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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mini photoshot at Bukit Timah Railway

This post is a continuation from HERE.

Seriously, if not for money work, I won't travel from Tampines to Bukit Timah.  I probably wouldn't get these memorable photos taken at the Bukit Timah Railway.

I walked up the uneven slope before reaching this railway track with my 3 inches high wedges.
I must be out of my mind but thank goodness I didn't twist my ankle.

Nothing special or rather very plain jane OOTD due to work.
White polo - Bossini (it has got a cute little Marie Cat print on the left chest which can't be seen in pic)
Pink pants - Uniglo (are actually 3/4 pants but the length is good for me as long pants)
Nude wedge - PrettyFit (worn thousand and one times)
Little tote bag - Naraya (my kid sis bought it for me)

Looked as if I was waiting for a train to run over me sia.  My dear haters must disappointed that the railway is no longer operating, so I am still kicking and alive lolxx...

 This railway had been around for about 80 years, but being a Singaporean, it was my first visit.

I didn't continue to explore farther due to the intensive hot weather and hunger.
My wedges weren't corporative too.

As I had mentioned earlier, we had walked up a rough slope.    It was only when we were about to leave then I started to worry about how to get down  -____-|||  The slope was full of little pebbles as seen at the railway track.  I thought of taking off my shoes but again there may be some sharp pebbles which may cut into my soles.  Hubby suggested to piggy back me but I wouldn't want to risk the both of us rolling down the slope in any case due to my weight T__T

No matter what, we need to get down before we die of hunger.  He held my hand tightly and he accommodated by walking down very slowly with me.  His sweaty palm had never let me go, even though I was the cause of this "trouble".  The sweet (although sweaty) feeling was the same as 24 years ago when he first held my hand.  His hand is damn big, I feel so small and fragile.  Holding my hand, he's holding me, the entire me.  I feel so secured and so protected.....  I know he will hold my hand and never let me go till the day one of us pass on......  

Romance is not about candle light dinners, not about roses, not about Valentine's Day celebrations, not about how many times he confessed "I love you".

The most romantic thing is to grow old together, hand in hand.

Back to reality, after the torturous yet romantic down slope, we hunt for a place nearby to settle dinner.
The RailMall is a stone away from the railway which consist of a row of shop houses.
We popped into a Thai restaurant which I will blog about in another post.

Thanks for reading ^^


  1. You really have haters? Why would someone step so low as to be nasty to a person sharing their life online for other's reading pleasure?
    You have been with your hubby for so long already? Congrats xx I won't ask your age but I think we are roughly in the same range ;) Unless you started dating your sweety at like 13, ok, then you would be still a few years younger. But whatever, you do look really really young :)


    1. I love my haters in a way, they are just poor jealous creatures, heehee...

      I was 18 when he first held my hand ^^ Thank you so much for reading my blog, hope you enjoy other entries in this blog as well!