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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pollen Singapore Restaurant

Date of visit: 16.11.2014

I was crazy busy since last year Nov.  Gatherings, festive celebrations and work all crushed together.  Only managed to get a breather these couple of days.

So... please forgive me for another absurd back dated post.

This is another fine dinning, costly experience (to me) which I can't just go as and when I like (unless I strike lottery).  So die die also must show off post!

The occasion was my kid sis's birthday.  Each of her birthday celebrations, I treat it as mine as well, seriously, so I was all dressed up (like a black devil lolxx...)

Pollen Singapore Restaurant is located in Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, serving western cuisine.
Image from www.pollen.com.sg
Like Ocean Restaurant, booking was made a month before and we emailed them the dishes we chose from the menu a week in advance.

With that previous experience, I was expecting meticulous service and bite size portions of food on big big plates.

The buggy picked us up from the entrance of Gardens By The Bay.
The driver was very patient and helped with my father who's on wheelchair.

Buggy dropped us right at the entrance of Pollen.  We felt like VIPs lolxx..  The entrance wasn't as grand as I expected it to be though...

Contemporary fittings were neat but not impressive.

Fortunately, the lush of green which is part of Flower Dome gives a zest to the whole restaurant.

Now, please enjoy the creative food presentations...
Complimentary tibits canapes before the dinner.

Pink macarons shaped like acorns with cheese.  If I didn't remember wrongly, the pink color is from beetroot.
If the number of macarons can be as much as those decorative pebbles.....

Charcoal crackers with taramasalata (lemony fish roe sauce)

Buns with blue cheese.  The buns are soft yet springy, my favorite among the three.

Throughout the meal, we had free flow warm bread with garlic butter.

Temperature was cool like Genting Highlands, I was all prepared with a fur cape.  My sisters weren't.
The female service crew then came with a tray of shawls in different colors for my sisters.  The attentive service was very pampering indeed.

Starter - Carpaccio of Hokkaido scallops, guava, frozen apple and wasabi, dill yoghurt, seaweed oil.
Looked very much like a piece of abstract act on black paper.  Took me some time to find where were the scallops lolxx...  Once found, they tasted as if they just popped onto the table right from the sea, VERY FRESH!  And compliments with everything else on the plate, yums...

Starter - Seared foie gras, calamansi, white fungus, longan, chia seeds, poached quince
Foie Gras was heavenly; slightly charred on the surface, but very juicy within.  Sweetness and sinfulness exploded in the mouth at each bite, so much so that I couldn't bear to swallow.  I wanted the taste to linger longer, so tasty and too enjoyable.

Starter - Aerated foie gras, smoked passion fruit, yoghurt and mint
You can't see foie gras here, it all being "minced".  Texture became similiar to thai pork floss, but the fatty taste of foie gras was still distinctive.

Starter - Gorgonzola consomme, pears, port jelly, artichokes and truffle toast
Beautiful vegetarian starter, didn't get to try cos' it's for my sis who was having vegetarian diet during that period of time.  Portion was really small, so didn't want to steal from her.

By this time, my little nephew was restless already.  Had to bring him out of Pollen to Flower Dome to "release" his energy before he banged over this tray of alcohol besides our table lolxx...

Main - Sea bass, kohlrabi, edamame, crispy chicken skin, mushroom broth
Sea bass looked and taste like tofu, delectable.

Main - Loin of venison, beets, berries, pears, jumper salt
Melt in your mouth beef  chunks with fruits.

Main - Beef short ribs, salsify, charred onions, miso butterscotch
Another beef dish; I couldn't decide which was better, both were perfect!

Main - Mushroom spelt barley, Japanese pumpkin
Vegetarian main dish for my sis, it was also the only dish served which was filling enough.  Stole a few spoonfuls, it was creamy and yummy.

Dessert - Black Forest with cherry, pandan,chocolate, shimeji, roasted tomatoes

Dessert - Matcha with strawberry, sour plum, tahini
When this was served we thought it was a white cream cake with decorations.  Couldn't help to feel a little disappointed to realize it was a white stone with green 2 inch slice matcha cake >.<

Dessert - Pumpkin with Gingerbread, praline, banana, brown butter

Complimentary chocolates and gums!

The service crew introduced and explained all the dishes that were served on the table.  I was very impressed by their knowledge.  Overall, everything tasted as if they were out of the world, exquisite.  From the taste to food presentation, the high standard can't be mimicked by any other ordinary restaurants.

The only complaint would be we wished they could serve faster so that we could spend more time at the Flower Dome (admission is free for diners).

The above dishes that we tried may or may not be available by now as I suppose they will change their menu periodically.

Some photos taken 20mins before Flower Dome close at 9.30pm -___-

At 9.30pm, the buggy drove us back to the entrance of Gardens By The Bay.   The kind driver took a longer route and drove slowly so as to let us enjoy the beautiful scenery ^.^

Pollen Singapore Restaurant
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953

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