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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bangkok 5 - 8 Sep 2012 (Part 1)

It has been more than 14 years since my last trip to BKK.  My last trip was with my hubby whom was still my boyfriend at that time.  After which, I was stuck at home making babies and taking care of the boys.  I really admire people who can bring babies to overseas, I wonder how they cope....  I mean it's going to be so tiring, how to enjoy fully??

So, the thing was, when my boys finally don't need milk, diapers, can eat by themselves and strong enough to walk by themselves etc.... we visited other countries.  But BKK was always in my mind.  However, it was constantly unstable with riots, and then flood.  Being "kia si", our intention to BKK was shifted behind year after year.

I was quite determined to go this year since the riot died down (cross my fingers) and the flood was over. The main purpose was to make prayers to the Four Face Buddha.   Yes, I need some help, but have to keep them personal for once......  I was all ready to go alone or with a girlfriend, but when I got to know my sister's family were going as well, my solo/buddy trip became a gang trip of  9 pax!! The 9 pax includes Karsten, my baby nephew, tough on my sis, but we share the load as much as possible.

2 weeks before departure, I was surfing and surfing reading all the blog reviews and on every information I could find online.  The excitement gotten more intense as the date got closer.  My son Luis would do count downs at least 3 times a day, the both of us would chant "Yay yay yay......  X more days!!"  accompanied by Gangnam style dance round the house, wt*

As far as I know, 99% of the people visit BBK merely for shopping and food.  As for me, I gotten more than these.......  Sorry, I became so long winded once I got excited >.<

So, here's my post on BKK!!!

Outline -
Date - 5 Sep 2012 (Wednesday)
Flight - 10.55am with Airasia (board at Terminal 1)
Hotel - Novotel Siam Square
Area covered - Terminal 21, night market at Siam area

These were all I brought to BKK, inside Domo are toiletries/skincare.
I also brought my cosmetic pouch along which I didn't include in the pic.
So my toiletries/skincare/make-up were actually more than my clothes : P
I got one cute reader asked me what's that "pink thing", heehee..... it's a "nei nei pok" case (bra case).
I put in one bra, stuffed 1 pair of tights in one cup and squeezed in 3 panties in another cup

I know manicure services are cheap in BKK, but I don't need them, heehee.....

Self takes at Changi Airport.
Wearing pink dress from Kristine;
Cath Kidston bag totally un-match but no choice.
And yes, my right hand's nail design is different from my left hand.
I looked stoned, was very tired at around 9am.
Super love my Coach passport cover in pink.

Our little plane on stand-by!

We gotten the first row of seats with a big space in front.
The seats are in leather, but not comfortable.
Prefer Jetstar, but no biggie since it's only 2hrs flight.

My boys sipping Milo enjoying a movie.  Nowadays kids are really fortunate, aren't they?
(Tablet's our own, budget airline don't have entertainment)

After touching down, we were stuck in super insane long queue at the custom for more than 2hours.  TT____TT  It was torturing.........

When we were finally out, we took a 45bht airport rail link to Phaya Thai BTS.


The train was clean and cool.  It was crowded but pat chest that we got seats to rest our legs.  7 stops from airport to Phaya Thai BTS station took about 30mins.  The doors of the trains shuts with loud slam; we finds it amusing and wonder what happen if someone's hand or leg gets caught...... sure the bones will be broken into half by the doors hur hur.......

From Phaya Thai BTS, we reached Siam BTS in less than 10mins, ticket at 15bht.  BTS's doors are more "gentle" when shuts down lolxx..... Our hotel, Novotel Siam Square Hotel is just 3mins walk away.  We reached our hotel at around 4pm.

Hotel's lobby

Service counter
It took very very, very extremely long to check-in.
Something is very wrong with their system, they seriously need to improve on it.  
Totally lost patience especially after all the travelling.

Interior of room, comfy bed and pillows.

Clean toilet with marble vanity top and bath tub.

Our view from hotel room.  The big "coke" is actually like our Sim Lim Square, nothing much.
Can also see MBK (Mah Boon Krong) from here.

After we dropped our luggages we dashed out, took BTS to Asok station, where Terminal 21 is.
The less than 10mins ride was a breeze.

Reached at around 5pm.
Atas looking Terminal 21 with exterior glass panels.
Sorry, pic not too well taken, I was too hungry >.<

Excited Luis.

Here's an idiotic pic of me at the entrance.  I did not realise that there were people behind me and they were very pissed off with me for blocking the way :X

Headed straight to their foodcourt at the 5th floor.

This spacious foodcourt has this cute toothpick holder cum tissue dispenser on every table.
Why Singapore don't have??
We bought pre-paid cards to pay for the food, any left over amount is refunable.

Food was really cheap, each plate doesn't exceed S$1.50.
And we passed around the plates sharing the food.
Family bonding with food, heeheehee.....
Shrimp paste rice with pork, very nice!

Chicken rice

 Blur pics taken by my hubby (blames him.........)
Left - rice rolls (chee chiong fun) which we hadn't pour sauce over.
Right - assorted pan fried kuays, yummy yummy....
Tom Yam soup that looks like curry, but the taste was not bad.

"Cheng Teng" not nice, too sweet.

Ice cream cheers! (with "clean" plates beneath....)

After this satisfying dinner, we went photo taking around the mall and the restrooms, heeheehee....

Ice Monster sells crushed ice deserts which was just besides the foodcourt.
Too full to try :((
I had actually taken a pic with it, but my sis said I was so ugly that I spoiled the picture -___-
So Ice Monster was alone.....

Golden bridge of San Francisco.....

I hate wearing slippers when it comes to photo taking,
was hoping to find a decent pair of shoes in the mall but didn't manage :(
I regretted not dressing up when I run through these photos,
should had just braced myself up even though I was exhausted :((

Bakery theme restroom at the 4th floor.

Cute right?

If this giant pin wheel drop hor............

 Heehee..... yes, I tried, butt pampering lolxx....

Colorful basins which looks like salad bowls to me ^^

View from 6th floor

6th floor with cinema in Hollywood theme.

Cinema ticket booths and snack bar.

Hollywood theme restroom.

Decorated wall besides the basins.

5th floor

Crab Nautical theme restroom at 5th floor.

Inside the restroom there's this glass panel wall and this is the view I captured.

 You all must be wondering how come the toilets were so empty.
Actually there were people moving in and out,
but I think it's quite rude to take pics of people using the restroom.
So I wait for "coast clear" and snap pics quickly.
Was doing all these cos' I want to do a nice blog post for you all to read, love me or not??

The glass panel is opaque, unfortunately lolxx.....

 Can see BTS station from the 4th floor.

Sexy legs that sticks out through the wall.

Terminal 21 have lots and lots of resturants with all sorts of cuisines.
If only we have 4 stomachs like a cow....
then we can have 4X breakfasts, 4X lunches, 4X dinners & 4X suppers daily!
Here one dining place with cute furnishes.

Sis and I shared this milky pudding, yummy-licious, but can't remember the price.

Spotted an interesting shop selling "bubble" bags.

I bought this at 450bht (divide by 24 will be about  S$18.75)
I immediately transferred all my belongings into this bag,
and you guys will get to see the overall look of  this cute thing, keep scrolling down!

Darren's, 480bht I think.
The packaging is like this -

We blew it up after we reached home in Singapore.

Then we bumped into a very interesting shop that sells bags, wallets, suit-cases made of rice sack material.
This time we were too excited and forgotten to take pic of the shop >.<
Sis gotten this mini suit-case, which is fantastic for those 1 or 2 days kind of short trips.
I purposely put a magazine there to show the size.

The front and back got different prints.

Semi-botak sis, shorty me, my elder son Darren who's already taller than me, and little Luis who's almost my height.  We were looking at some bling handphone cases.

Istanbul theme restroom.

Nice or not?!?  Love the taps and blue mosaics!
And look at those crafted marble basins!  omg.....

London theme on 2nd floor.

Passage to the washroom which gave my sis's memory flash-backs of her visit to London.
She point point at the map to show me where she stayed, what was around etc.... : D

I was still at the 2nd floor, "Underground" sign is just a decor on wall.

I looked horrible, but my sky blue bubble sling bag cute or nots?  <3 <3

Another silly tourist pic lolxx...

Wanted to take some pic with London Bus, but we were quite sure these Indian kids would continue to fidget there for sometime......

Sis and I went down to take pic with this giant doraemon, but the pics are in her camera.
The thing is, she will be flying off (again) and won't be back till 2 weeks later T_____T
So the best I can do is post those pics at Instagram 2 or 3 weeks later : / 

Japan theme on 1st floor 

This pic is a bit blur, but you get to see how huge the sumo figurines are ^^

By this time, we were all completely worn off, and I had no more energy to take toilet pics at the basements which are Carribean & Rome themes if I remember correctly.

My experience in Terminal 21 will be, it's a nice place for photo taking and dining, not forgetting their awesome toilets!  I should had taken more photos, sigh..... *bangs head*..............  Shopping wise, the prices are almost the same as Singapore's, so no point wasting my energy to carry them all the way back.  We bought those bags cos' we were almost sure we won't be able to find them elsewhere.  Overall it's still worth a visit to this beautiful and clean atas mall with blasting cold air con ^^

Dragged ourselves back to the hotel.  But dashed out again to the stalls along the street despite of the rain.
Stall selling belts was tend by a very pretty girl wearing school uniform.
(she is so so so pretty, I tell you..... have to try not to stare at her)
It was raining so almost everything was covered,
but we still managed to chose what we like.
59bht was a good price and I was giggling to myself .
She gave me a further discount, paid 200bht for 4 belts, waaahaaahaaaa.....
Should had bought more, damn it......

These are what I gotten.

Couldn't take much pics of the night market cos' I need to watch out for paddles of water on the ground and it was quite crowded.  Most stalls sells cheap apparels for women and also some BBQ street food.  We were half the time in the rain and half the time sheltered by the bridge above and big umbrellas at the stalls.  Managed to grab some T-shirts(150bht), singlets(100bht) and a skirt (about 200bht).  No pics cos' I had dumped most of it in the laundry.

As we had early dinner, we were hungry at 9pm
Popped into this little Jap resturant, we wait for a while before a waiter came to our table.
It's either they were closing or not interested in business.

We shared the ramen.  The soup base was quite good, the egg was surprising saltish which I like very much.
But will not visit again since the service sucks, and that we had found a better place!

 After that we bought some street food back to the hotel.
This was just a steam bread with sugar butter.
But it taste like heaven on a rainy night, it's so soft and it's pipping hot.
Singapore being a more advance country doesn't have nice things like this.......
T____T  I miss BKK....

Some street food sellers were dishonest, they can tell you 8bht but won't give you the change and claim that it's 10bht after you gave them the money.  Some will just act blur after keeping the money.  I mean 2bht change is actually nothing to us seriously, but this is not the way to do business or treat tourists.  So, my advise is to give exact amount when buying street food.  You can get small change by buying mineral water or little items at 7-eleven.

Now, review of Novotel Siam Square Hotel - Although they provides free wi-fi, but it was very troublesome to access it.  Have to type in user name and password, which may or may not go through.  Then after a few minutes, kena log out again and have to type in their stupid user name and password AGAIN!!  It was annoying to the max.  When we had successfully access to their precious wi-fi, it was so slow that we quit using before we drive ourselves nuts.  The hotel staffs were courtesy and helpful, the rooms were clean and comfy, but the snail-speed check-in and their hopeless wi-fi were big turn-offs.  Will not go back to this hotel, after all there are so many other choices.

I hope that this blog post is useful for those who are heading to BKK :)

Next blog post of BKK Part 2 will be on -
Railway Market (got video also leh, heehee....), Floating Market at Damnoensaduak, Mini trek ride on elephant & MBK.


  1. Nick - Thank you! Could had taken more pics with better angles if I wasn't so tired.
    Jayce - heehee.... thank you for popping by my blog! ^.^

  2. Hi Susan,

    Dropping by to say! omg! u are one hot mama leh!
    pretty with 2 grown up boys! spill ur secret! :)

  3. Pinkbuble - Thank you for popping by my little blog! My "secret" was revealed at a previous blog post ~ http://susanwong.blogspot.sg/2012/08/my-daily-skincare-regime.html

    1. Hey, just checking your routine out and I am even more shocked that you are 41!OMG..u are my role model hot mama! Thanks for sharing it :)

  4. Pinkbuble - heehee...... so you found out that my hobby is to decieve the world with my looks :P Thank you very much for reading my blog ^.^

  5. waaaa love ur n3.. so many pict captured! i miss this place. btw i tried the bidet too. so cool with the water nozel and temperature,very systematic!

    1. Glad to know you enjoyed reading my little blog. Thank you Beb!

  6. Hi
    Wanted to ask about the hotel u stayed in Bangkok :) The bed looks big...which room type did you take? Can it accomodate 2 adults + 2 young children?


    1. Superior Room comes with 2 super single beds, that's why they looks big. Can accommodate 2 young children (provided they don't kick around while sleeping lolxx..)

      My sis booked their Superior Room also, with a queen size bed, plus a sofa bed for my 7 years old niece and they provided a playpen for my baby nephew. But not sure they charge extra for the playpen. I posted a couple of pics of the playpen at Part 3.

  7. Hi Susan

    Did yoy book the room directly from Novotel.com? Was breakfasts included?

    1. Booked from Agoda, not too happy with it. Breakfast not included. There was a 7% service charge for Mastercard payment -___- I was told Asiarooms is better, only need to pay upon check-in of hotel. Hope that helps :)

  8. Hi Susan! It was great reading your BKK trip, it really helped a lot when I travelled there alone ;) I'm planning to head back BKK again and stay at Novotel siam Square, but was wondering how to walk from Siam BTS? Could you advise on that? Greatly appreciated it :D

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog :)
      Easy! Standing in Siam BTS, Siam Paragon is at the left side, Novotel Siam Square is at the right. Just exit from the right, walked into the one and only small lane you see. The hotel is at the left side of the lane in less than 3 mins walk.

  9. Hi
    Came across your blog when i was doing research for Ho Chi Min City
    Great information ! Thanks :)