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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

BIG EATER CHALLANGE FINALS 2013 at Ramen Champion Great World City


Was honoured to be invited to Ramen Champion's new outlet at Great World City for food tasting and most exciting of all, to witness the Big Eater Challange Finals!

It was a blasting event attracting many pass-by shoppers, some even requested to enter to view the eating competition but the whole restaurant was already fully occupied.

There are 4 brands at Great World City's Ramen Champion, which I will be introducing to you their signature ramen.

Yukihiko Sakamoto
Chef Sakamoto initially planned to major in French cuisine, by stroke of chance, he ventured into ramen business.

Special Tonkotsu Ramen S$16.50
Resilient thin noodles in goodness of rich pork-bone tonkotsu conquered our taste buds.  Cha shu was slightly torched, releasing a irresisable stone-age aroma :P~~


Chef Toshikazu Yoneda
Within a year of operation, Butaou was awarded Outstanding Ramen Rookie Award at Hong Kong's & Ultimate Ramen Champion competition.

Special Sukiyaki Ramen S$16.00
The broth was more saltish compared to other ramens I had tried.  Instead of the usual soft boiled egg, it came with half cooked egg.  Topped with thin slices of seasoned sukiyaki pork and generous load of spring onions beneath thin noodles.  Personally, I love each and every toppings even on it's own, so putting them altogether became a potent bowl of ramen which I'll die for.

Chef Toshikazu Yoneda came over to our table and explained that the half boiled egg could be mixed with the soup for a more satisfying taste!
Image from www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore


Chef Wang Hu Rong
Yes, he is a chinese!  Born in China, Chef Wang had undergo intensive training with Mr Koji Tashiro of the Menya Koji Group.

Sapporo Miso Special Ramen S$14.80
Thick slices of tantalising pork belly cha shu melted in my mouth, it's a bliss..... When broth was mixed with minced ginger and very spicy chilli paste, a punch was added to the taste.  Love the corns but not the bean sprouts, I really don't like bean sprouts >.<


Chef Ryutaro Miyamoto
Miyamoto won the award of 2012 Narita City Most Popular Ramen.  Was named the 1st runner up in the awards of 2013 Narita City Most Popular Ramen, and 2012 Gurutto Chiba Most Impressive Ramen.

Pork and Vegetable Ramen S$16.00
Ramen came in a dome shape full of cabbages and bean sprouts beneath.

Tried the thick curly noodles before it's mixed with bean sprouts.
Personal preference still leaned towards thin noodles though.


After slurps of ramen tasting, BIG EATER CHALLANGE FINALS roared!
10 big guys representing Singapore compete against celebrity competitive eater from Japan, Tomoko Miyake  (三宅智子).

With a petite frame of 152cm tall and 40kg only, lovely 30 years old Tomoko Miyake (三宅智子) did not appear to look tally with the "eating achievements" at all.
Her Competitive Eating Achievements:
- Consumed Special handmade hamburger of 4.6kg within 60 minutes
- Consumed Special 6.5kg omelet set
- Consumed 100 dumplings within 6 minutes
- Won Toro Cutlet Queen title
- Consumed 4.6kg of yam rice within 35 minutes
- Consumed 4kg worth of fried shrimp curry
- Ranked 4th in the National Queen Showdown

You can't blame me for being doubtful.  I am about same size as she is, to be specific, she's much slimmer than me -____-|||  How is it possible to stomach such large amount of food into this tiny body?  I couldn't wait to witness her power, I need to see it with my own eyes to be fully convinced.

Holding with me was a giantic bowl of ramen equivalent to 10 bowls of normal ramen which the contestants were suppose to eat as much as they could.
It's heavy and quite hot actually although I appeared to be at ease.

A rose among the thorns was a spectacular sight.
While the Thorns were "struggling" with the giant bowl of ramen, the Rose finished it effortlessly.
Image from www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

Already ahead of all the Singapore contestants, Tomoko Miyake  (三宅智子) further widen the gap by wolfing down another 10 bowls of ramen and 8 plates of gyoza.  Incredible.
Image from www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore
It's seriously unbelievable..... and just why she is so slim -____-|||

Enjoy this clip of  the BIG EATER CHALLANGE FINALS ~

Unless you have a elastic stomach with extremely high metabolism, it's really difficult to beat Tomoko Miyake  (三宅智子).
Grand prize of S$10,000 was swept away by this amazing Japanese competitive eater.

1st Runner Up goes to Zermatt Neo, 25 years old Personal Trainer, with a record of 11 bowls of ramen, which was very remarkable to me.
Image from www.facebook.com/ramenchampionsingapore

Ramen Champion has 3 outlets in Singapore:

Great World City
1 Kim Seng  Promenade
Great World City #01-22
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6235 1295
Opens 11.30am to 10.30pm daily

Bugis +
201 Victoria Street
Bugis+ #04-10
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6238 1011
Opens 11.30 to 10.30pm daily

Changi Airport Terminal 3
65 Airport Boulevard
#B2-58 Terminal 3
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore 819663
Tel: 6214 2958
Opens 10.30am to 11.00pm daily

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  1. You should really do some spellcheck, "Challenge" and gyoza becomes "gonza"