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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements


Handphone rings = potential customer for nails appointment (most of the time)

So when Nuffnang called up to invite me for "Create Your Style Workshp", I was totally taken by surprise, a BLING surprise ^.^

I trusted and had been using Swarovski Crystals for numerous sets of dazzling bling nails.

These are Swarovski flat back crystals which I use to bling up nails.

 However, I had never tried DIY jewelry making with Swarovski.
So, I grabbed hold of this opportunity and at twinkle, I was at Talent Cafe!

Managed to snap some pics before the workshop began.
Display of DIY items created with Swarovski Elements.

All the necessary tools and write-outs were neatly laid out for every participant.

And that was what we did!
It was FUN FUN FUN!!!

Everybody was so serious..... lolxx...

And yup, the pink hair girl was no other but Xiaxue.

Our instructor guiding us patiently.

Not familiar with the tools, my hands like feet  >.<

After less than 2 hours of coaching, from a noob, I turned into an expert in DIY jewelry!!  Heeheehee....... ok, I am boasting.  I am not an expert yet but at least I learnt what's a eye pin and head pin; and I know the difference between flat nose and round nose pliers!  Don't play play ok, waaahaahaa.....

presenting my virgin DIY Swarovski necklace!!!

After the DIY session, was "reccess" time!!
Yay yay, everybody was hungry!!
Bloggers' meals are always interesting and different, as in we would take pics first before eating.
Have to control the urge of grabbing everything onto your plate >.<
The nuffnang bloggers were really nice and considerate.
Those who came in earlier actually waited for the others to before they start the buffet ^.^
Nobody touched anything till we were sure almost everybody was done with their photo-takings.

A decent spread of buffet, which put a smile on everybody's face :)

After the contented buffet lunch, Xiaxue made a brief introduction on how we could bling up plain items like slippers and evening clutch bags etc.

Looking cute with baby bump, she's very petite, about the same height as me ^.^

Great fun continued with quiz and Best DIY contest.  Though I did not win anything, I've gotten a goodie bag of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Magazine and a color carousel which are very useful, as well as a photo from Nuffnang.

After this fun-filled workshop, I am itching to create my own unique jewelry with Swarovski Elements =D

Lots and lots of photo-bombing before we called it a day ~~

This workshop took place on 15 Dec 2012, before Xmas.  So here's a pic of me with JiaHui.

Pic with Xiaxue.  She looked a bit tired but still pretty.

I'll be doing more posts on how to DIY with Swarovski Elements, so stay tuned ^.^

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