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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Halloween at Woodgrove 2017

Date of event: 31.10.2017

This is my third year celebrating Halloween at Woodgrove private estate in Woodlands.  It's still the best place in Singapore to feel the Halloween.

My kid sis as ghost bride and me as scare crow in 2015, click HERE to read more.

2016, my kid sis as some ran away zombie, my son as a Jap girl who loves horror movies and me as Chucky.

It was crazy fun, kinda regret that I didn't blog about 2016, I must had been very choked up with life and couldn't find time then.

We nearly missed it this year.   My father was hospitalized, everybody was burnt out.  By the time he was well again at home, we hardly had enough time to prepare.

I missed my kid sis who's working overseas now.  As you can see from the above photos, she was crazier than me and was always a spot in Halloween, always grabbed hold by strangers for photograph taking de....  Halloween goes on....., yet not quite the same without her....  I missed her a great deal....

After all the hard times, we made it to participate Woodgrove Halloween 2017.   It was as tiring and as amazing as it was, it's worth it.....

Hubby drove me around in snail speed to take photos of the decorations at around 3pm.  Woodgrove was still quiet without humans, I could take clear pictures with good natural lightings without anybody hindering.

Really appreciate all the house owners' creativity and effort.  I actually think HDB can also do up such decors.  Please scroll down to enjoy the Halloween displays:

Cobwebs and spiders...

More cobwebs and spiders...

Bats came sticking around cobwebs too.

I took a lot of pics for this unit, every piece of decor was cute.

Happy ghost.

Beheaded scarecrow, not scary one lolxx...

Neat haunted house.


Colorful and cute.

A string of baby pumpkins.

Having a good rest on the pillar.

Who's that girl?

(Temporary) Haunted estate.

Caribbean feel.  The gates looked like a ship's head.

Ghost pirate.

This one very 气派.  They had "raining" lightings at night, super grand looking haunted house.  I have a blur pic of this house at night at the later part of this post.

This started to make noise when I walked close for a pic lolxx...

This was my sis's any how last minute decor.

Sweets for the little "monsters".

I didn't have time to prepare for costume, so I did a illusion makeup which I saw online.
Not perfect but good enough to make those who saw me dizzy.

Me guarding the gate.

Few pics of the early birds.

The crowd was awesome!

The neighbour was a witch lolxx...

Witch's son.  He told me he could still see.  He was like a statue when he stood still, then when he suddenly moved, it scared the shit out of visitors sia lolxx...

Witch's another son.  This kind of hugging Mummy costume only looks good on thin beings.  If I were to wear this, I'll looked like a bloated mummy accidentally soaked in river.

They were really good!
I took a short break "off duty" from sweets distribution and went roaming around to enjoy the atmosphere. Didn't take much pics for the night as I was almost batt flat.

Here, the grand haunted house which I mentioned earlier.  Lousy photo skills not doing it justice, it was really stunning in the night and the crowd was loving it.

Of course the crowd loves the generous owner distributing candy floss.

This was the good and scary one, photo credit le hubby.


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