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Monday, 28 January 2013

Lots of RED for Chinese New Year!

I used to shy away from red.  Wearing red would turn me into a walking ang bao (red packet) instantly with my kind of body figure previously.  Some more everybody's wearing red during Chinese New Year (CNY), I  am uniquely me and I hate to blend into the crowd.

This year I was somehow "strike" by red, no sure why.  I just happened to bump into some nice stuffs in red color.  So, this blog post is to share goodies which is affordable for everybody ^.^

The first item was this Ao Dai in red trimming I bought a few months from Ho Chi Minh.
It was less than S$22.
Going to wear this for reunion dinner.

A few weeks ago, my shoes actually gave way while I was shopping.
旧的不去,新的不来 gotten this pair of red patent strippy wedges at Payless ShoeSource for S$25.74 only.  The wedges adds 4.5 inches to shorty me.

美腿, 请笑纳!Heehee...... just kidding.
Then I found this super micro mini skirt.
This is the shortest skirt I ever own!
It's merely 13 inches in length, couldn't imagine taller girls wearing this >.<
I had tried sitting positions wearing it, it's so butt and thigh hugging that there are no gaps for peeps lolxx....
Bought from Osmose @S$32 ^-^

Red craze continued with red lipstick!

I grabbed the last piece of Maybelline's Red Porcelain from the shelf.
It's S$14.90 if I remembered correctly.

Color swatch on my hand, creamy in texture with glossy finish.

Now...... RED NAILs........

The above nail pics are for you to drool only, cos' Precious Nail is already FULLY BOOKED before CNY.

Hope you guys able to get some red inspiration, bye bye!