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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Jelly Mask - Annie's Way


I found a mask that SUCKS!!


Annie's Way Jelly Mask!

Featured in 女人我最大 (Queen), Annie's Way Jelly Masks sells over 100,000 each month in Taiwan and Hong Kong!
Okie, we are slow, but it's never too late!

Annie's Way Jelly Mask comes in tubs with different beauty reviving functions.
 But all of them have one potent effect - REMOVE BLACKHEADS!

I have 2 tubs with me -
Rose Essence Jelly Mask and Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask.

Rose Essence Jelly Mask S$45.90
The rose mask nourishes, hydrates, rejuvenates, whitens and illuminates.

Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask S$32.90
This is the TOP SELLER among all.  It whitens, brightens, moisturizes and minimizes fine lines.

Each tub comes with a spatula.
The spatula is slightly flexible, recommended to be use with the mask.  Other normal spatulas may be too stiff and may cause too much pressure on face.

Both jelly masks I have are clear in color and very mildly scented.

Skin care is not a girly thing.  Hubby and my son King Luis were having face spa with Rose Essence Jelly Mask, FOC beauty therapist none other than me, heeheehee...

Steps to apply Annie's Way Jelly Mask:

1) Clean face, apply toner, pad dry.

2) Apply jelly mask with spatula thickly, approximately 0.3 - 0.5cm.  Don't be stingy, the thickness and amount is need to "plunge" out impurities and black heads.  If applied too thinly, result won't be that satisfactory.
ps. my 心肝宝贝 son

3) Leave on 15 - 30 mins, remove jelly mask by scraping off from outside towards the nose.  Soften blackheads can be scrapped out in this manner.

4) Wipe jelly mask off spatula with tissue and discard.  DO NOT REUSE the jelly mask! (although there's a urge of scooping the used jelly mask back into the tub >.<)

5) Rinse face with water.

Le Hubby's Before and After pics:
Skin Type:  Matured (obviously), sensitive, dry and uneven skin tone.
He doesn't have blackheads so can't show you the magic.  Anyway, for his skin condition, after the mask, all the flaky-ness were gone, redness reduced and he said his skin felt smooth and soft lolxx...

King Luis's 1st Application (10.03.2015) Before and After pics:
Skin Type: Oily and dehydrated, clog pores, pimples omg >.<
The result was good with merely one application.  No doubt it was written on the package for normal and dry skin, it was good for oily and dehydrated skin as well.  Redness from those fierce pimples subsided a little.  I managed to scrap off some bumps too.

King Luis's 2nd Application (13.03.2015) Before and After pics:
It's working!  King Luis's skin condition is improving!

Myself, I tried the Arbutin + Hyaluronic Acid Brighten Jelly Mask.  Here's the Before and After pics:
Skin Type:  Matured, combination with oily T-zone, occasional break-outs.
This mask is gentle enough so I had applied on my dark circles too.  It lightened!  HAPPY MAX!
Overall skin tone was a shade lighter!  Yay yay *throws confetti*

Annie's Way Jelly Masks DO NOT Contain:
- paraben
- alcohol
- antibiotic
- fixature
- steroids

My old man, little men (besides King Luis, my elder boy Darren tried but will kill me if I post his face here >.<) and myself feels safe and at ease to use Annie's Way Jelly Masks.

Instead of typing long introductions for each type of Jelly Masks which may make you read until cross eye and confuse, I did a chart -
With so many choices, there will be one or more which targets your concerns to your skin!

All jelly masks retails at S$32.90 except for Rose Essence Jelly Mask at S$45.90

Now you can get the 2nd tub at 50% off at SaSa Stores (except JCube)
Must hurry, promotion ends on 22 Mar 15!

You may out more about Annie's Way at their offical web-site and Facebook:
(As this is a Taiwan brand, both links are in chinese.)

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