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Monday, 2 July 2012

How I manage to lost weight

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This blog post is going to be as per blog title.  I had recieve enquiries and had been repeating myself.  Not complaining, infact I'm happy.  But to make things easier for everybody, gonna the best account here.  If anybody still ask me the same question again........  I know you never read my blog   TT__________TT

I had blog about my weight lost here  but I did not go into details.  Click in to see my "before" and "after" pics ^^

Now, before I go on, please note that I am a professional manicurist, but I am NOT a health consultant or nutritionist.  You have to know your body's condition and seek for medical advice if necessary. So please agar agar (meaning do not do anything extreme).

Used to look like this when I was about 62kg ~~

Ok, Miss Piggy is cuter, but I was far away from cute........  It doesn't help being an expert in make-up, no clothes in whatever cutting was able to hide "over flow" fats from my body.  It came to a point where I was really unhappy with myself, I looked like a potato in photographs, so I started my  "Weight Lost Project" last year in March/April.  And I never looked back since...............

I succeeded and by end of 2011, I weigh around 50kg shedding away more than 10kg.  Now I'm about 46kg but looks like ~~

My arms and legs are slim  (looking good in lots of clothes), but my tummy.......... T__T  As such, I am still watching my diet, it's no longer tough, infact it's already a habit.

Now, everybody's main concern...........  


I used to be a "rice bucket".  I was able to eat 3 big bowls of rice for a meal.  Big bowl means this ~~

The inner one is a normal chinese rice bowl.  Come to think of it, who won't get fat as this rate?  Clearly aware of the main reason to my weight gain, I started to 

cut down on my rice in-take

I took 2 and half bowls for 2 weeks.  I wasn't 110% full like taking 3 bowls, but the cut down was comfortable.  Then I cut down to 2 bowls, I didn't feel hungry or depress.  Was quite happy with myself.  Then, I took the "risk" to take 

At the same time, I further cut down my rice in-take to 1 big bowl for a week and follow by 1 normal bowl.  This time, I don't feel satisfied after a meal.  I feel hungry.  I knew very well if I revert back, my "Project" will never succeed.  So I drank more soup, ate more vegetables.  I understand that Reduze did not work for many people.  But it worked for me, fortunately.  However, constipation was the worst side effect ever.  I tried to drink as much water as possible, but poopoo was a pain in the ass (literally).

Knowing that all the accumulated shit will eventually choked up my body system, I found 


This really sends me to the toilet, and each time I was done, my tummy would shrunk and I would weigh lighter.  You are going to tell me I lose water right?  I thought so too, but the fact had proven, I lost fats.  I used to buy Kinohimitsu from Watson's, however I did not know what happened, they just stopped selling.

Chanced upon another alternative ~~

SlimSpa detox tea

Simply put 1 or 2 tea bags in a mug, keep refill and drinking for the whole day or half a day.  Love it, especially after a heavy or oily meal.

I continue to cut down my rice in-take bit by bit.  Now, I take only half normal bowl, sometimes, I don't even take rice, just salad, and don't suffer from any hunger bangs.  I do not have the habit of eating or drinking sweet stuffs, so sugar in-take is always under control.  Being on diet doesn't mean I deprive myself from good food, life will lose it's fun without good food.

Count calories weekly and not daily.

I still eat Mcdonald's, just that I half the fries, half the coke, took out one bread of the burger.  I still feast till my heart's content at buffets, but I will make sure I eat salad that day for the next meal.  I still drinks bubble tea, but will drink soup without rice the following meal.  However, I avoid things like fried rice, fried noodles, laksa where the dish is made up of more than 80% of carbohydrates.

I stopped Reduze after taking the total of 3 boxes when I had reached my desire weight of 50kg.  After which I switched to 

meal replacements from Xndo

Each packet is less than 300cal.  Simply pour out, put into microwave for 2mins, and it's ready.  I have to be frank that it doesn't taste fantastic, but it's not awful, heehee......  And the best, totally no side effects whatsoever.  They have many types of meal replacements, this pic shows Nonya fish with brown rice.

Other "helpers" that contributed to my weight lost are ~~

OTO massage belt


OTO infra ray massager

The massage belt looks like a wrestler's belt and is heavy.  I just stoned motionless on the bed and let it work.   Use it on my forever stubborn tummy and butts lolxxx....  The infra ray massager is hand held which I use for arms, thighs and not forgetting my tummy.

Anything that may not be elaborate enough or anything else you may wish to know, just leave a comment.  I will reply.  So far, many of my blog posts don't have comments.  I thought I was writing to myself, always thought "Am I that lousy?!?"  If not for the statistic, I thought I am Forever Alone.  So, yeah, drop me a line, it's a motivation to me ^^

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  1. ^^ You have come a long way and it's amazing! I also went through a phase of dieting and losing weight so I know how hard it can be and how many methods/ways one can go through to do it. Keep it up!!~~

  2. ms bulat - Thank you! Let's continue to "work hard" together and shed off those fats!

  3. Your diet sounds healthy enough. :D and a lot of dedication!

    1. Fiona Chan - And you are making me hungry with your latest blog post ^.^

  4. Congratulations on losing all the weight, I hope you can continue keeping it down and feeling happy!
    I know all about being overweight, so kudos to you!


  5. Thank you Simone! Not only does being overweight lowers once self esteem, may affect a person's health as well. Need to keep myself healthy to enjoy life =)

  6. I am surely coming again for more contents of yours.
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  7. Your contents are progressing with days keep it up guys.useful source

  8. Hi Susan,

    Congratulations on losing the weight. You should be very proud of what you have achieved!

    Angeli Yuson

  9. admire u lah mama!

  10. The best way to lose weight.

    First, you get rid of the excessive water in your body, but of course not to extent of dehydration, otherwise you will feel lethargic.

    Only then, you look into losing that extra pounds of fat. Fats is the hardest to lose.

    I went for my reservist and in 5 mths I lost 12kilos, from 90kg to 78kg. Got plenty of fats around the tummy and find it damn hard to lose them.

  11. Hi susan,
    can i ask if how many packet of tea do u drink per day?
    I really hope that i can slim down ):

    1. I drink 1 to 2 tea bags of SlimSpa per day. It helps to detox, not so much on slimming.

  12. Thank you for your great post. I've learnt some important things from your blog. I'll bookmark your blog for future visit. keep posting good contents please. Thanks again.


  13. I have tried similar method as yours before and it worked for me too, but pregnancy send my weight escalating again, your blog is a useful reference as I intend to start this journey of weight losing again now that DS is older.

  14. Hi may i know where to buy the yuzu dressing? Im gonna follow ur steps in losing fats. Wish me hood luck. Im 52kg now. I will update you if i succeed.

  15. Hi may i know where to buy the yuzu dressing? Im gonna follow ur steps in losing fats. Wish me hood luck. Im 52kg now. I will update you if i succeed.

    1. Hi Nina,
      You can get it at any NTUC Supermarket. Wish you success and healthy!

  16. Where did u buy the reduze? How does it work?

    1. Reduze is no longer available in the market. Used to be sold in pharmacies.