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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Well fed by my dear customers cum friends

In case some readers who aren't too familiar with me, I'm a manicurist.  I run Precious Nail Services from home at Tampines (Singapore).

Many had asked why didn't I open a commercial nail salon.  First of all the rental is very high which I'm definitely not willing to pay for a shop front; secondly, I am too blur and soft to handle employees; thirdly I think I'll lose a lot of freedom taking care of a shop.

Had been doing well, until this year.  My nail business is quite affected by online deals which really slash down their prices to rock bottom.  Of course, it didn't happen suddenly, I was all prepared since last year.  I still have a roof over my head, my hubby to pay the bills, just that I need to cut down on my splurges and save harder for my overseas holidays.  As such I start to blog (I'm blogging for money, seriously).

Having customers, whom some became my friends is perhaps the greatest thing that I gotten from my nail career.  Such relationship cannot be fake and is priceless.   They are so extremely sweet to me ^.^  See what they got for me recently -

Li Yi Butter Sun Cake from Taiwan
This customer was an angel, she flew and landed at my doorstep just to pass me this box of cakes as her nails were not due yet.  No lah, I knew she drove, but still........ I felt like kissing her at that time T______T  This sun cake hor, look like any other traditional sun cake sold in Taiwan.  But, but but, it taste like ang mo kind of pastry.  It's buttery and milky, just the aroma itself will send you to heaven.  If you had eaten sun cakes from other bakery, you know that the crumbs will fall all over creating a big mess.  This bakery's sun cake won't, heeheeheee........  So, if you go Taiwan, this is a MUST BUY!  But sadly, cannot buy too much also, cos' have to consume within 2 weeks before it expires.

Banh Pia from Vietnam

Traditional looking asian pastry cake.

 Durian paste filling with egg yolk!
(please ignore my chipped color on nail >.<) 
This mama hor, as soon as she stepped into my house, she put this pack of cake on my dining table and "order" my hubby to open up and try ASAP lolxx......  It's like eating durian moon cake, with egg yolk some more.  The durian paste is soft a bit too sweet for me though, but with the combination of egg yolk it's divine!  And it's only about S$3 for a pack of 5!  If you visit Ho Chi Minh City, you can find it at Ben Thanh Market.

Cookies from My LoveBites

This girl, actually "summon" her parents to send me 2 packets of cookies T_____T  Why she so nice to me........... The cookies are in zip lock packagings.

Horlick Cookie in cute bite size  <3 <3 <3
It's very horlick, if you know what I mean and it makes me really happy ^^

Salted Caramel Butter Cookie
It's not possible to stop at one piece, it's difficult to stop after 3 pieces, the craving persist even after many many pieces, totally addictive!

This is not an ad, but in case you are tempted, here's the address - 

Thank you for loving me, thank you for sending these goodies to me ^.^  I'll get fat without regrets (just kidding), heehee......

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