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Monday, 28 January 2013

Lots of RED for Chinese New Year!

I used to shy away from red.  Wearing red would turn me into a walking ang bao (red packet) instantly with my kind of body figure previously.  Some more everybody's wearing red during Chinese New Year (CNY), I  am uniquely me and I hate to blend into the crowd.

This year I was somehow "strike" by red, no sure why.  I just happened to bump into some nice stuffs in red color.  So, this blog post is to share goodies which is affordable for everybody ^.^

The first item was this Ao Dai in red trimming I bought a few months from Ho Chi Minh.
It was less than S$22.
Going to wear this for reunion dinner.

A few weeks ago, my shoes actually gave way while I was shopping.
旧的不去,新的不来 gotten this pair of red patent strippy wedges at Payless ShoeSource for S$25.74 only.  The wedges adds 4.5 inches to shorty me.

美腿, 请笑纳!Heehee...... just kidding.
Then I found this super micro mini skirt.
This is the shortest skirt I ever own!
It's merely 13 inches in length, couldn't imagine taller girls wearing this >.<
I had tried sitting positions wearing it, it's so butt and thigh hugging that there are no gaps for peeps lolxx....
Bought from Osmose @S$32 ^-^

Red craze continued with red lipstick!

I grabbed the last piece of Maybelline's Red Porcelain from the shelf.
It's S$14.90 if I remembered correctly.

Color swatch on my hand, creamy in texture with glossy finish.

Now...... RED NAILs........

The above nail pics are for you to drool only, cos' Precious Nail is already FULLY BOOKED before CNY.

Hope you guys able to get some red inspiration, bye bye!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Neogence Lab-Dermatological Skincare


This is a super back dated post :X

I had won myself a set of Neogence Pore Solutions skincare from SaSa since 8 Nov 2012.

So here are my reviews~~

Neogence Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum 30ml

Packaging - Glass bottle with dripper
Main Ingredients - Sebaryl, Evermat,Laricyl, Vitamin B3, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
Fragrance - Slight medicated smell
Texture - Slightly thick liquid, absorbs quickly into skin without sticky-ness.
Result - I use it every morning on my T-zone area.  My pores are still visible, BUT...... my T-zone area is less oily after 1 week of usage.  I used to go facial for extractions every 3 weeks, and now, I can drag my facial session to 6 weeks!  Cos' my pores doesn't clog so rapidly.  My make-up last longer too!  Will purchase after I finish this current bottle <3

Off-head serum 15ml

Packaging - Glass bottle with dripper.
Main Ingredients - Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract.
Fragrance - Slight medicated smell.
Texture - Gel like, faint yellowish in color, needs to massage into skin for better absorption. 
Result - I use it on my nose and chin.  After 2 weeks of usage, I still have black heads on my nose, BUT.....  the black heads I extract out are softer and smaller in size.  Although my pores are still visible, at least I know that they won't get bigger due to more clogs.

Mineral Micro-Scrub Exfoliating Cream 100ml
(not sure of the pricing)

Packaging - In tube which exfoliating cream can be squeezed out.
Main Ingredients - Sublimalg, Trace Mineral, ZincOxide
Fragrance - Slight medicated smell
Texture - Whitish cream with very small exfoliating beads.
Result - I tried the product on the hand and find it very harsh on my skin although there were hardly any exfoliating beads.  It felt like sandpaper >.<  So I passed it to my hubby with thicker skin and he's fine with it.  Just squeeze out a red bean size, mix with water and it's good enough to cover the entire face.  

You may find out more about Neogence at http://www.neogence.com.tw/

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Review is based on my own experience. Product may or may not be suitable for other individuals.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Lovebites Pineapple Tarts

My girlfriend gave me this CNY goodie ~~
Pineapple Tarts from My Lovebites!

Each pineapple tart is about the size of our dollar gold coin.

Outer coat is buttery, moderately sweet pineapple filling is somehow different... it is not smooth and creamy, it has got crunchy pineapple bits!  Quite a unique texture.

As this is a personal gift from a friend, I do not have the price.
But if you are interested, the contact is as below.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

DIY Angel phone charm


If you had been following my blog, I believe you will have impression of the DIY Swarovski Jewelry Workshop I attended with Xiaxue.  Click here if you had missed it ;)

This workshop had sparkled my interest in DIY blinging.  So when  Crystal 'N' Beads offered me a compliementary "Angel" DIY workshop, I signed up without hesitation.

I travelled from Tampines all the way to Jurong Point Shopping Centre.......

My little sister attended this workshop with me too.

This workshop was different from the previous jewelry making.
Previous workshop I had learn a few methods of hooking.
This workshop was more on tying the crystals together to form a design.

End product ~
Lovely Angel Handphone Charm

Angel DIY Set is sold at S$5.20 with instructions given.
The set comes with a handphone string but we had purchased dust caps to replace it.

After the workshop, I had spend at least another 1.5hrs in Crystal 'N' Beads to purchase blings, pearls, hooks, chains and lots.  I wasn't too sure of what to buy as the hooks and rings comes in many sizes.  The sales people were very helpful and I gotten myself one bagful of DIY items.

Also, most importantly, I bought my basic tool set with pouch.

The above purchase was more than S$25 (obviously).  Was supposed to be able to redeem a Swarovski heart pendant but I did not print out the voucher  >.<

Luckily, I was told that I could still redeem it with the receipt from Beadspin at Tampines.

The very next day, I print out my voucher which looks like this ~~

If you are a DIY freak, click http://www.createyourstyle.sg/contest/ to print the voucher.

So I redeemed the pendant at Beadspin.
The lovely heart pendant came in a little draw-string pouch.

Bling Bling Bling!!
Free with minimum purchase of S$25 only.
Super good deal!

An angel is not enough, I added a pink heart, more blings and a crystal letter "M" for my sister Maggie.

And these are my add-ons which include the free heart pendant!
 My very own unique pink bling handphone charm!! Pretty right?
I know self-praise is international disgrace.

 Meanwhile, my hubby is struggling with his crystal mandarin orange...

Had also done curtains charms for my home nail salon which I will give it another blog post.

Interested but total noob in DIY?  They conduct workshops from time to time.
For more information ~~

Crystals 'N' Beads
63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-29/30 Jurong Point Shopping Centre Singapore 648331
Tel: 6794 4377

20 Tampines Central #01-17 Tampines MRT Station Singapore 529538
Te: 6787 6876

Koi Ming Enterprise Pte Ltd
50 South Bridge Road #01-00 CMO Building Singapore 058682
Tel: 6533 0096

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rocku Yakiniku @Bugis Plus

Before I move into the topic, did you all read my GIVEAWAY complimentary beauty workshop?
If you hadn't click here!

So, after attending the beauty workshop, my girlfriends and me were famished!
We found a unique dinning place......

 We were lured by the word BUFFET, only to realise that they only have it for lunch time T___T

We walked in anyway, through this entrance...

If not tables, chairs and charcoal pits, I would call this a pub.

Playing latest k-pop, mandarin dancing hits and popular english rocks, the whole place was blasting!
I LOVE it!

Their set menu comes for either 2 or 4 pax.
But there were only 3 of us, so we decided to "play safe" by ordering
Rocku BBQ Prime Set for 2 and add on other a-la-carte items later.

Salmon sashimi


Assorted mushrooms.

We made an extra order of garlic rice.
It's lips licking delicious @S$1.50 per bowl only, super worth it!

Our spread of tiger prawns, wagyu marbled beef, US Black Augus Rib Eye, Kurobuta Pork Sirloin, Terriyaki Chicken and Terriayki Saba Fish.......  mouth watering feast with eyes.

Also made an extra order of beef  @S$9.90

Like what my friend mentioned, it was as if we were dining in a pub, woot!!

The meat totally rocks, the assorted mushrooms were surprisingly delicious, not sure what seasoning was added.
Nothing to pick except that the Saba fish got too much bones.

We end the meal with Mochi Mango Ice Cream, cute, sweet and cold!
My tongue love the sweetness, but my mouth was numbed by the coldness.
So was I making a lot of noise ranting and raving while eating these lolxx......

Didn't expect to pop into such a hip dinning place and
my OOTD was a total "mis-match" with the restaurant.
Rose handband - BKK
Rose print dress - TaoBao
Pink wedges - Bata

I will visit again for the buffet lunch and dress rock, heehee.....

Rocku Yakiniku
201 Victoria Street #04-06 Bugis Plus
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6634 3313