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Saturday, 28 March 2015

5 hours to Parliament House to Pay Our Last Respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Date: 26.03.2015

All my life, I hate to queue.

But I was mentally prepared for the 8 hours queue to pay my last respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I know 8 hours is not a laughing matter, but I have to do it.

As hubby wasn't sure where to park and how long to park was unpredictable, we took the MRT to City Hall.

Age is really catching up, my weak "bladder syndrome" acted up again and I was frantically looking for toilet once out of train.

There was already a long queue outside the washroom in the MRT station.   *Panic mood* button on, we speeded into Raffles City Shopping Mall for the washroom at the 1st floor.  No luck, the situation was the same.  *Super panic mood*, we went to the 2nd floor and saw another snake queue of the same length.  *Super panic + going to burst* we run to the 3rd floor, only 5 ladies ahead of me.  Finally relieved, we walked back to the main entrance of City Hall MRT where there were sign boards directing us to Pandang.

It was around 5.30pm.  Crowd control began before we reached Pandang.

We walked passed Suntec City with tribute on their giant screen.

We walked with the crowd, passing by Civilian War Memorial and The Cenotaph.  I felt like a student all over again going on a education excursion with the school.

Where is Padang, we didn't know, we just followed the crowd of queue.

When we finally saw the Padang field, this row of mobile toilets greeted us.

As we moved on, we saw tents with massive beverage supplies.

I took a bottle and said Thank You and not just a superficial thanks.

Finally in Padang after 1 hour at 6.30pm, sky was getting dark.  This was the cluster queue in front of us.

We were stationed in the batch for about 2 hours.
Volunteers passed down drinks and biscuits, people from the "outer rim" would pass them down like passing baton.  I wasn't too sure I was hungry or bored, just snacked on.

Hubby had "threatened" to bring me home if I whined, so I kept very quiet.  He kind of think that I wouldn't pull through the 8 hours (as forecast).  Though he knows me well, sometimes he underestimate me.

Some decided to back out at this junction, some realised that they need more than biscuits to keep going and requested to leave the queue to ta bao and come back.  People started to talk to people standing besides them, most of them from work.

Our cluster was finally asked to move.  But surprisingly we moved out of Padang, along Singapore River.

The queue became stagnant again.

One lady among us said out loud: "Look!  Our Singapore is so beautiful!"

Another one said: "Yes, I had never look at it so closely before...."

I found myself started to tell two women (non-local) beside us about how smelly Singapore River was, it was Mr Lee Kuan Yew who patiently took up a 10 years project to clear it.  Only after it's cleared, the beautiful shore line started to build up.  A few others around listened too.

I asked them why did they queue since they weren't Singaporeans.  They replied that they consider it an honour to be able to pay respect to this great man of ours.

When the crowd started to move, people in front would warn those behind for stairs ahead.  I never know Singaporeans could be like this.  How is it that these people, only well known for being kaisu, can be so considerate and so caring??

There were men wearing white long sleeves with a black bend, walking around, keeping the crowd in order.  We spoke to one of them, he was a young chap, mid twenties, perhaps.  He said he was on duty from 7am to 1am on Wednesday.  Went home sleep a while and came back in the morning around 8am again.  I told him "辛苦你了,谢谢哦!"  "没有没有,不辛苦!" he replied with a broad cheery smile.

If you think queuing is tough, others around aren't relaxing either.

At one point, some one in the crowd was filling unwell, the crowd was screaming at the top of their lungs for medic.  The medic ran top speed with a wheel chair towards the crowd.  I was........ very touched by the scene.

By the 4th hour, everybody was exhausted, whenever we made a 10 metres move forward, we cheered, encouraging each other to hang on, not to give up.  We were total strangers, and yet, I felt the strength of unity from them.

I had never felt so proud being a Singaporean before.  The 5 hours queue had given me a valuable lesson that I'll never forget in my life time.  It was heart-breaking yet heart-warming.

5th hour, we reached the security check.  "With Bags lane" long queue, "Without Bags lane" no queue.  It's consider swift, we made it to the Parliament House, at last.

Bowed, I really wished I could stay a little longer, just a minute longer, but I understand that the situation wouldn't allow.....  Held my tears, we bid Mr Lee Kuan Yew goodbye.
Image from Channel NewsAsia
I know this day will come, but it's still painful.

When I was a primary school girl.  My father would tell us about his childhood, how hard life was when the living condition was less hygienic; how different races conflict each other.

He said when Mr Lee Kuan Yew became the Prime Minister, the fate of Singapore changed.

I had witness the MRT being built in 1987.  I had inhaled the foul smell at Singapore River too.  Singapore was just improving and prosper every single minute under him.  Opposition parties during that era was redundant, really.  We trusted and listened to nobody except LEE KUAN YEW.  Probably sounded very much like an obedient citizen being spoon feed comfortably without any thoughts.  But think again, nobody in the right mind will support a leader if he (and his spouse) behaved like our neighbours'  :X

He banned chewing gums, it was absurd.  But again, if everybody had behaved themselves by throwing the gums in the bin instead of sticking them all over especially at the time the new MRT stations, the law wouldn't had been pass down.

Nobody is perfect, so is Mr Lee Kuan Yew.  But he had build up Singapore from a resourceless slump to this city we are living today.  Most important of all he had love the nation whole heartedly and self-lessly.

Mr Lee was critically ill, the more well wishes from the public, the more I felt that he was leaving.
Image from Channel NewsAsia
Then irresponsible people, from innocent youngsters to brainless adults of my age started to spread rumours of him being dead.  I was like..... hello where are your respect?!?  People nowadays just conveniently clicked "Like" and "Share" without using their brains.

Until on the 23rd March, I turned on my phone before brushing my teeth and saw the official news....

Our Father is gone, for real....

For the past few days, the TV was documenting old videos of his speech on different occasions.  I had watched them before, but re-watching them again after he passed on was difficult to bear.

There were 3 videos that left the greatest imprint in my heart -

* He cried when we were detached from Malaysia.  We were so small, defend-less, resource-less, but he took up the swamp, he took us up.

* He said "Nobody can bring Singapore down!  As long as I am here!"

* He said "If there's anything wrong, I'll jump up, even from my grave to protect Singapore!"

I know he meant every word he said, we had witness all he had done for us.

There won't be another man like him in another hundred years to come.

I feel scared and insecure.
Without him, there won't be Singapore and how is Singapore going to be like without him?

Sir, forgive my selfishness.
May I beg you to watch after Singapore from heaven?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Why you have nothing to wear when your wardrobe is bursting.

"I have nothing to wear," starring at the wardrobe bursting with clothes.

I believe this is what many ladies had encounter.

It will be understandable if the wardrobe consist of 3 dresses, 2 pants and 1 blouse.  But this is not the case since most Singaporeans loves shopping to death.

Ever wonder why nothing to wear when the wardrobe is bursting with clothes, even with brand new ones with price tags?

I am not a fashion expert or professional but this is what I find out by observing friends of all ages around me.....

Singapore Women's Deadly Fashion Habits -

* Only BLACK

I had seen countless office ladies who owns more than 10 pairs of BLACK COURT SHOES.  Each black court shoes have some difference such as one is plain; another pair has bows, one is suede, another pair is patent, one is 1 inch high and the other pair is 1.5 inches..... etc etc....  One can wear different pairs of shoes everyday for one whole good week but NOBODY notice, black shoes, will still be black shoes, they look the same especially to men, lolxx...

This "Black Court Shoes Theory" applies to "Safe Black Dresses Syndrome".

They have a full black crow wardrobe and they changes their outfit daily (of course).  But look as if they are wearing the same outfit at every day.  They look the same at wedding dinners and funerals, even at the beach; they looked all the same wearing the same thing in every photo :X

Some women are color shy to the extend where they are comfortable only when wearing black,  Most of them told me black has a slimming effect.  No doubt it's true but sometimes black strips away the natural softness and gentleness in women.

Lawyers wear black to portraits a stern and solemn image.
Can you imagine if they wear baby pink!  Waaahaahaaa.....

Most serving crews in restaurants/departmental stores are restricted to wear black cos' (partially) it's weird to look more elaborately dressed than customers.  So don't get pissed off when shoppers says to you "Hello, excuse me, can you please get this for me?"

Black wearers restrict themselves due to sense of security, lack of confident or some other reasons I don't know.   Though they may feel bored at times, it's difficult to break the black spell.  As a result, stares at ba ba black wardrobe but nothing to wear......


Black shoes wearers:
Try to buy a brown or grey pair of shoes.  You will be surprised how many people notice them!  Your money will be more well spend than buying another pair of black shoes where nobody even notice.

Black clothes wearers:
It's impossible to make sudden changes like wearing a bright pink or neon orange kind of color.

First play with details, Pocket Full of Posies Dress from INNER CIRCLE.
Still black, but the white checked trimmings are cute and feminine.

Next, try dark colors.  I am wearing Zalora's Basic Knit Cape Top Deep Green.
Not black, but the slimming effect is just as good right?  Try out other colors such as dark blue or dark grey which is easier to "adapt".

Keep black if you insist, but keep it as part of the outfit, Vera Sleeveless Short Dress from I-TYLIZT
Sapphire blue dress with black lace.

Give yourself a chance, it's not as if people will condemn you for wearing other colors.
Inject some colors into your wardrobe, you will be surprise how color clothings can lift up your mood.  You deserve more than black, trust me.


Most students falls into this category while some are working adults in non-office environment.  One claims it's the most comfortable kind of outfit they can wear.  They can't study or work properly wearing dresses or skirts.

One can own 30 pairs of shorts or jeans, but when a invitation calls for some dinner or a clubbing night out, stares at one heap of overly causal clothes but nothing to wear......


Shorts and jeans ARE NOT the only comfortable clothes in the world.  Looking ragged may be your style, but when an occasion calls for, dressing appropriately is courtesy and respect to the person who invited you.  But there's no need to drive yourself nuts in clothes that restricts your movements.

Palazzo Trousers from MANGO

Flare pants that looks like a long skirt from far.  This is decent enough for any important or formal event.
You can now cross your legs like a man but still looks like a lady, heehee....

Nowadays, shorts can be "disgust" as mini skirts.
Peplum Shorts from DIP DROPS

This looks great for causal gatherings or parties.  You are still wearing shorts, but more presentable, and definitely more sexy!

* Buys only office/working attire

Many ladies falls into this thread too.  They have no problem in what to wear for work, can even wear different outfits without repeating for 3 good months down the road.  Normal activities such as a zoo outing or a birthday chalet party can easily put them into deep trouble.  They don't have anything that falls under causal other than a few worn off t-shirts and shorts.  Stares at one whole wardrobe of pretty dresses and smart outfits but nothing to wear....


You can't be wearing a office dress to the zoo, neither can you wear your home clothes to a BBQ party.  Causal wear doesn't mean you have to be in shorts and t-shirts, you can be stylish and chic as what you normally are at work.  It's worth to invest a little on a few causal outfits which you can wear during weekends.  Weekends are so precious, wear something that makes you pretty and happy!

Genevieve Flora Romper Pink from LILYRAE.CO

Smocked Playsuit from Zalora.

Both are cool enough for outdoor activities and looks good on photos too!

The bottom line is, besides buying clothes that you wear daily, it's important to have a few pieces for different occasions and events.  They need not be expensive since you may not be wearing them as often.

All the above outfits recommended can be purchase online at Zalora.

They are having great discounts now, click in for VOUCHERS!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Little Guilin Park

Date of visit: 15.11.2014

Visited Little Guilin Park first time in my life.  It's a little ironic as a Singaporean lolxx...

It is located in Bukit Gombak, at Bukit Batok East Ave 5, a stone throw away from Bukit Gombak MRT Station.

The area is very small, 10 mins of photo-taking, a little time to sit back and admire the mini granite quarry, we were all done in less than half an hour.

Nevertheless, the pics turned out very scenic with that out of Singapore feel.

After we were done, strolled along Bukit Batok East Park Connector.  Nice plants along the roadside but we were quite disturbed busy vehicles that passed by every now and then.  Even breathing had to be cautious, fumes couldn't be avoided 100%.

We later had a good lunch at Mayim at West Mall.

We had LIVE DRAMA from a young couple next to our table which was barely a meter away from us.  The male was in a suit and super shiny patent shoes.  I hate those shoes, I called them Playboy Shoes.  He had his Iphone 6plus and big big Samsung with a not sure fat or not wallet stacked up on the table, very 霸气 and "flashy" sia.  The girl was innocent looking, didn't spot any branded stuffs on her :X

Initially we thought he was a insurance or house agent trying his best to close a deal over a lunch, but as we listened on, it's more interesting than we thought!

He tried to impressive the girl by narrating to her (and us) about how hard working he was, and how complicated his family was with his dad having 2 wives, how the second wife beaten him when he was a child etc....  The girl ate quietly, nodded occasionally, not sure if she was impressed or touched.  To me, his story was high fabricated lolxx....

Hubby and I could only communicate and LOL through whatsapp with eye signals (if we could hear them so clearly, we were sure we didn't want them to hear us, so zipped mouth, let our fingers do the talking, heeheeehee....)

Papa: He like story teller.
Me: I don't buy his story man, you believe his story?

Continue to eat....... then pick up phone to whatsapp again....

Papa:  Only he himself know, the girl never say anything.
Me: You think the girl believe him?
Papa: Hard to say.  Just now he asked what the girl wants to eat, she said 随便, then the guy just order without asking her what she likes or doesn't like to eat.  No good.
Me: lolxx... that's not nice sia.

And we repeated this stunt throughout the meal, waahaaahaaahaaa....  This was really crazy!

By the end of the lunch, our stomach were cramped from tahan-ing laughters and we had the best time ever bitching about the "drama" on our way back to Tampines.  We could only hope that the guy wasn't harboring any wicked intentions, 祝幸福吧!

Human are more complicated, it's not easy to see thorough their true colors and life is more than 50 shades of grey.

There are already more than 50 shades of brown at the granite quarry and another 50 shades of green surrounding Little Guilin Park.

To "hook" a rich prince charming is every young girl's dream (it was mine too).  But in reality, what's most important is to find a person who's sincere and is willing to spend time with you and not just spend money on you.  So girls, don't be blinded by words or appearances, observe carefully, never rush when choosing a partner.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Jelly Mask - Annie's Way


I found a mask that SUCKS!!


Annie's Way Jelly Mask!

Featured in 女人我最大 (Queen), Annie's Way Jelly Masks sells over 100,000 each month in Taiwan and Hong Kong!
Okie, we are slow, but it's never too late!

Annie's Way Jelly Mask comes in tubs with different beauty reviving functions.
 But all of them have one potent effect - REMOVE BLACKHEADS!

I have 2 tubs with me -
Rose Essence Jelly Mask and Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask.

Rose Essence Jelly Mask S$45.90
The rose mask nourishes, hydrates, rejuvenates, whitens and illuminates.

Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask S$32.90
This is the TOP SELLER among all.  It whitens, brightens, moisturizes and minimizes fine lines.

Each tub comes with a spatula.
The spatula is slightly flexible, recommended to be use with the mask.  Other normal spatulas may be too stiff and may cause too much pressure on face.

Both jelly masks I have are clear in color and very mildly scented.

Skin care is not a girly thing.  Hubby and my son King Luis were having face spa with Rose Essence Jelly Mask, FOC beauty therapist none other than me, heeheehee...

Steps to apply Annie's Way Jelly Mask:

1) Clean face, apply toner, pad dry.

2) Apply jelly mask with spatula thickly, approximately 0.3 - 0.5cm.  Don't be stingy, the thickness and amount is need to "plunge" out impurities and black heads.  If applied too thinly, result won't be that satisfactory.
ps. my 心肝宝贝 son

3) Leave on 15 - 30 mins, remove jelly mask by scraping off from outside towards the nose.  Soften blackheads can be scrapped out in this manner.

4) Wipe jelly mask off spatula with tissue and discard.  DO NOT REUSE the jelly mask! (although there's a urge of scooping the used jelly mask back into the tub >.<)

5) Rinse face with water.

Le Hubby's Before and After pics:
Skin Type:  Matured (obviously), sensitive, dry and uneven skin tone.
He doesn't have blackheads so can't show you the magic.  Anyway, for his skin condition, after the mask, all the flaky-ness were gone, redness reduced and he said his skin felt smooth and soft lolxx...

King Luis's 1st Application (10.03.2015) Before and After pics:
Skin Type: Oily and dehydrated, clog pores, pimples omg >.<
The result was good with merely one application.  No doubt it was written on the package for normal and dry skin, it was good for oily and dehydrated skin as well.  Redness from those fierce pimples subsided a little.  I managed to scrap off some bumps too.

King Luis's 2nd Application (13.03.2015) Before and After pics:
It's working!  King Luis's skin condition is improving!

Myself, I tried the Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brighten Jelly Mask.  Here's the Before and After pics:
Skin Type:  Matured, combination with oily T-zone, occasional break-outs.
This mask is gentle enough so I had applied on my dark circles too.  It lightened!  HAPPY MAX!
Overall skin tone was a shade lighter!  Yay yay *throws confetti*

Annie's Way Jelly Masks DO NOT Contain:
- paraben
- alcohol
- antibiotic
- fixature
- steroids

My old man, little men (besides King Luis, my elder boy Darren tried but will kill me if I post his face here >.<) and myself feels safe and at ease to use Annie's Way Jelly Masks.

Instead of typing long introductions for each type of Jelly Masks which may make you read until cross eye and confuse, I did a chart -
With so many choices, there will be one or more which targets your concerns to your skin!

All jelly masks retails at S$32.90 except for Rose Essence Jelly Mask at S$45.90

Now you can get the 2nd tub at 50% off at SaSa Stores (except JCube)
Must hurry, promotion ends on 22 Mar 15!

You may out more about Annie's Way at their offical web-site and Facebook:
(As this is a Taiwan brand, both links are in chinese.)