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Thursday, 30 August 2012

SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex

*Sponsored Review

Hello everybody!!!
I look sleepy?  Cos' my eye make-up is not complete >.<

Gonna use SANA Super Quick Gel Pencil Liner Ex to complete my look!

Can you believe this liquid liner effect is done using pencil liner?!?
Look at the defined "tail" of the liner.  Chio leh..... 

No more fidgeting with liquid brush;
No more accidental spills of black liquid over fingers.
Easy control and glides over the eye lids smoothly, thanks to the gel formula.
If you can write, you can draw a perfect eye liner with SANA's Gel Pencil Liner!
Easily, seriously.

Put on falsies and my kawaii look is completed!
Notice the great difference with and without eye liner?
Scroll up to see the 1st pic again!  lolxxx.......

Wore it for 6 good hours and it did not smudge at all.

I'm totally in love with this!
No wonder gel liners are getting popular in Japan!

Gentle note to users that SANA Gel Pencil Liner is non-retractable.
So, just turn out 1 or 2mm to prevent breakage of the lead when using ^.^

Impressed?  Grab yours from Sasa, BHG, John Little and selected Guardian stores

For more information log onto

Thank you SANA Singapore for sponsoring!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


 *Sponsored movie review (27 Aug 2012)

Would like to thanks omy.sg for the invitation to Imperfect Gala Premiere
and Golden Village Vivo City for hosting the event!

Brown V-neckline dress with flora prints and irregular hem line.
Hair-do by Danny @JeanYip Hair Salon

Reached Golden Village Vivo around 7pm,
collection of entry card was a breeze as the organisers had set up an efficient temporary counter.

Took pics of the red carpet and stage before the crowd flood in.

After which we took a quick bite for dinner and returned to the venue around 7.40pm.

Check out one of the camera man on "stand-by" behind me, heehee..... by this time, it was getting crowded with crazy youngsters waiting to see their teen idols.

My brown dress and the red carpet created a strong color contrast!

The artists starring IMPERFECT made their appearance on the red carpet.
A number of MediaCorp artists came to support this local film too.
Some of them whom I managed to see across the red carpet were -
郑各平, 洪惠芳, 欧萱, 宋仪菲, 朱厚任, 黎费辉, 陈旭辉 etc...
It was difficult to capture good pictures of them as it was really crowded
and the artists were moving too quickly.

See the crowd?  Shortie like me how to take pics??

Below is the only more decent pic taken by hubby.
After which we moved to the cinema platform to get out of the crowd.

And at the platform, I caught 郑各平 and his celebrity wife.
He was in a perfect shape for a 51 years old, really admire.
As I did not expect his appearance, was so excited that my hands started to tremble while taking pics.
-____-  It's silly and childish of me but I really couldn't help it.
My hubby *shake head* and nearly "disowned" me lolxx.....
If you had followed my Instagram, you know what "tragic" happened then T______T

After the red carpet event ended, the crowd gathered at the entrance of the cinema halls.

After standing with the crowd for some moments, I decided that I had enough, withdrew myself from the crowd, found a cool spot to be alone.  And then...........
When I lifted my head up, I saw an attractive man walking towards my direction.
I wasn't trying to be rude but I couldn't help staring, it's somebody familiar......
When he was about a metre close to me, he flashed his 1000watt smile at me...
and omg, I DIED......
He was so close and yet I was too stunned to react *bang head*

After a while I "un-died" but became deaf  and blind.
I totally did not hear the broadcast for seating and 
did not realise almost everybody had gone to the cinema halls
Luckily still managed to get decent seats in cinema.

Imperfect《我们都不完美》starring ~~
(photo credits to https://www.facebook.com/imperfect2012)
From the left -
Ian Fang as Zach | 方伟杰 饰演 林浩诚 (Zach)
Kimberly Chia as Shan Shan | 谢静仪 饰演 陈珊珊
Edwin Goh as He Jianhao | 吴劲威 饰演 何建豪
Elizabeth Lee as Izzy | 李巧儿 饰演 钟忆琪 (Izzy)
Phua Yu Da as Fang Dafang (Square) | 潘昱达 饰演 方大方 (Square)

(photo credits to https://www.facebook.com/imperfect2012)
Li Nanxing as Hong Zhihua | 李南星 饰演 洪志华 (华哥)
Liu Kai Chi as Wang Guodong | 廖启智 饰演 王国栋 (栋哥)

(photo credits to https://www.facebook.com/imperfect2012)
Chiang Tsu-ping as He Huifang | 江祖平 饰演 何惠芳

Story outline -

Zach, JianHao and Square are best buddies.  JianHao was sent to Boys' Home after injuring someone while protecting Zach.  After his term, he decided to retake his "O" levels.  With encouragement and positive influence from his girlfriend Shan Shan, everything was in the right track until Zach decided to join a triad, their leader ZhiHua.  To "stand up" for their brotherhood, Jianhao and Square joined in as well.  Alex, son of  GuoDong, another traid leader, consistantly picking trouble with them. It leads to a gang fight eventually.  During the fight Alex was severely injured by JianHao, whom died after which.  GuoDong was devastated and was determined to kill the boys to revenge for his son.  He HuiFang, mother of JianHao had no choice but to beg ZhiHua to save JianHao, at the same time revealing the dark secret that JianHao is his blood related son.  Did ZhiHua managed to save JianHao and Zach?  That's for you to find out.

Review -

The plot is pretty old school, everything can be predicted easily, so the thrill had been cut down.  Our young artists did a fantastic job to "hold up" this old plot.  Being rated at NC16, I suppose many young teens must be very disappointed.

Patrick Li  李沛旭 as 诺哥 was the only character in the movie that brings laughter to the audience, else the entire show can be "suffocating".  However, his relationship with He HuiFang was not clearly explained.  诺哥 was a character with a interesting past, but he only talked about his story half way and the audience were left "hanging in the air".

He HuiFang and Hong ZhiHua's love story was brought over very briefly, if they had add more details in their love story, the movie can stir more emotions.  Square being tortured and bashed up was the most horrible and scary scene.  Square's hands were being hammered but not his legs, so I did not know why he was in wheel chair at the end.

I would rate this movie 3.5/5.

IMPERFECT hits the screen on 30 Aug 2012 in Singapore

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Precious Nail Services Promotion!

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Coffee shop Thai Food - Sukho Thai

My entire family is "suffering" from pre-travel blues, we are scrimping on every expense, so only hawker or coffee shop food these days :(

So, here's our economical dinner ~

Sukoh Thai at Blk139 Tampines St 11, a stall at a coffee shop

 Clear Tom Yam Soup, spicy like hell, my lips was burning!!
If you aren't a spicy taker, order their Red Tom Yam Soup which is more mild.
Yes, clear based Tom Yam is always more spicy!

Sambal kangkong taste sweet, maybe too much sugar, but was tasty. 

Curry Soft Shell Crab!!
Fried crabs coated with egg, very crispy, curry sauce was thick and the aroma just lingers in the mouth.

Tapioca in coconut sauce

Their "waiting tags" are in alphabets instead of numericals.
Reciept for you guys to judge if it's worth it.

Tomorrow's post will be something good, stay tune!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Gardens By The Bay (Part II - Cloud Forest & Night View)

This post is a continuation of GBB (Part I).

After the Flower Dome, we walked over to Cloud Forest, which is just a few metres away.
The moment we stepped in Cloud Forest, we stepped into another land, we left Singapore.

This 58 metres tall man-made water fall greeted us at the entrance.

 Jaws dropped and left hanging cos' we don't know how to close them back.....  had never seen such a
E N O R M O U S concrete cylinder covered with plants;
with 153,000 m³ of water gushing down (approx. 60 Olympic swimming pools!!)

An important note to my readers - if you like to visit the Cloud Forest, please bring along a cardigan or whatever for keeping yourselves warm.  It's 23°C to 25°C, to add on, there are blowers here and there which drops the temperature even lower, so you want to enjoy your stroll and won't want to catch a cold!

YES!!!  We made an escape from summer heat!
Floor's wet, but not slippery.

We were going to the top of the waterfall,
by lift (thank god).
See, Luis's having my knitted shawl.

Yup, we walked on the bridges at later part.

This model wanna be pic taken just before we stepped into the lift.  Was trying to be funny and see how I'll look like in photo.
Not too bad I suppose, what do you all think? Heehee......

Clear enough, we wouldn't lost our way lolxx......

We found this fugly plant which looks like a cluster of green earthworms, eeeks........ goosebumps.....

Cloudy and dreamy...........

Awe.................some................ and COLD

Tiny MBS!


Cold..............  but totally enjoy it.  If only Singapore's weather can be like this.....

Look down........... heehee.......

I was okay with heights. 

My sis's back view, looking cool like tomb rider (botak and on the plump side though :X)

Took escalator down to "Crystal Mountain".  It's nice but not too fascinating for us as we had seen natural limestone caves in overseas.

Every single spot was stunning for photo taking.  So please bring along your camera and enjoy clicking away.  If you wanna use your smart phone, please bring extra battery.  I went in with my phone charged at 90%, left the place with 6%  -.-

Sun was setting.

This pic looked as if the tree has got bow ribbons ^^

Pics at "Secret Garden"

Semi-heart shaped leaves which looked as if they got blings in the middle.

Unwillingly, we left the cool-mist conservatory.
Now, some pics on the architectures ~~

Discovered beauty in Singapore and at the moment, I felt proud being a Singaporean.

Pics taken while on our way for dinner


Yummy kuay teow (rice noodles) with egg sauce

Minced pork with long beans

 Prawn balls with mayo wasabi sauce

Sinfully delicious Peking Duck skin with omelette wraps
The rest of the half duck was served with sour plum sauce but forgotten to take pic.

Mango with sago dessert.


And we were just in time to watch OCBC Garden Rhapsody's light up at around 8pm

I always thought strolling in gardens are waste of time, Gardens By The Bay is an exception.  Have yet to explore the whole garden, will and must visit again ^^