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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Siam Society at Jalan Riang


I love thai food, I am sure many of you does too!  Thai dishes are as familiar as our local zhi char dishes to most of us, we don't need any special occasion to eat them.

Since 2 years ago, we always pop by at Soi Thai in Tampines (my turf), often in slippers and shabby t-shirt. Cravings easily satisfied without burns in pocket.  I did a short review HERE.  With a competitor a few shops away, Soi Thai just got better with growing customer base made up of students from poly and neighbourhood uncles and aunties (like me!).

Below pics taken on our last visit to Soi Thai not too long ago =P~~~

You guys must be wondering why am I talking about Soi Thai when my title is Siam Society, heehee.....  Cos' both are opened by the same bosses!

Siam Society is an atas version of Soi Thai!   Siam Society was made bigger, with air conditional environment where diners can linger with wine or beer, also offering more dishes in their menu with more extensive seafood.   Bringing over from Soi Thai, was the warm and swift service!

Now, you are to see saliva inducing photos, be warned!

Double or perhaps triple the size of Soi Thai, Siam Society was packed with people when we arrived on a Friday evening.

Interior was kept simple, freshen up with greens.

Here's our spread and it's only part of it!
White ceramic wares with blue trimmings was very photogenic.

Lemon Grass Drink S$3.90
Really appreciate the big metal cup, keep us chill under the crazy warm weather.

Mango Salad S$9.90
Tossed with lots of crushed peanut, sourness of mango was mellow down.  Crispy dried shrimps made this common thai dish very unique with a tinge of spiciness.

Fried Prawn Cake Balls S$11.90
Bouncy minced prawn meat in crusty balls was perfect with thai sweet sauce.  I would consider it a divine dish with beer, heehee....

Tom Yam Seafood Soup S$10.90 (S)/S$16.90(L)
A delightful serve of sour and spicy soup with fresh huge prawns.

Salted Egg Cuttlefish S$14.90

Yellow Curry Prawn S$17.90
Thai padpong curry stired fried with egg and onion results in thick and flavourful gravy.  It's that kind of gravy where you can finish a few bowls of rice with just the gravy alone.  Licking them off the big prawns was shiokness, almost wanted to ask for another serving

Green Curry Chicken S$12.90/S$13.90/S$14.90
Suitable for people with lower tolerance for spicy food, curry was rich with coconut milk with generous chunks of tender chicken.

Weeping Tiger S$24.90
It's a humorous name for grilled sirloin beef.  It's said that even the tiger will weep in satisfaction after eating this dish lolxx....  Seasoned sirloin beef was grilled and served in strip together with special made in-house sauce.

Thai Style Morning Glory S$8.90
Photo credit Michelle Lim
Non-spicy, in fact it's sweet savoury with oyster sauce and garlic.  Yummy!!

Steam Seabass in Chilli Lime S$31.90
My judgement tells me this big fat seabass was 800 - 1000g.  Served on a warmer, it's semi-submerged in chilli and lime gravy.  I took the first mouth of fish without gravy, fish was fresh without "muddy" or fishy taste.  Then I took more with the gravy, and that's where I couldn't stop already.... the gravy was sour at first but sets a spicy burn down the throat.  Damn addictive!  All of us at the table was ........ aw.......  MUST ORDER!!

Red Ruby S$4.90
Topped with jackfruit slices, red ruby was hidden under shaved ice and coconut milk.

Gorgeous and crunchy red ruby.

Tapioca S$4.90
Steam tapioca with coconut milk, a simple dessert which never fails to satisfy.

Mango Sticky Rice S$7.90
I'll always find space to stomach this.  Sweet sour mango and soft sticky rice are made for each other, both to be send into our mouths for ultimate pleasure, my gawd.....

Am drooling uncontrollably like a teething baby drafting this post.... I need to visit again!

Siam Society
15 Jalan Riang
Opens daily - 11.30 to 15.00 and 17.30 to 22.30
Tel: 6286 8603

Thursday, 19 June 2014

WaWaWa Bistro By The Reservoir

Date of visit: 29.05.2014

So near yet so far, Bedok Reservoir is only less than 10 mins drive from my place, but we never visit till recently.

Not taking too much pics this time cos' I was quite determine to jog, get done with an early dinner and rush back home to catch my favourite TV show 非诚勿扰。

As we jogged, we watched the sun biding the day goodbye, softly, before she hands her duty to the moon.  It's amazing, but we all had taken it from granted most of the time.

We jogged and walked round the circumference of the reservoir, making WaWaWa Bistro our finish point.

We cool ourselves a little, make sure we didn't smell before popping in, heehee....

Ratten furnitures always compliments an outdoor area, giving it a resort feel effortlessly.

Blue down lights at the bar counter is clever, the place feels and looks cooler.

Ignore my puffy eyes, was holding Fruit Punch S$6.00.

Lobster Bisque S$5.80
Tasted more like tomato bisque without any lobster meat inside.  Quite a disappointment.

Pork Knuckle S$25.80
Side dishes of green salad, sauteed potato and sauekraut (sour cabbage) came in decorative portions.  Pork knuckle was crunchy on the outside, meat was slightly dry but still delicious.  The plate was good for the price.

Mini Burger S$13.80
This cute plate came last and was the best!  BBQ sauce coated thick beef burger steaks which were juicy at each bite.  Even the bread was soft and tasty.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Well, that little calories we burned off at the jog were replenished in no time.  We will repeat this "mistake", no doubt, hur hur....  That's life!

WaWaWa Bistro By The Reservoir
901 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 479266
Tel: 6285 8038

Monday, 16 June 2014

Soft Launch of FAST Clubhouse

Date of event: 25.05.2014

 Precious Nail Services, runs by me, was engaged to an outbound job at a special clubhouse!
Selfie, was wearing Precious Nail's uniform to look more professional ;)

It was a soft launch of FAST Clubhouse located at 10 Raeburn Park.

It wasn't a club house for rich tai-tais, neither was it for Singaporeans.
It's a clubhouse for foreign domestic workers!   It's a non-profit organisation that conduct upgrading classes for them.

It also provides recreational facilities, like KTV, library, billard and computer lab.
Rather than roaming around aimlessly at shopping malls, I feel that this makes a great place for domestic workers to engage in healthy activities during their off days.

Reporter from Channel News Asia was here too.

For those who have domestic helpers at home, probably you may like to find out more from their web-site ~ www.fast.org.sg

Now that you have a rough ideal on what FAST Clubhouse is all about, here's my manicure booth ^.^
Looking fat here, but die die have to post my manicure booth in rose theme in pink and white hues.
  Pretty looking and I had been using this decor for sometime.  Thought changing roses to sunflowers; replace white table cloth with bright orange/yellow or pale green.

I took away many virgins...... virgin manicure I mean, heehee....
Most of them had never done manicure before, they had their first time with me!

They were squeaking and giggling, with eyes as shiny as the fresh polishes on their nails.
I may be just a manicurist, but the joy that I brought to the girls gave me a priceless job satisfaction.

Being a blog owner makes it possible to share my mini achievement in this space.

I hope my colorful polishes will continue bring me to more places, meet more people and of course, gives me income to fulfil travel destinations.

Friday, 13 June 2014

JC New Zealand Skincare


Have not been to New Zealand, yet.  But getting my hands on some New Zealand skincare is cool!

Before I proceed with my reviews, a little more about JC New Zealand skincare products.  They composed of 100% natural ingredients, mainly the best lanolin oil from the wol of New Zealand's iconic sheep.
 Most important of all, products are not tested on animals ^.^

Lanolin Lip Balm  (0.15oz) S$14.50
Size of a normal lipstick, retractable balm stick by twisting the bottom.  Almost no scent, very comfortable on lips without being too oily.  SPF25 protection is a plus!

Lanolin & Collagen Creme (3.5oz) S$41.00
Contains - Protein Enhanced Collagen,
Antioxidant Vitamin E,
Cooling Aloe Vera,
and Natural Lanolin.
It claims to promote youthful skin by plumping and tightening the skin.  May be use day and night.

The white cream lingers a baby powder smell on the skin.  Smells so good and pampering that I feel like applying it all over my body =D

The cream took a only a few seconds to absorb into the skin, no sticky residue.  I have combination skin so I apply less on my oily T-zone and slightly more on the other areas.   Skin feels like baby and smells like baby ^.^

Placenta Creme (3.5oz) S$50.00
Contains - Sheep Placenta Extract,
Vitamin E,
and Lanolin.
It claims to stimulate cell renewal function with placenta extract; promotes blood circulation with Vitamin E which is directly absorbed through the skin and helps to prevent melanin (pigmentation) from building up.  May be use day and night.

Texture and smell is the same as Lanolin & Collagen Creme, LOVE IT!

I am already 43 this year, not a lavishing beauty, but I am facing the world with confidence and pride cos' I takes good care of my skin with good anti-aging skincare like JC New Zealand.
Don't say I never share ;)

JC New Zealand is available at ~

Watson Singapore at Ngee Ann City

John Little at Plaza Singapura

John Little at Marina Square
Urban Front (Chinatown MRT)
5 Banda Street #02-68,
Singapore 05005
Tel: 6220 2615
HP: 8157 5661
Opening hours: 9am - 5pm

You may also purchase online from their web-site at ~

More information and updates at ~

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Osaka Ohsho at Westgate

Date of visit: 01.05.2014

Travelled all the way from Tampines to Jurong's Westgate shopping mall after several hints and "pleads" from hubby -___-

Was famished, dying for lunch cum dinner, popped into a restaurant which didn't look too expensive and no queue.
Most importantly, it's not found in Tampines.   It's beyond lame to travel 45 mins and eat "safe" food from same old food chains, like Pasta Mania, Ding Tai Fung, Sushi Teh etc..  So said, this was my first visit to Osaka Ohsho ^.^

Giant gyoza at the entrance, so we know this must be their 招牌菜 (chef's speciality).

This is the ambience and it was freezing cold >.<

Menu on tablet, tap tap to make your order!

Serving was fast.  We tried the following.....

Meat Bowl Set S$15.90

Minced meat balls in sweet sour sauce tasted much like chinese 古鲁肉 (sweet sour pork), it's a safe dish that will please anybody.
But the set came with 6pcs of gyoza, it was minced meat overdose.

Gyoza looked so perfect!

Skin was soft and thin, filled with succulent minced meat with some veg in it.

However, what left an impression wasn't gyoza, it was their fluffy white steam rice.  The rice was amazingly tasty in perfect texture!  It's soft but not sticky, each grain was fat and puffy.... and that subtle fragrance was unforgettable.....  I don't normally take much rice, but theirs was so good that we did not leave a single grain behind.

Gyokai Ramen Set S$11.90
Ramen was obviously not their forte; broth was neither rich nor milky, egg was hard boiled (I always prefer lava egg yolks).  Springy noodles saved the bowl and could probably be better with 2 pieces of char siew instead of one lonely piece, heehee.....

The set came with another 6pcs of gyoza, making a total of 12pcs on the table.  We had placed our order without really looking, *face palm*.   It was too much, we nearly couldn't stomach them all. 

If you ever visit Osaka Ohsho, remember MUST EAT their rice!

Osaka Ohsho
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate #03-09/10
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6465 9383