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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Smurf says hello to the world!

Hello everybody!  My name is Smurf.  Yes, I am named after a cartoon character.

I was suppose to stay in my mummy's womb till around 3 August.  I did not know what happened, I arrived into this world on 8 June, very much earlier than due date.  As such I was born blue and only weigh 1.7kg.  Maybe that's why mummy and daddy calls me Smurf.  I may not be chubby like other babies, but it doesn't mean that I'm not cute.  At least, Auntie Susan says I AM CUTE!  I may be tiny now, but in a few months time, I'm going to double my size!  By how?  Drinking milk!  It's my job now!  But it's not an easy job............

Adults just don't understand, being a baby is tiring.  I gets hungry easily and I gets really tired sucking milk.  But if I don't suck, I gets hungry!  I feel very "PEK CHEK"!!!  (meaning fustrated in hokkien)  Can I suck and sleep at the same time?!?!  Then if I suck too much milk, I gets too full and start to regurgitate.  Damn it, previous effort all gone and I'm hungry again.  There's only one way I can let mummy know my fustrations...


Mummy keeps telling me to sleep at night.  I don't know what is "night", I will sleep when I'm tired, I don't care if it's "night" or "day".   I HATE it when she turns off the lights, I want my room to be bright so that I can see.  I feels afraid when it's dark.

I missed my days in the womb, it's warm and comfy, nice to cuddle in..........  but I'm happy to see my mummy and daddy.  After hearing their voices for so long in the womb, I finally get to see my parents!  Yes, I heard all their conversations, know all their secrets, I spy them from the womb........... and I know............ they love me even before I was born ^.^

Daddy Mummy, please don't be worry. I promise I'll be a good boy.  I know I have to work harder to grow up.  And Auntie Susan, you promised to buy me lots of clothes ya, I am waiting!


Smurf's mother has an incredible strong will power and had managed to keep the fetus longer than expected. Doctors kept telling her to prepare for the worst, but she never give up, baby Smurf never give up.  

Smurf is a miracle.

Going to shower him with lots of love........ *sheds a emo tear*............

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