit to Changi Point Coastal Walk. It's always Nasi Lemak at Changi Village Hawker and go straight home.  I have this mini ambition of covering all the parks in Singapore, had already been to a few, so here's another explore....

Changi Point Coastal Walk is relatively a easy trail, suitable for children as well as elders.
Starting from Changi Village, it's about 2.2km along the coastal as marked in red and we walked back along Netheravon Road, which I roughly guage the distant 2.5 to 3km.

No longer a challenge for hubby and me, but beats being a couch potato at home.

So now, scroll down and stroll with me ^.^
The weather was freaking warm with blazing sun.
Wore citronella bracelet which is a insect repellent and slapped on tons of sunblock, heehee....

There was a big group of cyclists on the road when we were about to reach.
Parking slots are normally difficult to find over here, but it's easy on a 9am Saturday.

We took this path, but not sure if it was right....

We knew we were on the right track when we saw this huge wooden sign board !

Saw a plane flew over and you know something?  I never like flights, I used to puke and suffer from air pressures in my ears.  However, these symptoms slowly disappeared after each flight and I would sleep like a log on the plane nowadays.  Still, I don't like flights, confining oneself onto a seat.  But it's unavoidable since I love to travel to overseas so much.
As we walked on, my heart flew back to the beautiful beaches in Greece.... here hor.... sigh....

Some parts of the coastal was disgusting, among the rubbish, spotted a 1990s computer monitor!!
We saw all sorts of rubbish but computer monitor was the first time lolxxx.....  Seriously, how the hell it end up at the beach??!!  Nearly died laughing.....

"No Swimming" sign board.
You pay me I also won't swim here, I don't know how to swim anyway, heehee....

Looking fat here, my attire was very unkind.

Sail boats "parking"...

The chalets here looked big.

Zig-zag wood bridge...

Anybody know what's this big brown ship?

Changi Sailing Club.

Love this pic, cos' it looked like Hawaii from what I saw on TV.  Haven't been to Hawaii, yet.

Not sure if Changi Sailing Club's facilities are open to public.  BBQ pit with sea view seemed nice especially when this place is not crowded like East Coast park or Downtown East.

Beside the upside down sail boats are a row of non-aircon chalets where I saw a couple of caucasians "cooking" themselves at the balconies under the sun.
They love the heat and sun, but spare me >.<

This lady at the right hand corner of the photo had been walking in front of us.  Didn't realise she was in the pic until I started editing.

  She was alone, looked sad to me, gazing upon the sea as if she was looking for console or some assurance.

There are many obstacles or unhappiness happen during one's life-time.  At that very moment, a problem may looked like a mountain, crushing on us so heavily that we thought we might die, but a few years after what had happened, when you looked back, that "mountain" had became a mole.  No matter how upset we felt during a moment, nothing is forever, it will just pass like history, just like World War I and II.  They were painful and long, but eventually became history.

Walking further down, these chalets looked better, cos' got aircon, heehee....

Some pretty blooms...

Stuck, nearly took off our shoes to get over, but I found a detour.
I was walking mindlessly, when hubby suddenly startled "Wait wait wait, got something in front!!"  Give me a horrible fright and I screamed.  And good, we just frightened a monitor lizard off   -_____-|||  I saw it wriggled it's way into the bushes and gone.  Guilty, hubby was afraid that it might bounced back onto us for "revenge", we stood there for about 3 to 5 mins before we crossed the path, hilarious, tak boleh tahan.....

Small flight of stairs....


We walked through this bridge, no where to hide, no other way to run away from sun.  I wished I had a brolly with me, but I will look stupid under it.

Changi Beach Club

Changi Beach Club
This is the dead end of Changi Point Coastal Walk.

Just a few metres away from the "dead end", an opened gate seemed the way out although there's a "No Trespass" sign beside it.
Hubby suggested that we should just walked back to Changi Village using the same route.  I ignored him and trespass, waahaaahaaa........  At the most kena chase out only what, won't die.  I was just trying another way out sia.

So, this was the bungalow behind the "No Trespassing" sign.

The view up here was quite nice, heehee.....

Ooops oops ooops, guilty, we were half running out of the place, heehee.... kind of thrilling.... haahaahaaa...

One last look at Fairy Point Chalet before we fled, trespass succeeded without being prosecuted!

Away from the coastal, we walking along the Netheravon Road.  We were looking a the rear of chalets and clubs, now we were looking at their entrance.
Changi Beach Club

Changi Beach Club Sports Complex
Seemed like an abandon restaurant to me.  A few vintage beetle cars parked there doesn't looked abandon though.
Furnitures on the root top gave me funny creeps.

More little blooms along the way....

Monkey found his climb.

And the pig found her ivy lolxx..

Since there was already one fat photo of me earlier, I suppose one more won't hurt, heehee...

For the benefit of those who are not driving.

Former Changi Hospital, it gave me cold shivers and goose bumps all over when we walked passed it.  There's an eerie air around..... I don't know how to describe it in words, I just wanted to walk away ASAP.
Former Changi Hospital

We spotted a huge bird.

This was the best pic I could zoom out of my handphone.
It's called a Oriental Pied Horbill, awesome encounter.

Lazy cat.

SAF Seaview Resort

Took this pic cos' hubby said this is an important satalite for all air traffic in Singapore.

Saw Changi Village Hotel, and we know we were back.
Changi Village Hotel
As we were walking towards Changi Village Hawker for lunch, saw this kitty looking and looking into a shop.  It's expression and the way it stood there was so cute!
I put it's thoughts into words, heehee....

Lunch at around 11am,  hubby went joined short queue at HJH Salbiah (blue sign board) and me International Muslim Food Stall (green sign board).
Yes, we were damn free, no exactly hungry nor in a hurry, so we would like to see what we could get at the end of the queue.

Hubby's nasi lemak from HJH Salbiah was decent but nothing in particular to rave about.
  He should had just order mix veg rice from them.  I saw another guy ordering veg and sambal mussels from the stall which made my mouth watered.

My nasi lemak from International Muslim Food Stall.
In order to satisfy and fulfil Singaporeans love for queuing, the stall tenders served in incredible slow snail speed, touch here and there, wiping imaginary dirt before they finally give you your order.

The rice was in perfect texture infused coconut fragrance. Chilli was it's best partner, not too spicy with mild sweetness.  The fish were big, fat and juicy!  It was the best nasi lemak fish I had ever eaten.  With such delicious nasi lemak, they could be earning more bucks in shorter working hours, if they want to, but, oh well....

Queuing is not my hobby, so I may or not may not patronise again.

The above photos were taken with my iphone, it always works better than my compact cameras especially in day light.

If you like to take a break and take a walk here, you may click in for more information ~

I may not know who you are, but thanks for reading and making my blog grow bit by bit.