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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Being called despicable and no principles

After being called ugly, fake and thick skinned.  Was being called despicable with no principles on a Saturday morning.  Suay to the max this year.............  but thank god I'm still alive with a good appetite.

I'm not sure if this person will go around forums to bad mouth me.  This blog post is to protect myself.

She had booked a nails appointment with me for 15 Sep 2012 6pm since 3 Sep 2012.  Here's our SMSes, I have nothing to hide ~~

I don't understand what she mean by cannot last.  If cannot last, why did she do the extensions one week before our appointment?  So obviously, extensions done there must be cheaper for her.

Put it this way - your colleague is doing a project, half way done she dumps it to you to do a wrap up, how would you feel?

But the reasons for cancelling the appointment are -

* I don't know if the extension is properly done, if the shape is bad, my nail arts will be affected.  Morever, she wanted fabric laces on her nails, if I do an overlay her nails may became to bulky, if I just glue over, the laces may not last.  In short, the design she requested is more suitable to be done during the process of nail extensions.

* If the nail arts doesn't last due to the extension, I will be blamed, not the Malaysian nail parlour.  Then my reputation will go to the drain.

* As I charge my nail arts relatively cheaper than outside, I really don't know how to go about charging if the nail base is already done elsewhere.  If I jack up the price, I'll be accused for charging high, if I don't, I will be doing charity.

Since she's so experience in manicure, I am sure she has her own regular manicurist.  Or she may just pop into any nail salons in Far East Plaza or Bugis Village, anywhere in Singapore.  Just that her 如意算盘 is ruined.  (meaning her "cheapest deal plan" is ruined)

She calls earning money from extensions despicable.  Comeon, I am running a decent business  (need to pay tax also), although I  am not able to charge as low as Malaysian nail parlours.  Everybody works for money, who doesn't??  Who's doing cheap labour or works for your bosses FOC??  Rise up your hands!!!

I don't steal, I don't rob, I do donate to charity as and when I'm able to.

Calls me no principles, just becos' I rejected her.  If I have no principles, I would have ask her to come, any how charge and how stick on whatever nail decorations with glue and I done, simple!  Then sends her to door for one time business.

Perhaps some readers will says that customer is always right, then I deserved to be called despicable working in service line T___T


  1. can't believe some people can be so thick-skinned to extensions in Malaysia then come to you for nail art!

    omg, dunno who is the one that is despicable now!

    1. I am sure everybody wants the best deal for themselves, but calling me despicable with no principles is just.......... sigh..........

  2. Came across your interesting blog thru forum and has enjoy reading it since. :D If I am in your situation, I would have done the same thing. ;P Some people are just so unreasonable and wont feel that they are so "cheapo" for doing such things. Think the best to them is to give them everything free & they still will want to suck more. Everyone need to earn something when in business, it's a pity many people do not realised it. :)

    1. Everybody is having a hard time earning their keeps nowadays..... yes a lot times, people tend to forget that service providers need to eat also. But most of my customers are very nice to me, so will move on :)) Thank you for reading my humble blog, need your continuous support!

  3. You have done the absolutely right thing. And don't feel too bad about her words, she is just annoyed she couldn't get her way and let it out on you. It is unfair but unfortunately human and luckily, people with manners and a good upbringing and education would not step that low.
    You stood by your principles and that is what counts.


    1. Thank you Tina! Once in a blue moon will bump into people like her in service line. But I still enjoy and love my job ^.^

  4. My dear, ignore this kind of imbecile...

    as far as we, your usual customers are concerned and assured, your manicure skills & services cost more that dollars & cents can be measured.

    She can try to smear your reputation but ultimately, who needs her word of mouth when you have us, customers who love you personally?

    she is just another passerby... :)

    1. Thank you darling! Really couldn't have "survive" without caring people like you around me ^^

  5. although i'm a guy, but i thought nail art is best done together with gel extensions?
    my gf always do both at the same time.

    ridiculous, calling you despicable, and exclaiming that her wedding is on the next day.
    she should have done her nails one week in advance la dey...
    no point calling you despicable.
    she clearly knows her wedding is on the next day, and yet didnt want to make an effort to do her nails early, and when her appointment was turned down, she gave you an unreasonable tongue-lashing.

    don't worry, your conscience is clear, she should be the one repenting

  6. Hi Susan, I like reading your blog, it's very down-to-earth. Though this blog post was posted almost a year ago, I would like to share my thoughts on it. I think that to prevent situations like this, it's best to set out some terms and conditions about what you can and absolutely cannot do, and explain them clearly. Maybe you can list them out on your business site somewhere and change it when you see fit. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you Nikki for your kind support. Sounds like a workable solution! But on the other hand, thank god that such people only cross my path once in a blue blue moon. Nowadays I only work with regular customers who are almost like friends to me ^^