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Thursday, 20 September 2018

Siem Reap Day 2

I didn't blog for the entire August but I still update in Dayre.  I was busy with 延禧攻略 and many other minor stuffs.  I also had a difficult time sorting out the photos.  When the photos were loading onto my computer the sequence went haywire with the photos shared by our team members.  I gotten myself really confused haahaahaa...

Anyway, here my snail blog heehee...


Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Duration: 4D3N, 31 May to 3 June 2018
Mode of Travel: Self-organised with 19 volunteers age 9 to 50+.  We had 2 private vans for transport and local guide (www.facebook.com/Jeepxplr) who's now a very dear friend to us.
Flight: Jetstar (round trip $292.68)
Hotel: Khmer Mansion Boutique Hotel (Apsara Double Pool View Suite - $206.58)
Weather: Very very fortunately cloudy most of the time around 30°C
Currency: USD most of the time though Cambodian Riel can be use
Time difference: 1 hour ahead of Singapore



For Day 1 click HERE

Hubby was too excited, woke up around 5.30am.  He walked around the room, in and out of the balcony, in and out of the bathroom, trying to wake me up "discreetly".  He succeeded around 7am, so I thought might as well bring him to the wet market since breakfast was arranged at 8.30am.

We walked through PubStreet which was very quiet as most restaurants were closed.

I brought him to Wat Preah Prom Rath temple.  He walked 2 metres from the entrance and walked out.  He said wasn't interested.  I was overwhelmed by disappointment and wasn't sensitive enough to know what's wrong.

So I said it's okay, I brought him to the wet market nearby.

This is Cambodia's local fruit called Pring and I thought it's coffee.  Apparently it's expensive as it's not easy to harvest but I don't know how much they sell exactly.

These are wild mangosteen marinated with salt and chilli.  My local friend told me it's delicious but I had never try.

The wet market some how brings back a bit of childhood memories.  I used to stay in Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 next to a wet market.  My mother would buy from the same stalls to "build repore" for better deals and freebies lolxx....
Nowadays I wakes up pass 10am and wet markets are half closed already.  So it's always NTUC, Giant or Mohota.

After this pic he said there's nothing to see, complaining that it's smelly and dirty.  I was like.... HUH?!???
And at this point I realized that all his grumpy-ness and bad mood was because he was so hungry and he wouldn't say so   -_____-|||  Not that I dragged him out empty stomach but we had ordered hotel's breakfast the day before at 8.30am.  I thought it would be just nice after a short temple and wet market tour omg.....  Who asked him to wake up so early and woke me up also?  He hungry but didn't know how to make tea himself or buy food outside meh?  Aiyooooo....

So I quickly took my overage baby boy who was feeling faint from hunger back to the hotel lolxx....

We had breakfast by the pool.

My breakfast came and it was HUMONGOUS!!  And my niece teased me for the next 3 days.
Going from clockwise the tray consist of: fried rice, plain porridge, rice noodle soup. stir fried yellow noodles with eggs and kang kong, middle was salted egg and fish.

Me with my 5 carbo combo lolxx.....
No dinosaur could finish this my gawd....

My niece western plate looked awesome.

Every breakfast came with a plate of fruits.  They were important fibres cos they ceased my constipation.

While we were having breakfast, a few of them went to collect baguettes from the bakery.

The freshly baked baguettes smell lovely in our vans.  Sometimes the most simple food is the most mouth-watering.

Set off, we made a stop at the grocery shop to purchase milk and toiletries....

Follow by stationery shop to collect stationery.

On the road, I saw more vehicles than 2 years ago, also more electric cables.  Siem Reap was improving.

The guys had fun (and dust) on their first ride on jeep.

This is Ta Kam School which Inspiring Stars had been sponsoring for 4 years.

They lined up at the entrance to welcome us.  What a surprise!

Planting of veg for the school continued.  Not much crops due to the rainy season.

The school improved in facilities and water supply.  The children wore cleaner uniforms and all of them had slippers!
I remembered previously most of them were bare footed and we sponsored them slippers.

I was just too happy.  The children deserve education and better.
How many times in life we get to shed tears of joy?  I remembered I cried shit when I was in Jay Chou's concert, he appeared on the stage like god.....  The other time was when Luis was in hospital and said that he wished the family healthy.  Another 2 times close to tears in Greece and Zhang JiaJie (张家界) cos scenery was out of the world.  I am very fortunate, but there are still times where I am not happy with this and that, heehee...  I constantly remind myself to be contended and cherish what I have...

The uniform vendor came.  It's white top and navy blue bottom in all schools.

These were the 2 vans that drove the 19 of us.  Behind would always be loaded with items.  Some times when we ran out of space, we would put them either on our laps or on the ground with our legs crossed up on the seat.

My big old boy was very excited and enthusiastic.

We distributed baguettes to the villagers.

Found time for photo taking at one of the classroom.  Somehow looked like a wedding chamber with that little pink curtain up there lolxx...

We also gave the school a porridge treat and these ladies were preparing the ingredients.  Cringed a bit to see people preparing food on the floor instead of table but this was the way...

This was the kitchen and this lady was cooking the porridge with charcoal fire.

2 enormous woks of porridge here.

We bought for the children milk, cake, biscuits, erasers, sharpeners, pencils and exercise books.

This was kindergarten class between 5 to 6 years old.  So cute de...
If I am not wrong, the tables and chairs are sponsored by another kind organisation.

The classroom was clean with vinyl floor.  2 years back the classrooms were on red mud.

Found the bella of the school.

Lunch time!

That's shredded cabbage in the blue basket which could be added into the porridge.
I didn't try the porridge but I am sure the children enjoyed it and had a filling meal.

After lunch it was time to say goodbye.

Lunch was traditional khmer zi char in these little huts.

Age is really catching up, my legs cramped, my back ached, neck also ached, just ate some so that I wouldn't be hungry.

You are looking at grilled whole fish which we had to remove the skin and scales eating only the flesh.

No leaf kangkong with chicken gizzards.

The mobile ice-cream seller came, so we bought some coconut ice-cream.  It's less than 50 cents, couldn't remember the exact price already.

After lunch we visited a slum area.
We could see schools improving with help and donations from many kind sponsors and organisations.  However the living condition was as bad as ever.  But I see that more and more people had jobs to feed and cloth themselves.  Some of them could afford electric appliances such as rice cooker and electric fan.

Housing was still a problem.  The money they earn may not be enough for them to move out of the slum area.
We distribute pre-love clothings, toiletries and some food to the villagers.

Went back to our hotel around mid noon.  The lovely hotel crews stood at the lobby with life saving cold towels and drinks for us.  So nice right!  I had no idea how they knew we were back!

For dinner we had Khmer food in one of the restaurant along in Pub Street area.
I had took photos of the menu with prices but I could find them >.<  Both the price and food was average, so I actually wouldn't recommend this place too strongly.

Creative steamer as light decor.

Grilled egg plant with minced meat.

Curry chicken with rice.

Veg rolls which were very similar to those of Vietnam.

Refreshing citrus seafood salad.

Steamed mashed pumpkin in banana leaf.

Sago green beans in coconut milk, not edible cos the green beans were uncooked.  It was around a dollar, so we just left it.

After dinner we went to buy some dried fruits.

We explored Sok San Road for the first time.  Glad to find "alternative" besides usual Pub Street.  There were plenty of  very economical khmer zi char, a few laundry shops and some pubs.

We found Temple Mini Mart.  It's about 10 mins walk from the main Pub Street area.

It's really cool here with thousand and one tibits, alcohol and cigarettes.

This is compressed pork floss, crazy yummy, should had gotten a dozen of it!

We went back around 10pm to fidget with handphone and tried to rest early.  Day 3 was another day of voluntary work in a school and visiting of another slum village.  Also birthday celebration for one of our team member.