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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rocku Yakiniku @Bugis Plus

Before I move into the topic, did you all read my GIVEAWAY complimentary beauty workshop?
If you hadn't click here!

So, after attending the beauty workshop, my girlfriends and me were famished!
We found a unique dinning place......

 We were lured by the word BUFFET, only to realise that they only have it for lunch time T___T

We walked in anyway, through this entrance...

If not tables, chairs and charcoal pits, I would call this a pub.

Playing latest k-pop, mandarin dancing hits and popular english rocks, the whole place was blasting!
I LOVE it!

Their set menu comes for either 2 or 4 pax.
But there were only 3 of us, so we decided to "play safe" by ordering
Rocku BBQ Prime Set for 2 and add on other a-la-carte items later.

Salmon sashimi


Assorted mushrooms.

We made an extra order of garlic rice.
It's lips licking delicious @S$1.50 per bowl only, super worth it!

Our spread of tiger prawns, wagyu marbled beef, US Black Augus Rib Eye, Kurobuta Pork Sirloin, Terriyaki Chicken and Terriayki Saba Fish.......  mouth watering feast with eyes.

Also made an extra order of beef  @S$9.90

Like what my friend mentioned, it was as if we were dining in a pub, woot!!

The meat totally rocks, the assorted mushrooms were surprisingly delicious, not sure what seasoning was added.
Nothing to pick except that the Saba fish got too much bones.

We end the meal with Mochi Mango Ice Cream, cute, sweet and cold!
My tongue love the sweetness, but my mouth was numbed by the coldness.
So was I making a lot of noise ranting and raving while eating these lolxx......

Didn't expect to pop into such a hip dinning place and
my OOTD was a total "mis-match" with the restaurant.
Rose handband - BKK
Rose print dress - TaoBao
Pink wedges - Bata

I will visit again for the buffet lunch and dress rock, heehee.....

Rocku Yakiniku
201 Victoria Street #04-06 Bugis Plus
Singapore 188067
Tel: 6634 3313

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