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Thursday, 26 December 2013

8 Days In Beijing - Day 1

Many asked why I chose Beijing as holiday destination especially when it's winter.  The reason is simply becos' I was smitten by the scenery since my last trip to Hunan 2 years ago.  Really fortunate that le hubby shares the same sentiments, so no arguments or unhappy disputes, Beijing it shall be!  Having spending more than 350 days a year of summer in Singapore, enough, is more than enough, I always prefer autumn or winter for holidays.  Being able to dress up for different seasons perks me up!

Another common question will be why we opted for tour package instead of free and easy.  It's a fact that guided tours always started wee hours in the morning, rushing from place to place, very tiring.  Not forgetting compulsory tourist shops which is a major turn off to everybody.  To all tour agencies, if you at least try to cut down on the number of such shops, I bet you guys will get more business, seriously.

Did our "homework", free and easy to Beijing will cost at least 2X more compared to tour packages, so we just have to "tolerate" those unavoidable tourist shops.

Another thing is - I LIKE IT EARLY!  If I want a rest and relax vacation, there are other better (and cheaper) options like Bali, Phuket, even Batam where one can laze on hotel's bed till noon.  To me, it doesn't justify the money spend and 6 hours of flight there, just to eat shop and sleep.  I like to play hard and K.O when I come back.  Of course, to each's own.


Destination:  Beijing 北京 , TianJin 天津, ChengDe 承德 (China)
Period: 8 days - 12 Dec to 19 Dec 2013
Mode of Travel: Tour Package with Chan Brothers Travel, local guide from Beijing Youth Travel Service
Flight:  Air China
Accommodation: Marriott Beijing City Wall
Damage: S$859/pax, RMB600 tips/miscellaneous fees
Time Difference:  Same as Singapore
Weather: -3 to 7 degree Beijing/TianJin, -7 to 0 degree ChengDe
Currency: RMB, divide by 4.8 to convert to S$ (approx)


Reached the airport at 7.30am for the 9.30am flight.  I was grumpy with 起床气.

Our luggages.  Borrowed from my kid sis, the pink luggage is obviously mine.
Hand carry those 2 bright blue converse bags from Chan Brothers where we kept winter outfits for us to change into as soon as we touched down.

Awesome Singapore Changi Airport, my pride.
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Breakfast after check-in.

Was less grumpy after breakfast :P

OOTD, something comfy and easy to "add-on" for winter.
Light knitted top - H&M (kid's size)
Flora skirt - NET
Leggings - Top Shop
Plumps - Bangkok

Close-up of my overly bright outfit.

Ready to board.

All economical seats are quite standard I suppose.
Chicken rice set was yucky >.<

Doze off with Darren sleeping on my lap, he is such a darling <3 <3  Forever my boy no matter how old he gets.

Pic taken before landing, by this time, I already "painted" my face liao.

Touched down around 3.30pm, Beijing Capital International Airport was really cool and impressive.

Beijing Capital International Airport

Put on a black hat to hide my messy hair, layered on a pink turtle neck and black leggings.  Changed into boots, throw on a wool coat, all done quickly and comfortably in their spotlessly clean toilet!

Trains came in short intervals but jam-packed.  I guessed the sign board worked, there wasn't any pushing.

Blur pic on our moving coach, it's only about 5pm but all dark already.

My boys snoozing while on our way to dinner.

Bustling street of Beijing

First dinner at Beijing.  Initially was excited, but after eating almost the same dishes for 8 days..... urrrgg......
The yummiest of all would be the egg noodles and 小白菜 (green veg).

Marriot Beijing City Wall was pretty posh located near the railway station.
Marriott Beijing City Wall lobby and lounge

Heated pool and gym are at the 3rd floor, it's a pity we couldn't find time to enjoy the facilities.
(ps. different outfit cos' pics taken on last day, put all hotel's photos together for easy browsing)

Hotel room was spacious with 2 soft bouncy queen beds!

See through bathroom, seduce your partner effortlessly lolxxx..... but hubby and me 老夫老妻 already, seduce si mi sai leh.

Nevertheless, my kids were amused and played a little with the high tech blinds, heehee....

Iphone 4/4S charger cum clock on bedside table, love it!

Didn't sleep well due to the extremely dry climate.  Throat felt really dry, so we kept drinking and pee-ing the whole night thorough.  Damn stupid, didn't thought of putting a glass of water bedside our beds.  The real tour began on Day 2...... stay tuned :)

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  1. hi,

    I happen to visit your blog while searching for what to wear. I'll be heading to Beijing in December and was wondering if a wool sweater + a fleece outer coat will be enough for me to survive? i have pretty good cold tolerance but this will be my first winter experience.

    thanks in advance!

    1. Hi,
      You should be fine cos' Beijing is not windy. But if you feel cold, just buy some winter wear there, it's cheaper and more trendy there than in Singapore. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi! Did you experience any flight delays to and fro? Thank you!

  3. Hi Susan i was hoping to read your next day tour in beijing. Im going there this coming january.

    1. Hi!
      This is my link for my 8th day in Beijing, all the links from day 2 to 7 are inside too.

      Thank you very much for reading my blog. Do drop a comment again if you have any questions, will try my best to anser.

  4. This time your vacation trip in Beijing for 8 days was very pleasant. Thank you for sharing your vacation experiences and knowledge. theapartmentsubud.com