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Monday, 6 May 2013

Adventure at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

First visit to Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park on 14 Apr 13 ^^
Supposed to be jogging there, but ended up walking, which was good.  Cos' we wouldn't be able to see (and feel) so much, and this blog post wouldn't be possible if I had jogged my lungs out.

We walked from home at Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 to the park. 

"Adventure" in the park began with meeting this little squirrel!

The park is full of greens.  May not be a natural reserve, but it's a temporary escape from concrete buildings.

Leaf-less thick stalks sticking downwards.  Initially I thought they were dried leaves, but when I touched one of it, it's wood!

Really weird and it's massive.  Can anybody tell me what's this plant?

I wanted to roll on the grass but it was damp after the rain.

Lifebuoy even when the man-made stream is perhaps, at the most, a foot depth.
But who knows since Singapore is prone to floods nowadays lolxx...

That's my sis wearing her triathlon shoes and that was the chio-est sport shoes I had ever seen!

There were little fishes which the little boy behind me was trying to catch.

Spotted a loving old couple walking hand in hand  <3
To be able to love and respect each other till old age is the most romantic affair one can ever asked for.

Interesting sculpture which looks like rib cage to me :X

There's a small stand inside and you see what I did in there at the next pic ...........

I was trying to do a sexy pole dancing pose but ended up like a monkey (a fat one) climbing, heehee.....
So yeah, I know it's impossible not to laugh, please continue.

There is a Mcdonald in the park and it was crowded.

Around Mcdonald's are these plants with red, errrr.... I really don't know what they are...... but my sis exclaimed: " Wow, looks like LJ hor!!"  Oh well, I agreed with her.

Close up.

Below the red LJ plants were clusters of tiny pink flowers.

They are so pretty but so tiny that people just stepped straight into Mcdonald's without giving them a glance.

Can you manage to find the lonely crane?

We spotted dog training session.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park have some interesting spots.

Beauty salon........

Pilates studio........

And a Spa!

Canopy Garden Dining is pet friendly.

We saw customers sharing tables with their doggies.

Cornerstone, another cafe which we didn't find out what cuisine they serve.

They have both indoor and outdoor seats.

Such a happening park with a group of people having roller blading lesson.

Besides the roller blading venue, there's a rest shelter with a few water basin and this amusing fully "armed" vending machine.
Were there previous incidents where people break the glass panel to rob the canned drinks???

Please take a close look at this picture.
The brown dog's front legs were amputated and were on two wheels.
I was very touched by this scene.  It's boundless love that this owner has, to take care of a handicapped dog.  Shame on those people who abandon their pets when they are old and sick!

At the corner of the park, there's a fenced up space for doggies to run and roam freely.
I don't own a dog, but it makes me happy to see that these dogs are well taken care of and they are enjoying the park as much as we are.

My sis told me she had been to this park numerous times to jog, but she had never stopped by to take a look at the trees and flowers the way I did.  So it was as if she was exploring this park the first time.  Some times, our foot steps are so fast that we forgotten how to slow down....... 

There are many things in life that we take from granted, just because they exist without our permission, without us working for it.  Living in this city, people are constantly drowned with monetary materials, women never gets enough shopping, men never gets enough authority.   All these just leads to greed, jealousy and unhappiness.  Meaningless and endless comparisons of which female colleague owns the most expensive bag, which boss has got a bigger car and who's child gotten into prestigious school blah blah blah...... how come these people won't get tired one?

This kind of city game is not for me ^^

"Adventure" at Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park ended with a garden lizard which refused to bid us goodbye.


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  2. oh the red plant you are referring to, is the ginger flower...
    the more common and hardy type, GBTB has the pinkish / purplish ones.

    1. Geeee...... at least now I know the name of it, thank you!