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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rio SkinRevive Beauty Device

Technology is part of our life.  I can live without my wallet but won't know how to live a day without my PC, camera or iPhone.  But as a modern woman, I need more than these....  Had always been asked how I maintain my youth, so read on this post!

Skincare is no longer just about bottles and tubes of creams, or sheets of masks, technology is into beauty market as well.  I had knew about electric hand held beauty devices quite a few years ago from foreign magazines, but being not as updated as Taiwan or Japan, such devices are not popular in Singapore.  It's either they were too expensive or too fragile looking for my liking.

Around Jan this year, I chance upon AIBI Fitness's road show at Plaza Singapura and bought this ~~

AIBI Fitness is known for selling equipments for exercise.
Had seen their treadmills, steppers, bikes etc etc, but not sure since when they started to bring in beauty devices.

Rio SkinRevive S$238
It was the cheapest I could find after hunting for more than a year.
The other brands I had seen cost S$400 and above -____-|||
So I bought it despite of the slight heartache.

It's chargable with a 3 pin socket and it looks like a microphone, lolxx..

Rio SkinRevive caught my attention with those words on the package:
"boosts collagen naturally"
which is exactly what I need.

How it works:

Uses photomodulation with red light source to naturally boosts and increase natural collagen production in skin.  This results in a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Photomodulation is deep penetrating light therapy, which is a form of medical treatment using light-emitting diodes (as read from wikipedia)

Usage is idiot proof, place the device on skin, press button, shift to another area after 30 to 60 seconds.
The below pics were taken without filter with my iPhone.

As you can see, the rays are really strong and glaring.  I normally shut both of my eyes during usage.
Making it an exception just to take these 2 pics.


I use about 5 mins each time.  Easy to operate with only one on & off button, but can be troublesome as it needs to be charge after 10 mins of usage. 

The red light is very strong and cannot be shine directly at the eyes.  Have to be use cautiously with eyes closed during the process.  However, the manufacturer did not include any goggles for consumers.

I had little bumps on both lower arms, the condition improve after merely one week of daily usage.

I did not take any before and after photos, but my laugh lines are fading and my face is still free of wrinkles.  My skin is definitely more firm after usage.  For those who had seen me in person, you will agree that this "investment" is totally worth it as it really has taken many years away from my face.

July 2012

Jan 2013

 May 2013

So far my skin's condition is pretty much the same as a year or 2 ago without obvious signs of aging.  I had seen many women who are more than 10 years junior than me flocks for injections (they are very proud of it   and make known to the public).   Tell me how not to feel superior that I don't need to!   Waahaahaa......  

By saying so, I don't mean that I won't go for botox one day.  The day will come when I seriously cannot make it, after all I am human and I don't know witchcraft lolxx..... But currently, I still manage to look younger than my age.  I am trying to put off botox as long as time allows, making it my very very last resort.  Cos' once you start with a needle, you won't be able to discontinue.

Drinking more water, no smoking, no excessive alcohol, sufficient sleep are the basic habits we have to try and cultivate in order to look young and healthy.  But as easy as it may sounds, you may be surprised that not many people are able to practise them.   Prior to the above with external help of beauty products and devices, my secret to look young is to be - childish.  Yes, you hear me right, I am childish.   I kid around with my 15 and 12 old sons, often got bullied by them.   I don't muddle with politics, I don't like to complicate things.   To some people I may appear naive or even stupid, but I am happy ^^

Back to Rio SkinRevive, these are the web-sites you can look into for more information:


Disclaimer -
This is not a sponsored review, it is based on my own experience through usage.  Results varies on different skin conditions, product may or may not be suitable for  individuals.


  1. It sounds so very good and I am considering getting it! I was so far rather lucky as well, but slowly, things will change, and it would be good to do something early on :)
    One more thing important is, use a lot of moisture on your skin! Firming products are ofc good, but the skin needs moisture, moisture, moisture to be plump. Massage it into the skin, the motions are also good for firmness.
    Just read about that today again.


    1. Thank you for sharing! I have combination T-zone, plus the humid weather in Singapore, I have to be very careful with moisturisers, prefer oil-free products.

  2. Hi Susan. Hope all is well with you. I was looking for reviews on the Rio Revive and stumbled upon your blog. Planning to get one (a red light device) for myself so doing my research etc.. are you still using it? 'm wondering how the rio revive has benefited you til now I'm guessing it would have been almost a year from date of purchase right? any problems with the device?

    Hope you'd kindly entertain my queries. would very much appreciate it.

    Many thanks and Happy Holidays!


    1. Hi Lavin,

      Am still using Rio Revive to make my money spend worth it! I had seen other red light devices, I find that Rio Revive's red rays are much stronger and very glaring. But I am very happy with the result. The only thing I dislike is that it seemed that the usage period after each charge is getting shorter and shorter. Sometimes, it doesn't even charge fully, have to shift it a bit to make it charge again, build in battery problem I suppose.

      Lastly, thank you for reading my blog and Merry Xmas to you ^.^

  3. hellooo! thanks for this post. Was wondering do you still use and how you getting on it with it?

    1. Still using but it's not charging too well. As in the battery goes flat the next day even without usage.

  4. Hi. I just bought this rio revive today. It really put ssmile on my face of what you wrote. I feel exactly the same way. To stay youthful and young, you need to be "childish". As what you are within is what you will become outside. :) Kind regards, Andrea