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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Healthy Shopping at Nature's Glory


Shopping is guilt-free at Nature's Glory.
Located at the 1st floor of Tan Boon Lat Building, Nature’s Glory offers a range of products that are truly unique and distinguished.  Products are independently CERTIFIED and meet INTERNATIONAL ORGANIC standards set by Japan, Europe, US and Australia. 

I am in love with many of the products here!

My favourite is still Dr Bronner's Organic Soap from US.

This is an amazing 18-in-One soap for human to pets, babies to adults, face to body, veg wash to dish wishing, laundry to bathroom!  Whenever and wherever I travel, I'll bring a bottle with me!
太好用了 you know!  You can read more about it HERE
Visually exciting rainbow colors.

Bring back empty bottles, refill service available plus a slight discount to encourage recycling of the bottles!

Currently using Eucalyptus, Almond, Lavender and Orange.
I need to get Cherry Blossom, Peppermint, Rose and Tea Tree too!
Retail price:
2oz $5.50 • 8oz $11.90 • 16oz $18.90 • 32oz $30.80 • 1GAL $109 • 5GAL $450

The next essential product is a very important to everybody.....
mFree Organic Insect Repellent
mFree is the world's leading technology in insect repellent:
*  Up to 10 hours protection - This saves the hassle of reapplication, so that you can fully enjoy your outings (for me Pokemon huntings) without any worries.

*  Repels mosquitoes, sandflies & most biting insects -  We love nature parks, beaches, camping etc., so we need a bottle of repellent to repel them all!

*  Certified organic ingredients: Lemon Grass Essence & Coconut Oil - We need an effective repellent and at the same time free from harsh chemicals to prevent skin allergies.  Needless to say natural ingredients also benefits the skin in a long run.  And lastly, it smells refreshing!

* Product of Singapore - We know what we need.  It's made for us to protect ourselves against Dengue and Zika.

* Affordable price - As said each application last for up to 10 hours of protection while most other brands last for only about 2 hours.  With less usage, a bottle of mFree last longer of course!  Retail price S$16.80, special offer S$12.80 while stocks last.

Here's an extensive range of organic beverages.

You are looking at Bonsoy, organic soy milk from Japan.
Health benefits:
*  Lactose free
*  Soy protein Glycine helps to lower cholesterol level
* Contains Lin lipid helps burn excess body fat
* Contains Saponin and Vitamin E that delay aging
* Contains Isoflavones that helps to prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer, also prevent loss of calcium
* Pasteurized at 130 degree Celsius, bacteria found in the skins of the soybeans are removed
* Rich in Vitamin B which are high in anti-cancer substances, strengthen stomach, stimulate urination, aid in digestion, improve blood circulation, prevent myocardial, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. 
Retail price: S$4.95

It's slightly thicker than normal soy milk, mildy sweet as it doesn't not contain any refine sugar. Tapioca syrup is used for natural mild sweetness.  Being lactose free, this is an awesome alternative for people who are allergy to milk.  It's light and tasty on it's own. Can be use from baking to cooking, added in coffee and latte, replace milk in desserts or smoothies!

I used to put condense milk with my cereal, and now I am using Bonsoy which is packed with health benefits and less fattening.
Switched to Nature's Glory Organic Baby Oats as it's price is comparable with those chemical processed cereals.  Retail price: S$3.80

Bonsoy latte.  Lovely taste of coffee in harmony with that mild soy bean flavor.

Bonsoy + Organic Whole Wheat Udon = Soy Milk Udon

Udon with Soy Milk Soup 
Half chicken stock or water and half Bonsoy makes a wonderful soup base.  Ingredients to go with the udon can be added according to individual's liking (I added whatever I could find in the fridge lolxx...).  Adding some sesame oil and black pepper enhance the taste.

In Nature's Glory, organic soya sauce and other condiments.

Fresh produce are available too!  These are AIR FLOWN WEEKLY so they are MUCH FRESHER compared to those which come by sea.
Nature's Glory only carry fresh produce from TRUSTED farms and NOT from middlemen or dubious sources practicing non-organic methods of farming.  And assure that they carry NON-GMO (genetic modified) products.

Found a veg that I had never seen before.  It's called Swiss Chard.  The stalks were in hues of orange and red.  It's an excellent source of Vitamin C, E and A.  Very curious to know how it taste like, going to buy it the next trip.

Shopping continue with some health supplements and organic tea.

Plum Balls S$16.30
Organic supplement from Japan which is rich in organic acids and minerals.

Health benefits:
*  Promote Vitality and retards aging
* Convert fat to energy, maintains slimness
* Aid in digestive systems
* Boost immunity
* Improve liver functions and metabolism
* Guard against acidity in blood
* Rich in calcium and iron, safe for pregnant women, essential for growing children and elder

Tibits and snacks!
Gluten free Chia Seed Nutrition Bars S$3.90 each

Kuranda Nut Bars S$2.50 each, Barley Malt Candy with Black Sesame S$3.30
Brown Rice Cracker with Tamari S$3.60

At Nature's Glory, I know that my money is well spend on the best organic products for my family's health.  I no longer grab anything off the shelves in supermarkets out of convenience.

We have been taking too much processed food and food that are injected with chemicals which explains why cancer and other diseases are becoming so common.  Look at those people in the pass, they eat what they grow, truly organic, hardly people suffer from diseases.

Now that I am already in my mid 40s, I hope it's not too late to be a little more conscious.

To make shopping happier, here's the DISCOUNT!

Follow Instagram @naturesglorysingapore
to get FREE membership!
 Enjoy 10% OFF for purchases of any amount and 15% OFF for purchases above $80!
Just show the front desk staff your smart phone that you’ve done.

Nature's Glory Pte Ltd
315 Outram Road
#01-09 Tan Boon Liat Building
Singapore 169074
Tel: 6227 1318
Online shopping www.natures-glory.com

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Voluntary Mission at Siem Reap, Cambodia DAY 3 (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from HERE.


Drove back to Siem Reap city, decided to visit Wat Thmey (Killing Fields).

Kitty at Wat Thmey slept until very shiok, the only light-hearted sight here.

It was a learning trip to know more about Cambodia's history.  It's heart breaking to know how and what had leaded to this country's poverty.  But on the positive side, they are picking up.....

In 1975, Cambodia fell into darkness where Communists called the Khmer Rouge took power and renamed the country Democratic Kampuchea.  In matter of hours, entire population of Phnom Penh was ordered to leave.  Many died on the road through illness and starvation, many were killed for being educated.
It's estimated 2,000,000 were killed and this is a memorial house with some of the skulls of the unfortunate citizens.

These were the leaders of Democratic Kampuchea, devils from hell.  Some died already, but they should die earlier.....
I couldn't help to compare... While Cambodia fell into the wrong hands, during the same period of time, Singapore was lead by our Father Mr Lee Kuan Yew into prosperity.  We should be very grateful, it's something that we must always remember and not taken from granted.

Only in 1993, Cambodia was govern as we seen today.  And that's only slightly more than 20 years rebuilding the nation.  That is also why our voluntary organization Inspiring Stars came to give some love and support.

We were the only ones in the Historical Photo Museum.

It's a place with hand drawn pictures on a person's story about how he was being imprison and tortured but escaped from death during the times of Democratic Kampuchea.

After a short visit for about half an hour, my friend send me back to the hotel.  He went for work then prepared to pick up the rest of my Inspiring Stars team members, they were arriving today!

I took the opportunity to visit New Leaf Book Cafe again!  It's less than a minute to walk behind my hotel.
You may read about my previous visit to New Leaf Book Cafe HERE.

Soy Latte US3.00

Spicy Dry Noodles US5.00
Stir fried spicy noodles + slice pork + sotong rings + green veg = YUMMY

Wanted to order their mango sticky rice again but I was too full already.  That's one of the disadvantage of being alone, nobody to share food de...

New Leaf Book Cafe
Group 10, Phum Mondul 1, Svay Dungkum
306 Street 9
Krong Siem Reap
855 63 766 016

Diagonally opposite the cafe is this:
Nothing in particular from the outside, so last year didn't bother to walk in.  This time round I had too much time to spare, so decided to walk in and find out what's inside......

I walked around alone, I had the whole place by myself.   Nobody was around >.<
Clueless, I had zero knowledge about this place.  Later part of the day, I asked my friend about it which he didn't want to talk much about.

This place is called Wat Preah Prom Rath, built in 1915 but looked like 1995.  It's so new, clean and well-kept.
These pagodas contains remains of deceased.  Yes, you hear me right ie. our's is columbarium, their's is pagoda.  Some of it have photos fixed at the base of the pagoda which I avoid taking pics of.  Each pagoda may keep several urns for many generations.  The place was calm and peaceful.  (My sis had told me to keep this a secret as people probably gonna be very sensitive as this place is just a street away from our hotel.  I am not sure what I'll get from her if she reads this >.<)

I asked my local friend what's this all about.  He said it's an old folks tale which he couldn't remember -___-|||  Seriously, haiz............

 When I came back to Singapore, I read up online but information was limited.  All gave flowery descriptions of how beautiful this place is, blah blah blah... lame and useless until I wanna tear my own hair, urrrgg.......  Wat Preah Prom Rath thus becomes very mysterious to me.  Who can tell me more and the truth about it!!? OhMyGawd........  --__________--  With all these, I can't even find the exact address of this place, sorry for being useless T__T  Anyway, just use New Leaf Book Cafe's address ba, if anybody interested and not "ban dang" to visit.

Went back to the hotel, checked out of my standard room and moved into the largest suite available, sharing it with my kid sis and a friend.  The living room was like the size of my house's living room (4-room flat).
Neat kitchen but no cooking ware or utensils >.<

2 very spacious bedrooms.  One room with a queen bed and the other with 2 super singles.
2 washrooms, one with bath tub and vanity counter, the other one was smaller with shower which was good enough as well.

After which I roamed around Pub Street aimlessly.

Gotten too lazy after a while and popped into Blue Pumpkin.
This is a chained cafe with many outlets in Cambodia.  There were 2 at Pub Street and 1 at King's Road.

This was at Blue Pumpkin Old Market
563, Mondul 1, Svay Donkum
Tel: 063 963 574
Opening hours: 6am to 1am

Ordered Lemon Juice US2.00.....

Then nua until my team members arrived.

They loaded the bags in our living room and these were only partial.

No time was wasted, my sis, the leader quickly went to order toiletries, food and stationery so that it's all packed up and we would just pick and go the next morning.

Sis recommended this foot massage which was US5/hr. Cheaper than the one in Pub Street!  This was beside the Night Market.  It's so good that we went back again!

After the massage, we crossed the road back to Pub Street area.  Without walking any further we just walked straight in here to settle dinner with this Cambodian zi char.

Simple stir fried veg.

Tender grilled pork ribs.

Freaking sweet grilled sotong.

Tofu (very fresh with a wonderful taste of soy beans) with beansprouts and spring onions.

Steamed cockles.
Everything was great except for the grill fish (not in pic) which they wrapped with foil and grill.  So it was all white without the kind of crispy grilled skin which I preferred.  3 of us, 3 bowls of rice, 2 glasses of beer was less than S$25, happy!

Inspiring Stars voluntary work to the schools and villages started the next morning.
I have to buck up to get the posts done up quickly, had been dragging too long >.<  Thank you for reading!