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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Yi Restaurant 奇味鸡煲

Date of visit 21 Apr 13
Yi Restaurant 奇味鸡煲 is an "accidental" find when I went for food tasting at Domino's Pizza
The two eateries are next to each other.

 When it comes to food, both my hubby and I are "adventurous".
We believe in trying new things instead of patronising the same place for comfortable familiarity and "safe" food.

We dashed into Yi Restaurant not knowing what to expect, just got an rough idea from the signboard that we would be having chicken in claypot.
I gotta use the word dashed, cos' it was freaking crowded!
I was like flew towards the empty table and glued my butt on the seat in gan chiong style.
After my victorious act, I saw a queue formed outside, phew...........

Much like an old coffee shop but the whole place was filled with exciting aroma from the claypots.
As you can see from the above pic, the restaurant owner had tried his best to make the place as cool as possible with many wall fans and aircon units.  

Perspiring was still unavoidable with a hot claypot on the table.

Instead of steamboat with clear soup, their signature 奇味鸡煲 comes with thick spicy gravy.

They have 3 grades of spicy gravy base - MILD SPICY, MID SPICY, VERY SPICY, chose according to your preference and level of  "spicy tolerance".

Choice of frog's legs, whole chicken, half chicken or 2 chicken drums.

We ordered 2 chicken drums with mid spicy base @S$25.50
Beside chicken, green peppers, spices and cloves were soaked in the thick gravy.

Chicken drum were cut into chunks and were braised with a nice color and texture :P~~~
The fantastic gravy was obviously the main attraction of the crowd.

Help yourself at:
Fridge with assorted add-ons to your claypot @S$3.30 per plate.
There's another fridge besides this with canned drinks @S$1.70 per can.

The big plate of fried bean curd skin was good enough for 4 pax.
I did a very clever thing, we shared it with the next table with a young couple.  We gave them half of our fried bean curd skin in exchange for their mushrooms, heeheee..........
They found the portions too big for them to finish as well, so we made ourselves happy with this private exchange.

Didn't mind the big plate of green veg but $3.30 wasn't justify.

2 cakes of egg noodles were over-charged @S$3.30.

 But the egg noodles was cooked to perfection with the gravy, yummy-licious big time!

Besides sharing the fried bean curd skin with the next table, we shared this too lolxx.......
Not too glam, but very practical, heehee.......

As you can see, Yi Restaurant resembles Chicken Pot Restaurant in some ways.
The differences are Yi Restaurant's -
*pots are bigger, containing more gravy and it didn't dry up so fast;
*the gravy is more aromatic with interesting taste of different spices;
*side dishes were in big portions, which is too much for couple diners;
*the place is warm, not much of ambience.

While this may not be a ideal place for first date, it's definitely a place for food lovers.
Do come in singlets and shorts to beat the heat and be early to beat the crowd.

We had given our feedback on the big portions of the side dishes, hoping that they will take into consideration and make some changes.  Meanwhile, it's better to gather 4 pax or more for this 奇味鸡煲 feast.

Yi Restaurant 奇味鸡煲
973 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534725
Tel: 8444 7113

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