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Monday, 13 August 2012

Class 95FM's Movies In The Park

As per title, the event was held on 11 August 2012 Saturday at Fort Canning Hill.  Screening 2 action-packed movies, X-Men: First Class and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, admission was FREE!!

White Tank Top - Uniglo
Red Shorts - Osmose
Red Canvas - National Day's Bag!
I was all ready to roll on the picnic mats >.<

We have to pay the ERP TWICE to reach Fort Canning, heart-painzzz................

Camwhores in mini bus.  Infact, most of my camwhore pics are taken during travelling in our mini bus, heehee......

Red Hair Band - Chomel
Sun Glasses - Miss Sixty

We reached at around 5pm and managed to "chop" a good spot ^^

Bought some sushi from Plaza Singapura and one load of Subway sandwiches which I didn't take pics of.

Besides Domo is a green cooler bag with water melon inside ^^

95FM's DJs kept us busy entertained and held a lucky draw before the movies start.

Took a pic with Flying Dutchman.  Pardon my silly grin, I was too excited.
Saw other friendly 95FM DJs as well, but was too embarrass to ask everybody for photo taking.......
Feels good..... as in normally they are in the "air" only hear their voices, and now they are just right in front of me!

The white tents (from the far most right) were First Aid, 95FM crews' resting tent, follow by 2 food vendors selling, wraps, nacho, sandwiches, sausages, pasta and drinks.

The last tent was for VIPs and they had prepared pretty picnic baskets with red trimmings with goodies inside.  I forgotten to take a pic of  those lovely picnic baskets, they weren't for sale to the public, so sad :(  I really would like to get one.............

My niece Janelle: Very long, very long, so long (my fake lashes)
Me: Don't touch already lah, wait it will drop out leh.....
But she obviously turned a deaf ear to me >.<

She literally sat on me and refused to get off lolxx..... so we were like making hell lot of noise.

I look fat in this pic and red color lip stick all gone after all the food and tibits.  But Luis looks cute, so still post to show you all ^^

My little nephew, Karsten, it's always a joy to have him around.  He's just so adorable ^^

This pic taken by my bro-in-law just before the movie started.  As you can see, almost every inch of the grass was occupied!

Movie began at 7.30pm.  The screen was very clear actually and the sound system was fantastic.  It was an enjoyable night and hope 95FM will organise another outdoor movie soon!


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