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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Anti-Age with LPG Endermolift


Some time back in Feb, visited Beauty Asia Exhibition 2014 to purchase new nail products for my nail salon as well as stopping by at LPG to find out more about their anti-aging technology.

Some photos taken with fellow bloggers at LPG's booth and product demonstration.

Anti-aging treatments are extremely important to me.  I can live without shopping, without food, without entertainment, but cannot live without anti-aging facial products and treatments.  I'll wrinkle and crumple >.< What's the point of having a dressing table full of make-up when my face cannot hold them?  Pretty clothes and bags won't make me any pretty if I looked hagged.

So, I arrived at Bud Cosmetics, located at Mandarin Gallery.  They are one of the beauty concept shop cum salon which provides LPG Endermolift facials.

Once stepped into this shop, I was awed by the extensive range of organic body care, hair care, skin care, make up and fragrance.
OOTD - Sky blue tank top and jeggings (Uniqlo), Crochet top and straw hat (BKK), nude wedge (PrettyFit).

That's not all, they have aroma essential oils, a full range of baby toiletries and shampoo for doggies!
You may like to check out their web-site with their online store - www.budcosmetics.com

Here's me with lovely Ms Joselyn Tan, PR from GotIdeas.
The products with us is Oskia (from London) which was used during my facial.

Facial room was spacious with uncluttered white furnishes.

This huge futuristic looking machine is LPG Endermolift.

Customers doing LPG Endermolift facials will be given a personal set of  flap clips for hygiene purpose.
Big flap clip for entire face area and the smaller flap clip for delicate eyes and laugh line areas.

Close-up of the device with the flap clip.

The device was gently placed onto the skin.  It generates by sequential suction of the skin together with fast speed movements of flaps.  Meaning, this device pinched my face all over in mega speed, but it's totally painless!  In fact it was very soothing and comfortable.
LPG Endermolift is non-invasive yet naturally stimulates the production of of hyaluronic acid by 80%!
(Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar found in our skin, which is responsible for a firmness and fullness of skin)

  This rejuvenating facial was a very pampering experience.  No before and after photos cos' though my face felt more supple and firm, but the results couldn't be capture on my normal camera.

Benefits LPG Endermolift facial -
* Replump hallowed cheeks
* Firm up sagging skin
* Detoxify skin

LPG Endermolift Facial (duration 80-95mins) at Bud Cosmetics includes -
* Cleansing
* Face scrub
* LPG Endermolift device treatment
* Facial massage
* Face mask

Price - S$480 per session
(Package of 6 sessions  at S$336 each)
(Package of 12 sessions at S$240 each)

Bud Cosmetics
333 Orchard Road
#03-32 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6733 5782

To find out more about LPG beauty devices, click -

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