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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Out bound Manicure service at Eco Sanctuary

In conjunction of Mother's Day, Precious Nail Services was engaged by Eco Sanctuary for their customers.

The showroom was more than spacious with a event hall for our manicure station, flower arrangement class and buffet refreshments.
My working partner and I was in total cool comfort.
Blogging is cool, so's being a professional manicurist.
Both had given me lots of opportunities with different exposures, meeting many people in many different events.


Using professional lacquers from OPI and Orly.

Here's me doing a hand massage for this gentleman.

Express manicure for ladies.

Allow me to self-advertise:

To engage Precious Nail Services for any corporate events/parties please email us for enquiries or quotation-

You may also click in our Facebook or web-site for more information.

Buffet reception.

Flower arrangement class.

The simple and beautiful round shaped flower arrangement.

The following photos of the show flats were taken before the event started.

Beautiful but hubby and I cannot afford.

After which we went for mini unprofessional photoshot at the railway and Railway Mall for dinner.
Will blog about it in another post ^^

Date of event: 12 May 2013

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