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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Ramen Champion at Changi Terminal 3

Date of visit: 10.08.2013

The only good thing about staying at the east area of Singapore will be that it's so near Changi Airport.  Unfortunately, I don't fly as frequently as I wish  to >.<  But Changi Airport is really a great place for food hunts with various restaurants and fast foods.

Didn't know there's Ramen Champion at Terminal 3 and this was my first visit :)
We were very lucky to get a table without queuing.  This pic was taken while we were waiting for our food, waahaahaa......

Tap cards were given to each customer where food ordered will be scanned in.  The cards were to be hand over to the cashier for payment before leaving.

There were 5 ramen brands and a beverage stall.

Gotten Lemon Sour Pum (left) and Passion Fruit Juice (right).
Both were so concentrated and sweet that I had to add plain water to them after drinking a few mouths.

Were given "buzzers" so that we could sit comfortably and collect our order when it's ready from the stall.

2013's Champion - IKKOUSHA
We gave other ramens a try a that day :)

We tried ramens from KEISHOKEN, RIKI and TAKA NO TSUME.


Ajitama Ramen S$12.50 (from KEISHOKEN)
Rich pork broth topped with soya sauce and Japanese Mirin which I finished up the whole bowl of it.

Love the thin noodles and mild sweetness of the broth :P~~

RIKI and TAKA NO TSUME sharing a stall.

RIKI's menu
Image from http://www.ramenchampion.com.sg

Nitamago Ramen S$13.00 (from RIKI)
Looked very different from the menu cos' it's a special order without veg and bean sprouts; for no other than King Luis -__-  It's a huge bowl of thick yellow noodles in pork broth with rich taste of garlic shoyu and generous loads of char siew.

Fried Chicken Wings S$4.00 for 2 pcs  (from RIKI)
This plate was $8.00, each piece came without the drumlet, really expensive.  But worth it!  I dare to say that they were one of the best fried chicken wings I had ever tried.  Sprinkled with sesame seeds on the crispy skin with juiciness all locked in.  The meat just tore away from the bones with an effortless bite :P~~~  This really makes dieting very difficult T_____T  Too delicious, seriously.


Ramen Deluxe with Sichuan Style Sauce S$17.00 (from TAKA NO TSUME)
Very different other traditional ramen, the broth was spicy and rich!  

Top with thick chicken chop, assorted veg of cabbage, bean sprouts, spring onions and brinjal, it was such a big hearty bowl full of ingredients!  Guarantee to satisfy any hungry hippos with enormous appetite.

Le hubby slurping like a hungry wolf lolxx...

I had used complimentary vouchers for my 3 bowls of ramens, only the drinks and chicken wings were scanned into the tap cards.  As a result, a funny episode happened at the cashier's counter:-

Serving lady at cashier scanning our cards, reading what we had ordered, her brows locked into a frown, eyes widen in disbelieve at the screen, but remained courteous.

Cashier:  There might be an error, may I checked what had you ordered?

Hubby:  2 drinks and chicken wings.

Cashier:  Yes, and?  (waiting anxiously for further dishes to be named with her mouth forming into a small "o".)

Hubby:  (already cannot tahan laughing....) We had 3 ramens but we used vouchers, so there's no record... (in between giggles).

Cashier:  Oh..... (her eyes continued to widen with question marks, her expression was so funny that I got difficulty in keeping myself standing straight and compose.)

Me:  I gotten the vouchers at Bugis + during the media event last month.

Cashier:  I see I see!  (finally gotten the whole picture, she smiled in great relieve, lolxx...)  How are the ramens?  Do you like this outlet?

Me:  It's my first visit here and I like it very much, thank you!

Cashier:  Nice to hear that you enjoyed your meal, you bill is $13.50.  Please come again, thank you!  (grinning very sweetly, such a cute girl really ^^)

The cute cashier's expression was priceless and comical.  We laughed our way home recalling this funny episode over and over again lolxx....  If only it's being video down, waahaahaahaaa......  Didn't take down her name, she was young but was very responsible and friendly.

If you are hungry and need something warm for this rainy weather, Ramen Champion will give you the food comfort that you need!  I have more ramen reviews HERE.

Ramen Champion
65 Airport Boulevard
#B2-58 Terminal 3
Singapore Changi Airport
Singapore 819663
Tel: 6214 2958

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