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Monday 20 May 2013

TV Interview at Channel 8 News

Heehee..... I was being interviewed by Channel 8 News and it was on screen on 11 May.
It was a relieve that it was very short cos' I looked horrible on the screen.

My ears are failing me and I actually mistook it as a newspaper interview >.<
So, I was overly causal with very light make-up and was having an extremely bad hair day, sigh...

Long Tunic Dress - Hong Kong
Sling Ribbon Bag - Camomilla
Wedges - Bata

The filming was taken place at Clare's Hair SPA at Eunos.
Behind the scene pics....

I looked funny, lolxx....

Camera's rolling..........

I didn't look at my best and actually stumbled a lot, but hey, how many bloggers actually gets opportunity to be on TV  =D
So, here's Tiffany Yong and me giving a short account on full time blogging.

After this went LIVE, it was discussed in a forum that Tiffany earns $10K per month through blogging.  How I wish!  Then I can stick to her like a leech and suck her dry lolxxx.....  To read about this beautiful misunderstanding click her blog post HERE

Personally, I feel that no doubt blogging has become more commercialised, it has also become more informative and more helpful to readers.   Nobody will disagree with me if I am to say that one of the best way to plan for travel itineraries will be picking up informations from travel blogs.  Nowadays, who doesn't look into blogs for skincare/cosmetic reviews before purchasing?   F&B, being the "international hobby" of Singaporeans, food blogs became a important source of lobangs too.

Unlike famous celebrities, bloggers interacts with their readers more closely.   Through blog reviews, consumers gets a better understanding on products or services with the blogger's personal testimonial.

10 years ago, nobody could have imagine that blogging could be this influential and even become a career for some people.  I had never dream that I would join into blogsphere too.  I can't predict how's my blogging career's going to be like but what I can say is, I am a proud owner of this little space ^.^  

During this period of time, met lots of lousy people, initially I was very affected.  You know how my close friends and hubby reacted?  They actually laughed at me -___-|||  They said such people exist everywhere, it's like part and parcel of life and they are meant to be ignored, lolxxx.  I realised I was being too pampered, too sheltered and overly protected by my family.

So, I am not so "fragile" now.  God balanced things up by sending angels to me who gave me opportunities and a lot of encouragement.   All I care for now is to improve my English, continue to blog about things that adds interest to life and of course giving genuine reviews.


  1. Just so happened my dad switched on the TV when the blogger session was up and I said, "Mummy! See, Susan is on TV" lolol your statement on how many bloggers can be on TV is true. During that short session, only you and Tiffany were on screen. And your chinese is suuuuper powderful. I was wondering who is Wang Xiaoli kekeke xD I'm definitely glad things is looking up for you!

    1. Thank you! Heehee.... and my surname is Huang lah :P

  2. Chanced upon your blog while looking at food blogs for reviews. That was a good interview and I agree with what you said. So kudos to you!調整心態和心情. Whatever you do will be met with positive and negative comments so I'm glad you are not as 'fragile' now:) Not worth it to be affected! Jiayou!^^

    1. That's so kind of you ^^ Thank you and hope that you will continue to visit my blog!

  3. Haha, I still love the shot I took of the camera rolling~