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Friday, 20 October 2017

Expressing Gratitude with Floral Garage


More than a month ago, my father had a fall and was hospitalized at XXXX for almost a month....  Every visit to the hospital was depressing.  Everywhere was crowded, every space was occupied, and there would be at least one patient in a confused state of mind screaming day in day out through the wards, tension was in the air with extremely busy medical staffs...

My sisters and I were torn between work, hospital and other commitments.  The negligence from the medical and nursing aids added more worries and tremendous stress onto us.

The nightmare was over when my father was transferred to Yishun Community Hospital.
  The lush of greens in the hospitals calmed me down in a way.  Every visit was pleasant and less stressful despite of it being farther from my house.

During his 3 weeks stay, we were touched by the doctors and nurses dedication on seeing to his recovery.  The nurses were more meticulous and patient than us!  They are angels!
 We were so thankful.  They sure deserve more than just a Thank You card.  

Just as we were scratching our heads for something appropriate to express our gratitude, Floral Garage contacted me.
We decided to show our appreciation through gesture of giving flowers from Floral Garage.

Clicking into it's website, found out that Floral Garage is a 2 years old local online florist.  Though it's young, they offers an established range of flowers and products.

I gotten very attracted to their extensive range of   Freestyle bouquet  and Premium Freestyle bouquet
comes in varies styles and prices to suit your taste and budget.
Images from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/

Also their unique Vegetable bouquets!
Image from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/
Crazy cute, better than fruit basket lolxx...
Image from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/

Floral Garage's wedding services such as bridal and bridesmaid bouquet, bridal car decor and wedding venue decors etc. looks impressive too!
Image from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/
This is the link for more details www.floralgaragesg.com/weddings/

That's not all, there's still a list in the garage:
-Hampers (chocolate hampers, fruit hampers, baby hampers, cny hampers, get well soon hampers etc., all come with fresh flowers!)
-Gift baskets
-Condolence stands
-Congratulatory stands
-Party stuff

Phew.... and that's literally everything and anything you need in all occasions!

Floral Garage offers same-day delivery for a standard charge of only $9.70. Self-collection is possible too.  After much "distractions" I ordered mine a few days in advance and it arrived promptly and beautifully.

Danielle Bouquet is made up of many stalks of huge white and cheerful yellow roses.

The table bouquet turned out to be bigger than expected for it's price.

I brought Danielle Bouquet personally to Yishun Community Hospital and brought smiles to all of them!
Due to privacy, I am not able to show you the photos of the angels in Yishun Community Hospital.  So the bear bear in nurse uniform shall represent them to take a photo with gorgeous Danielle bouquet from Floral Garage.

ps.  My father has already been discharged, he is well though not too mobile.  Pains my heart to see him so old and weak, but it's unavoidable and irreversible.  Now I am trying my best to make him feel happy and comfortable...

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

2D1N Free & Easy Melaka Part 1

Wanted to blog about this very short trip earlier, but a couple of unfortunate things happened.... so delay until now de......

I wanted to travel but plans didn't work out some how, I was rather unhappy.....  Then there was this random day, chit chatting with a colleague and she mentioned that Malacca is affordable and near, not much planning needed.  Sounded good enough, so I persuaded hubby to go with me.  The kids didn't want to follow, so we left them at home (the house was intact and they were alive when we were back lolxx...).

Our inexpensive mini honeymoon was great!  Sharing with you guys the food and fun which might be interesting if you are going to Malacca!


Destination: Malacca (Malaysia)
Mode of travel: Free & Easy
Coach: KKKL Travel & Tours Pte and WTS Travel & Tours Pte Ltd (Total S$126 for 2 pax)
Accommodation: Hatten Hotel Melaka, Junior Suite (1 night MYR332.78)
Duration: 2D1N  3rd - 4th Jun 2017
Travel Buddy: Le Hubby


Starting off with my experience of the coaches and hotel I booked:

Booking of the coaches was easy from www.busonlineticket.com.  Just that the online payment system was somehow messed up during that time and I went to SingPost to make the payment.  To-and-fro was S$126 for the 2 of us which worked out to be S$63 per person.   I had to book coaches from 2 different travel companies (as stated above), choosing my preferred timing and drop off/pick point.  There's a few dollars different in cost but wasn't a big issue.

Then I went to www.booking.com to get a room in Hatten Hotel, all fixed and confirmed 2 weeks before departure.

The coach was 10 mins late at Tampines MRT pick up point but a SMS was send to inform.

The bus was new and awesome, setting off around 7.15am.  But it didn't go straight to the custom, it went to Bugis to pick up a few more passengers.  It's very annoying, so much time was wasted.

We stopped over at Yong Peng rest point around 9am.

It's a huge canteen with huge washrooms.

The chicken rice was dry and salty, and the drink tasted like cough syrup.  Horrible.

The only good thing must be this SIM card seller.

I replenished all the sleep I lost while on the road.  The bus went to another hotel dropping other passengers off before making it's way to our hotel, annoying but no choice.   I was expecting to reach latest by 12pm, but ended up at 2pm.

Nevertheless, Hatten Hotel is beautiful.

Hatten Hotel Melaka
Hatten Square, Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia

Ground floor which looked like 6th floor in the lift's indicator.

The lift lobby to our room.

Even the corridor is splendid.

I am so proud of my choice!
The 33m2 Junior Suite consist of:
* A small living area with sofa
* Queen size bed
* Coffee/tea making facilities
* Internet access
* 2 LCD TVs
* Mini bar
* "Rain" and "Hand" showers
* In room safe box
* Iron and ironing board

The little living room with a cozy sofa allowed us to rest, fidget with handphone before my shower.
2 TVs aren't necessary, maybe they can replace one with a computer/laptop/tablet?  Here's more pics of the room:

Fully marbled bathroom.

We explored the facilities of the hotel on the 2nd day of our stay.  But as usual we didn't use any.

All were at the 12 floor with a welcoming lounge.

The reception counter.

Sauna Room is all transparent.

The gym is on the left and the pool is on the right hand side.

Bought swim wear but was too lazy to dip into this infinity pool >.<

Another view of the pool with 2 blocks of hotel rooms.

View from the 12th floor over looking the Straits of Melaka.

Loving my zoom lens which managed to capture the crown of Melaka Straits Mosque (Masjid Selat Melaka).
It's a pity that we couldn't visit due to time constrain.

The next post will be flooded with food, stay with me and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Calm down at Barashi-Tei

Date of visit: 24.8.2017

Finally blogged again!
(Dusting virtual cobwebs >.<  I am so sorry!)

Some of you readers may know what had happened from my boring Dayre.  Things over here are getting better though still challenging.  While family's support keeps me from collapsing, good food keeps me going!  Nowadays, a meal can be a mini "escape" from reality to me.   Other than my "seasoned" smelly bed, I find comfort and a bit of rest over a dining table ....... Barashi-Tei's table is one of them.

We sat and ate following dishes:
Moriawase (sashimi 12pcs) S$28.00

Tamagoyaki S$5.00
These handmade tamago are so good that we had to ta bao some home.  I never eat those perfect looking machine made tamago ever again.  It's a MUST ORDER in Barashi-Tei.

Softshell Crab S$12.80
Nice simple dish, fresh with no fishy taste, crispy with no excess oil.

Unagi Don S$18.80
Tender unagi coated with sweet sauce grilled to perfection.  And their heavenly Tamago.... 

Unagi Salmon Mentai Maki (Eel, salmon, egg, cucumber) S$14.80
Maki (rice rolls) here taste as good and they looks.  Slightly torched Salmon Mentai was creamy and flavorful while the little balls of roes creating fun sensation in the mouth when they burst.  Cucumber is not the main but the crunchiness compliments the texture of all the other ingredients.

Spicy Salmon Maki (Crispy Tempura Prawn, Broiled Salmon) S$14.80
Having both salmon and prawns in a bite is sheer pleasure.  The special spicy sauce isn't too fierce but lingers, it's delicious!

Ika Kabayaki (Grilled squid) S$16.80
Love this, Barashi-Tei is doing everything right on the grill.  I hope they can ship in and do grill octopus.

Foie Gras Sushi S$15.80/2pcs
Dear Foie Gras Sushi, I am so sorry that I screw up on the photo which is not doing you justice >.<  To atone, I hereby disclose the
Best Way To Eat Foie Gras Sushi:
1.  Make sure there's no other food in your mouth (cos' you need a lot of space);
2.  Pick the sushi up with chopstick, but if you are not steady with this cutlery, use hand (just don't drop it);
3.  Put the WHOLE sushi into your mouth (no worries about your mouth being too small, the sushi is free size, sure can go in de..)
4.  Now let the foie gras burst, allowing it's buttery juice to cover every fluffy rice grain (imagine your mouth as a washing machine, mix mix mix...)
5.  Swallow bit by bit, enjoy your time in heaven!

Chawanmushi S$4.80
Here's a all time favorite, it's a Jap side dish but I some how love it as a dessert.

Ikura Chawanmushi (Chawanmushi with Salmon Roe) S$6.80
Here's a slightly atas version with salmon roe with balls of sweetness from the sea.

Ishikari Nabe Set (Salmon Head hotpot) S$18.80
Value for money!  This unassuming looking soup in claypot is the most comforting to my flu + cough + fever at that time.

Salmon head is surprising sweet.  Love or hate it's skin, it's thick and succulent to me, with lots of collagen, they slipped in guilt-free.
A pot of soup is always welcome on a table, especially when it's taste so home cook.

Barashi-Tei never disappoints but tables are limited, booking is advisable before heading down.  Simply follow the 3 steps below:
2) At the top right hand corner, click BOOK NOW.
3) Fill in the particulars and you are done!

266 Middle Road
Elias Building
Singapore 188991
Tel: 188991
Tel: 8421 5228
Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun 10am to 3pm 

Mon - Sat 6pm to 2am
Sun - 6pm to 10pm