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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

TaoBao (淘宝) Winter Loots + Tips on purchasing Winter Apparels

I am going for my winter holidays in Dec!  So excited and am bursting in joy.  Missed out autumn and winter last year as we went to Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh.

Autumn and winter holidays are very tedious to me as I need to pack up for the 3 big boys.  If I leave it to them to pack, high chance that they will only remember to put in their briefs and dump in the rest in messy folds -____-|||  Cannot.  I want all clothes to be neatly folded in such a way that in case we need to open the luggage up in the public, it wouldn't be a disgrace lolxx....

Thermal wears, sweaters plus jackets adds up to more than 100pcs of clothings for my family of 4 pax for a short trip of 8 days to Beijing.  Excluding, scarves, gloves, beanie caps, ear muffs, socks, face masks, all these items can crush me to death if they fall on me.

My Taobao orders came in within 2 weeks from my order.  Most suppliers delivered to Shanghai warehouse within 3 days.  The major delay was caused by supplier of my boots which took about 6 days.  Economy air freight plus agent fee round up to S$109 for 16 items.  Still worth it.

Sharing with you guys what I had bought:

Boy's Thermal Pants RMB39 (S$8.20)

Supper warm, very nice material, good enough to wear with their existing jeans.  Then hor, got "pee hole" also lolxx.... damn cute (and convenient).

Jeans with wool lining RMB69 (S$14.53)
Size was perfect for Darren.

No need to wear thermal pants if wearing this.  Very happy with this purchase.  Pay double the price also cannot get anything like this in Singapore.

Down Jacket RMB155 (S$32.63)
Seemed a bit small for Luis >.<  The jacket is thin and light, not sure if it can pull through -10 degree.

But since the sleeves are detachable, probably let him wear as a vest instead of a outer jacket.
Both items from supplier: http://bbgobbgo.taobao.com/index.htm?spm=2013.1.w5002-34709953.2.7vSSpU&v=1

Anybody knows about Attack On Titan Jap cartoon?   The following items Darren bought drove all his friends crazy......

Attack On Titan Sweater RMB83.70 (S$17.62)
Attack on Titan is Darren's latest Jap cartoon craze.  His friends are crazy over it also, teenage trend which old mother has got no ideal what it's about..... anyway....

"Wings of Freedom" are hot stamped, good material, no complains.
supplier: http://yaoguai587.taobao.com/index.htm?spm=2013.1.w5002-4635913636.2.201RNC&v=1

Attack On Titans T-shirt RMB68 (S$14.32)
This is a summer t-shirt for our weather.  Darren saw it selling at S$40 at recent Anime Festival at Suntec.  He literally told the whole world about his fantastic steal from Taobao lolxx.....

Iphone case RMB18 (S$3.79)

Attack On Titans Back Pack RMB22.80 (S$4.80)
Not heavy duty enough for books, but boy is happy to bring it out as a show-off.

Unisex Boots with fur lining RMB80.30 (S$16.91)

Cheap and good with anti-slip soles, Darren can run and jump on snow liao ^^

Unisex Fluffy Boots RMB26 (S$5.47)
Crazy cheap, soft and comfy, looking quite cute too.

Anti-slip soles meets my requirement.

Not too perfectly shaped, but can't expect too much for the price already.  Probably may not bring them back after the trip, depending on their condition.
supplier: http://52xiezi.taobao.com/index.htm?spm=2013.1.w5002-1311680181.2.9Q9Zxf&v=1
Brown for Darren, his father can wear them also, grey for Luis.

Scarf RMB22 (S$4.63)
Fluffy, thick and long, my boys liked it and probably will take turns to wear it lolxx...

Scarf  RMB29 (S$6.11)

Wine Flask RMB45 (S$9.47)
We decided to bring some liquor with us to warm our body.
Very nice engrave on the flask.  Came with 2 little cups and a funnel.

Didn't know it comes with a leather holder too!

Hubby can belt it up and looked like a boss alcoholic liao lolxx...
supplier: http://shop33253371.taobao.com/index.htm?spm=2013.1.w5002-4130221281.2.mHbiub&v=1

Face Mask RMB28.78 (S$6.06)

Now, my girly items

Red Boots RMB48 (S$10.11)
So pretty!  I am Mrs Santa Claus!  But feels a little hard, put a sole padding inside solved the problem.  It's feels tight after wool socks, so can only wear stockings with this pair.

Anti-slip soles.

Cream Boots RMB49 (S$10.32)
Damn pretty as well but the soles not too suitable to walk on snow.  This pair is slightly bigger, but fits ok with wool socks.

supplier:  http://bgjnx.taobao.com/?spm=2013.1.w1002-2270349821.2.n0Nwm4&v=1

Wool dress with fur lining RMB145 (S$30.53)

Princess or not, heehee.....  the only complain is that the 2 Peter Pan collors are not balance.  I hope it's not too obvious >.<

If anybody notice, I'll just take it off!

Lace skirting and fur lining, warm enough as a dress jacket.
supplier: http://xiejia2010.taobao.com/index.htm?spm=2013.1.w5002-4167359265.2.HVI1Y9&v=1


(personal) Tips on purchasing Winter Apparels

I am not an expert, there are more people out there who travels a lot more than me.  Merely my humble share of  my personal experience for purchasing winter stuffs.  I am not a rich tai tai, so buying no brand but useful and good stuffs with the less money is my ultimate motive.  If you are fortunately rich, do yourself a favour by logging out.

The rule is - If you can buy online, do it.  If you can borrow from friends, better still.  Lack of anything,  just buy when you reached your holiday destination (if time allows).  Last resort, buy here.

Thermal helps to retain body heat.  Depending on individual's threshold with cold, generally, thermals are necessary when the weather is below 10 degree.  There are also different thickness for thermals, so just take your time to shop for a suitable one.  But it's unlikely you will know if your purchase is correct until you wear it lolxx....  Anyway fret not, the thicker your thermal, the thinner your second layer of sweater/dress. 

For legs, most people will opt for thermal pants over a pair of existing jeans/pants.  It's the easiest, confirm warm and cost saving.

Personally I don't wear thermals unless it's less than 0 degree, cos' it's really warm when I walked indoor.

Bought these extra warm thermals for my kids cos' I forgotten to buy from Taobao.  Freaking S$24.90 but quite comfy without those kind of wool lining which may cause skin irritation.

Second Layer of sweater/dress:
Most people tend to spend a lot of money on the second layer, having the logic that they need to change everyday.  Painstakingly choosing their favourite colors with fanciful designs, but efforts all wasted as very few will be seen on photos, cos' all are hidden by our outer jackets.  Wear the same piece 2 or 3 days, they won't smell and nobody gives a damn, seriously.  Personally I feel that Uniqlo have a good basic range of long sleeves in various colors and thickness.  It's wiser to "channel" your money onto outer wear instead.

Here's an old pic where I layer a cream Uniqlo fleece long sleeve with a green tunic dress.
I wear plenty of dresses, cos' I am not a jeans person.  I don't find them inconvenient even for sight-seeings cos' there's always opaque stockings, no way people can see my panty lolxx....

Outer wear/Jackets:
A lot of people scrimp on this, probably cos' as it's the mostly costly of all.  Also a normal mentality of  "I only wear once, will be a waste to spend."  Unless it's due to health, budget issue or you really hate winter, I guess no one will not restrict herself to one winter holiday in her life time.  Correct?

Darren (beyond recognition) and me
Taking into consideration of expensive tour fees that we had already paid for, it is still worth it to get more than a piece of outer wear.  Say you went for 8 to 15 days, wearing only ONE jacket.  I would think it's quite a pity  to come back with photos of yourself wearing the ONE and SAME thing throughout the entire precious holiday.  Changing the bottoms and inner wear some how wouldn't be noticeable.  Black and blue jeans looked the same and inner wears are all hidden most of the time.  Don't believe, just go and kaypo inside Facebook albums for someone who been to year end holidays, heehee.....

Perhaps I am a little extreme, my vanity adds weight to my luggage, hubby always nag like hell.  Wearing an outer wear for 2 days is the max for me, ooops....

Back to buying, over here, an off beat less appealing piece will easily cost about S$100.   During sales you may get it cheaper but often very country pumpkin looking.  Will have to fork out more for a more decent looking one.  Which was why I turned to Taobao, even if it means to risk wrong size ordered.  I also buy them during my trips, way cheaper and definitely warm enough.  I heard that there are some good deals in G Market also.  So maybe you guys can peep in.

Grabbing some good deals here is still possible but is always after season.  I once saw a really pretty down dress jacket at Espirit factory outlet at about S$160 only during March.  Since now it's a trend to book air tix more than 6 months in advance for great deals, you can do the same for apparels too!

If your feet is not kept warm, you will still feels cold even if you wear 10 layers of clothings.  Wool socks/heat stockings is the vital key to keep warm.  Shoes/Boots have to be 2 sizes bigger than normal to give space to wool socks.  Anti-slip soles are very very important as some areas covered with ice are very slippery.  Won't be a issue if the place you visit doesn't snow.  Saw some at Charles & Keith and some more pocket friendly ones at Bugis Junction.  So sneakers are fine and comfy if you can't get boots, but you'll have to forgo too girly dresses.

Basically there are 2 types:

(1) Water-proof - can wore as daily and for ski/snow play.
  But it's more bulky and hinders photo taking.  That time when I was in Korea, ski gloves were sold at the ski resort and it's much cheaper than to buy it here.  So you may like to find out before spending unnecessarily here.

(2) Non-water proof - obviously not for ski/snow play, comes in leather or knitted.
If hiding your hands in pockets helps, you probably won't need gloves.  But keep a pair in your bag doesn't take up much space  Weather is unpredictable now, so it's better to be well prepared.

Personally I can go without gloves outdoors if the temperature doesn't dip beyond 5 degree.

Face Masks:
Not sure about other people, but I'll die without one, especially when the wind blows.  The thing is,  I never seen any winter apparel shops here selling face masks.  It's so essential, but perhaps it's not profitable, so nobody brings them in.

Previously, the mask I wore wasn't warm enough.  My nose was gonna drop >.<

I had actually made my orders at Taobao from one supplier.  Looked something like that with ear muffs.  Cute right?
So suay, they no stock.  Searching for another supplier was going to delay my whole shipment, so, sigh.....  The other common "alternative" with be to coil the whole head and face up with a scarf lolxxx....

You may or may not need them, depending on whether you have hoods on your jacket/sweater.  They can be handy and trendy at the same time while hiding messy hair ;)  It's more comfy to keep head warm so that the face won't gets too numb by the cold weather.

Hope the above is more or less useful for anybody's who's travelling soon.

End post with a cute pic of my baby Luis ;)


  1. Nice, super worth the price :)
    Too bad I already bought all my winter gears on Amazon, lol.

    Have a good and fun trip :D

  2. Attack on Titansssss <3 <3 <3

    Your clothes look so comfy and warm! I'm so jealous~ <3 I wish i could buy stuff from Singapore~ I bought my winter gear from cotton on since Cali isn't that cold xD

    Thanks for this post!

    Check out my blog~

    Love, Aimee

  3. nice post... maybe you can share what you usually wore when you board the plane esp the destination is going to be cold and have to go for sight seeing once reach there... i love my boots but i dont like to wear it up the plane and crossing immigration is so troublesome to take out.. so unglam.. haha... I am still seaching for inspiration despite been traveling so much... :D
    And can you share a post on how to order from Tabao esp when we are in Singapore and tabao in china... ;p thanks ya!

    1. Hi Katherine,

      Thank you for popping by my blog! Since you requested, I'll blog about my Beijing trip including what I wear on board ^^ Totally agree with you that it's really inconvenient to wear boots up the plane. Initially I didn't know, then at the check point they wanted me to remove my boots, I nearly die of embarrassment lolxx.... It's my major headache also, need to wear something comfy for the long flight, also have to consider can the clothes be layered as winter wear upon arrival, but if too thick will be too warm on plane etc...

      I order my Taobao with 65daigou. If you are in China, the suppliers will send directly to the address, no need shipping agent.

  4. Very useful info. I'm planning to get boots for the whole family!
    Do you still have the link to the face mask with the ear-muff-looking thingy?

    1. Bernie,
      Thank you for reading my blog, sorry that I don't have the link any more :(

  5. May I ask if the jeans, with wool lining that you got for your son, is warm enough for Beijing winter? I have a similar one and am thinking if it is sufficient to wear that for Korea winter in Dec.

    1. Should be sufficient. You may roll in a pair of thermal pants in your bag to try out for the first day. Thank you for reading my blog and have a smashing holiday!

  6. Thanks for the advice! Much appreciated!

  7. hi Susan, did the face mask come in handy? For what temperature was it for? Cos I'm going to Finland where the temperature is forecasted to be around zero degrees C in December. I saw a similar cotton face mask in Qoo market costing around 7 bucks before shipping but not sure if that would help. Thanks in advance for your advice. :-)

    1. I normally use a face mask for places around zero degrees too. Can't comment about those in Qoo. But in case you can't get one, just twirl a scarf round your neck and face ^^

  8. can i ask if the second layer,can it be like normal sweater orthose wool type of clothes that are very expensive?i'm going shanghai during feb so i'm not sure what to wear.i bought a thick thermal wear online and it feels alittle like rough and itchy,can you suggest ways that might help to prevent irritations.thanks.

    1. In Feb is it going to between 5 - 10 degree? If you are wearing a thick thermal, then the second layer can be thin, vice versa. But that have to depend on your threshold to the weather as well. Personally, I feel there's no need to spend too much on second layer, nobody can see one. Uniqlo got cheap and nice fleece turtle necks, myself bought quite a few and I wear them fine from -10 to 15 degrees.

      It's common that some thermal itches, you can wear a thin singlet as a barrier, apply cream then talcum powder helps. Normally you won't feel a thing when the weather cold.

  9. Hi I am in sg too, how do u order from taobao to save shipping? Most sellers i want to buy from on there don't do international shipping :(

    1. You will need to get an agent to help you to ship the items in. The agent I had been using is 65daigou.