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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Date of visit: 31.08.2013

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My Sungei Buloh trip hor, was blood donation drive to the mosquitoes, unfortunately.  Nevertheless, sharing here pics with green lush......

A random pic from the mini-bus while travelling at 7.30am.   Beautiful right?
The weather was good with a bit of cool haze.

Lots of cyclists along the way.

Saw a scarecrow when we were about to reach!  How often do we see one in Singapore you know.

Reach at about 7.40am.

Visitor Centre with exhibits which we visited before we left.

We were so early that we need not pay $1 entrance fee.

Scrolling down the following loads of pictures, it will be as if you are wallking through Sungei Buloh with us ^^

Lots of silver-ish fish which I couldn't identify.

The weather was great without scotching sun early in the morning.

The trail began from here....

A romantic back view of our friends Jayce and Andrew.

Saw plenty of such trees with roots that branch out from trunks like stilts.  They are called Rhizophora Apiculata, what a complex name.

We did not see any crocodile.  We were discussing among ourselves how we should react if we happened to bump into one right in front of us lolxx...

We saw some photographers on this platform.

Every spot was a photo spot.

When they saw a bird......

排排站,拍拍看 all in same position without any rehearsal, laugh die me lolxx......
I stood behind them for a moment to peek at their camera's screen.  Blow me down, I could see the eye and beak of the bird although it was don't know how many hundred metres away from us sia!!

Big fat mudskipper.

Saw a mud nest which looked like a face mask, a bit scary >.<

These were the best my compact camera could get.

Some birds peaking on clams in the mud with clapping sounds.

Saw a tiny fluorescent green worm in the middle of no where.  Click in this clip but pardon my squeaky high-pitch >.<

We left it continue it's climb after that lolxx..

Aerie Tower which we climbed up.

The scenery we saw from the top of the tower.

A broken trunk which looked like a monster.

State of tranquil was disturbed by my hubby's exclaimed " CB leaves!!!"

We later saw more of such leaves across the little pond where a huge monitor lizard crawled into.
But it was too quick for our cameras -.-

The common name of CB leaf is Simpoh Air, also known as Dillenia suffruiticosa.

Unknown red flowers which had fallen, so beautiful..........

Just as we were feeling disappointed for not able to capture the monitor lizard into our cameras earlier on, we saw one crossing our path slowly.....

After which, it wasn't fun any more.  Swarms of mosquitoes were literally chasing after us.  We were fully "armed" with insect repellent, but totally useless.  These mosquitoes also have "sex preference", only Jayce and I were badly bitten.  Had to ask my hubby to beat them (and me at the same time).  Thankfully, Jayce had medicated oil with her which we poured generously onto our poor swollen and red skin to at least cease the itchiness.  The guys kept complaining that the oil stinks, but WE LOVE THE SMELL!!

Each slap could easily kill 2 or 3 blood suckers, this pic caught one dead bloody sucker.  My arm appeared reddish all around, cos' I had been beaten many times already T____T

There were lots of fish jumping in and out of the water.

Managed to catch them swimming in circles lolxx...

Sea Holly, looking very much like a Christmas Holly.  They pokes!

Didn't see any prawns though.

Another towel, but I was too upset by the mosquito bites to climb.

Towards the end of the trail, the sun began to shine more and more fiercely at around 10am.

This grasshopper was palm size BIG!

Pencil roots of Avicennia spp all over the soil.   Not sure what will happen if one falls onto them, oh gosh.....

Finally able to smile when we managed to shake off those mosquitoes.

Mudskipper, really cute.

Foot prints, which we guessed could belonged to a monitor lizard.

Back to the Visitor Centre.

By the time when we were leaving at about 10.30am, visitors started to walk in.  We were glad to be early birds as the trail was more enjoyable without the blazing sun.

Somebody enjoyed the sun though.

Monitor lizard sun tanning while humans kept snapping pics, heehee......

The above photos taken were taken using Iphone 4S and my old compact Canon camera, me aren't professional photographer but I love my pictures ^^

Opening hours:
7.30am to 7.00pm (Mon - Sat)
7.00am to 7.00pm (Sun & PH)

Entrance fee:
Free admission - Mon - Fri
$1.00 per adult/$0.50 per child/student/senior citzen - Sat/Sun/PH (8.30am - 6pm)

Public transport:
Mon - Sat
Board SMRT bus 925 from Kranji MRT; alight at Kranji Reservoir Carpark; 15 to 20mins walk to the Reserve.

Sun & PH
SMRT bus 925 stops at the Reserve's entrance.

For more information:

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Luckily I was spared the mosquitoes bites....