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Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Dream Itinerary for 3D2N Genting Trip!


Recieved an email from Nuffnang that they are sponsoring a 3D2N Genting Trip for 16 Nuffnangers!  Why is Nuffnang so generous!!?  T___T  one pax is $XXX, then 16 pax $XXXX..... omg.......Okay........ can't be emo now, need to continue with blog post, will emo when I get chosen to go, wt*

I created a chinese slogan for Genting ~~

端,就是,吃 喝 玩 乐 云集的享受!

云顶(yun ding) Genting's chinese name, direct translation to English = cloud top.  The slogan means  food entertainment and enjoyment are above the clouds!

iHoliday  has 6 hotels to chose from.  I'm not fussy when it comes hotel, all I need is a clean bed and a clean toilet (will be a bonus if got full length mirror, cos' I need to camwhore).  Oh yes, and Wi-Fi.  All I want is to eat and eat and eat, and have fun!

There are plenty to do within the precious 3 days in Genting.  Visiting the Indoor Theme Park and Outdoor Theme Park is a MUST!  They have 40 over rides, making it Malaysia's biggest theme park.  Die die also must go for the corkscrew roller coaster and grand prix fun kart! waaahaaahaaaa..........

Sky Venture, not sure if I got the guts....... very tempted to try.....

I miss winter and snow so much!!  My last winter holiday was 2 years ago in Korea.
Snow World is my console!

And shopping!!  more 60 retail outlets!

There's one more place I would like to go, the Strawberry Farm, never been before, seriously.

I took many hours surfing in www.rwgenting and found these restaurants with mouth watering delicacies which is impossible to "conquer" all of them in 3D2N ~~

Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant (Theme Park Hotel, Lobby floor)

Hainanese chicken I had eaten plenty, but steamed duck.... is something new!!

Just by looking at the pics of the seafood is enough to make me sleepless tonite.....

Genting Palace Resturant (Maxims Genting, level 2)

I love to have tim sum for brunch!

Bubbles and Bites, western dinning (Highlands Hotel, level 2)

Atas dinning, The Olive ( @Maxims Genting, Lobby floor)

First World Cafe (First World Plaza, level 3)

Coffee Terrace (Maxims Genting, Lobby floor)
another BUFFET!

Fortune Corner (Highlands Hotel, Monte Carlo Casino, Level 3)

Main meals aren't enough.....
Nanyang Drinks Corner (First World Plaza, Level 2B)

All pics taken from http://www.rwgenting.com

The weather, food and entertainment are all so tempting.  If Nuffnang don't bring me along, I will cry T____T  Joking lah...... 

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