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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Momiji Japanese Buffet

Date of visit: 31.12.2013

Had been wanted to visit Momiji Japanese Buffet, but they have no outlet in the east area.
When King Luis needed to purchase a cheap handphone at Mustafa, I grabbed the chance to visit their outlet at City Square Mall.

We arrived at around 6.30pm, obviously too late when their buffet started at 5.30pm.
 All tables were taken :(  But I was very optimistic, left my contact number for them to call me when there's table available.  I was quite sure that there must be some fast and lousy eaters lolxx....

Walk walk around City Square....

皇天不负有心人! They called at around 7pm, waaahaaahaaa....
It was crowded with tables closely placed, leaving only small walking space in between.  If you are bigger in size, you probably need to walk side ways like a crab >.<  It was very noisy too, my gosh....

Managed to take pic of this reserved section which was occupied after a short while.

They had free flow Sappro Beer from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, so we made it just in time!
But we weren't fantastic drinkers, so a bottle for each of us was enough.

It was very crowded, taking pics was difficult, anyway here's some, at least you readers have an idea of what to expect if you had never been to Momiji
 All sorts of drinks, we love their ice green tea.

Steamed Whelk.  Once I opened the lid, the steam fogged the camera, so ya....

Kind of messy and empty, but they did replenish to satisfy the crowd.

Sushi section.


Cooked food was great while waiting for soup or teppanyaki.

Yakitori (grilled chicken), soooooooo gooooooood!!  Worth the calories...

Teppanyaki - just put the little clips with your table number on the stand, and your order will be cooked and send over between 15 to 30mins.

Soup - put clips to order also.

"Clip orders" - various hot plates, crayfish, giant prawns, beef.... yum yum yum....

Another "clip orders" section, with steak, chicken chop, fish etc...

Very busy teppanyaki chef

Fried food section.

 Chocolate fountain with marshmallow and fruits.

Dessert section with log cakes, it was still Dec ^^


Bringing you to my table, but pardon the bad quality pics cos' handphone doesn't capture well in dim lightings.

Scissors was provided at every table for cutting of crab legs.

You are seeing tempura prawns and brinjal, chicken wings and those little ones were oysters, heeheeheee.....

I LOVE PRAWNS, and this giant one was damn shiok.  We ordered a few more!

Beef with black pepper on hot plate.

Mushroom bacon wraps on hotplate.

Crayfish on hotplate, with black pepper sauce, again.  Don't really fancy pepper sauce especially on seafood.  But the crayfish was fresh and nice.

The above was fantastic with Sappro beer......

Whelk, only me dare to try.  It's chewy like escargot, but not as sweet in taste.

Some veg dumplings.

 Ice cream..

Ate more than what's shown here ^.^

I don't do "useless" blog posts, so here's the price board:

Momiji Japanese Buffet
City Square Mall outlet
180 Kitchener Road #05-04/06
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6509 1193

Monday, 24 February 2014

Hairtitude Salon at Suntec City


My bleached hair with over grown black roots.
Was too busy to do anything to it till recently after Chinese New Year.

Recommended by a good friend to try out Hairtitude Salon at Suntec City #02-345, unit number so easy to remember!
The salon was spacious and bright.

Retail corner with professional hair care products from Matrix Biolage (made in USA)

It's really long and dry at the ends,  the overall was quite hideous due to my neglect.

I snapped off the brittle ends right up to shoulder length.
Understand from one of the stylist Kent that many women wouldn't bare or dare to trim off too much of their hair length no matter how bad their hair condition is.  To me, no point keeping dry and brittle hair, just cut them off and they will grow again,  没什么舍不得的。 Why keep it when it's ugly?  Actually the same theory applies in many aspects of life:

Spoilt hair - cut them off
Painful shoes - throw them away
Slave driven job - quit it
Lousy boyfriend - ditch him

It's better to let go of some things, cos' keeping them only prolongs agony.

A little more about hair length, there's always a misconception -
"Long hair will give a illusion of a smaller face"

According to Kent, the hair stylist, it's the fringe/bangs and the sides which contours and frames the face, length is individual's preference.  Come to think of it, it makes sense, if one keeps her hair long, it may cover part of  the shoulders, part of boobs, if very very long, then cover the bums, but the length won't cover the face right? lolxx...

So much about length, now, color.
 I decided to go back to neutral asian hair colors, this pleased my entire family clan lolxx...

It was tacky to even out the color with my black roots and bleached hair.
I let Kent decided the shade of brown for me, cos' I trust that the professional will know which shade would be suitable for me and my hair's condition.  Professional hair dye was used, no smelly odour, I was in total comfort.

Dye - Rinse - Dye, to get that even color tone....

Brown's all up and trying to be funny here, heehee.....
To let out a secret, I have white hair, but every single strand of them are covered now!

Back to bangs!

Kent is damn good with tongs, see the curls he gave me

So korean and so classy right!  Can screammmmmmmmmmm!!!

Front view, curls and bangs giving my face a perfect frame.

Couldn't stop taking pics and self admire ^.^

Hubby came to pick me up after I was done.  He couldn't recognise me and was wondering who's that chio bo.....  as I walked closer and opened the car door.....  lolxx.....  his STUNT and SURPRISED face melted into admire and love!  He was full of praises, not able to take his hands eyes off me.  It's as if he gotten a new wife, waahaahaaa......
Selfies continued in the car.....

Now, everybody's main concern will be $$$$....
My trim + Color + Style was $97.60 after 20% discount!!  

That's not all!  Here's another perk for visiting Hairtitude:

Terms and Condition

1. Photos of the treatment must be posted within a week since the service date. E.g. Hair Perm on 2nd January, end product must be posted before 9th January to qualify.
2. Photocopy of the service receipt is necessary upon collection of prize.
3. Cost of free service cannot be shared between two or more people.

Women's hair is one of the greatest charm she possess.
Get the right hair stylist, he will make it a crown glory.

Hairtitude Salon
3 Temasek Boulevard #02-345
Suntec City Mall
Singapaore 038983
Tel: 6884 5206