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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My appearance on Shin Min Daily News

Massive negative commotion in Shin Min's Facebook over my looks when I made it to the headlines on Monday and Tuesday.  The readers are consider very "nice" already compared to XiaXue's haters, lolxxx......  at least nobody called me a whore.


For those people who called me fake, ugly and act cute, I presume you must be 100% natural without using skincare and cosmetics, drop dead beautiful at 170cm & 48kg and don't know how to act cute.  But, when I click into their profile pics and personal pics, hur hur....... I felt sorry for them, shall not elaborate, cos' they are already pitiful enough.

To be fair, I am prettier than a lot of females.   On the other hand, I had seen many more beautiful ladies too.  So yup, that place me in a comfortable "mid range".

My "opponent" is a lovely and graceful lady I have to admit.  Although she's 10 years my senior, she's slimmer and taller than me.    T__T  I'm still in the process of shedding my fats lah please!!!  This is how media works, we aren't sworn enemies as it appeared to be, it's merely a friendly match to me.  Instead of taking it in a light hearted manner, some naive readers thought that we are thick skinned and boastful bimbos fighting for a vanity title.  Use your ass and think please.....................

With more color, people complain make-up too thick,  if no color people will sure say make-up skills no good, no make-up people will say why so unpresentable.  Won't be able to please the whole world, so here's pics with

no make-up

no contact lens and lashes

no act cute

huh??  still cute?  then I can't help it liao

a monkey face

I did not rob anybody neither did I put fire on any building.  I did not insult anybody neither did I tarnish anybody's reputation.  I did not deceive readers with untrue facts; I did not do anything illegal and I had not done any harm to anybody at all.

Why hate me??

No matter how much you hate me,  my life goes on as an ordinary obasan with my hubby and kids.

My auntie called me a while ago.  In my mind I was prepared to face the music.  Before I could open my mouth and explain the situation to her, she told me:-

 "You are our good girl, always.  You are doing great and you are fabulous you know!  Never let people put you down.  You didn't do anything wrong, so you mustn't be upset.  Be happy, continue to do what you enjoy, God will bless you.  Uncle and I are always here to support you."

I felt like a baby, I wanna cry, overwhelmed......... my Uncle and Auntie love and care for me T______T

Please continue to hate me, I don't give a damn any more......... I must be the luckiest bitch on earth to deserve so much love.......


  1. Susan! jia yous!
    many of us will always be on your side.
    take care & God bless!!! :)

  2. thank you! thank you for reading and leaving this nice comment ^^

  3. You are awesome and so true :) love you and your looks ;) Were can I find the post with your daily skin care?

  4. Glam moda - Thank you!! Still in the process of drafting and editing the photos. Can't wait to share with you all, hope to get it done by next week ^^

  5. Hello! I am too a blogger and I can understand how hurting it is to have the negative comments flung at you. Stay strong, turn a deaf ear and remember that you are great for whom you are! (:

  6. Kira Knight - So sweet of you! Thank you!