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Monday, 25 November 2013

MacRitchie Trail -TreeTop Walk

Date of visit: 27.10.2013

Auntie Susan went "pak tor" with Uncle Peter, King Luis tagged along as "light bulb", heehee...

The trail began from a small path....

This trail is designed for hiking not for cycling.   Move on with me and you will know why.

Small stream...

..... with fish.

Path was muddy, hopping onto tree trunk disc became a game of hopscotch.

Old old tree but not sure of it's age.

I was always left behind.

Enormous leaves.

This was just one of the flight of stairs, more ahead.

Some mudy up slopes, wouldn't advise pregnant women and very young children to risk it.
This above pic is a less challenging one, didn't take pics of more "jialat" ones cos' all I could think of was to get over them ASAP, no mood for photographs.

Saw some huge fungus on a log.

Spot the monkey.  There were actually plenty of them.

When you see a fruit tree, you can be sure that there are little animals around too.

Not enough stamina to trail to Bukit Timah....

Uneven tracks...

Ranger station cum water point cum toilets.

Stony path, appropriate shoes are required.

The up slope, challenge your steps against gravity folks!

Reached the suspension bridge after 1.5hrs of trekking.

No turning back is allowed due to space constrain.
Not suitable for toodlers, pregnant women and people phobia of heights.

250m  freestanding suspension bridge between the two highest points in the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (MacRitchie).
Image from https://www.facebook.com/nparksbuzz
Pretty awesome right?

The bridge swayed gently as we walked.  Jumping and running is prohibited for heaven's sake.  Safety first!

Looking down will turned your legs into jelly unless you are born with guts of steel.


Looking far ahead was beautiful.  Trails like these always made me feel out of Singapore.

Was embraced by tranquility in a lush of green.

After the suspension bridge was another test on stamina.  Good training for my visit to Great Wall of China later in Dec.

Took photo of this trunk cos' it looked exactly like our army's uniform lolxx..

Heaps of huge dead leaves of about a foot long was eerie.

Spiky rattans, so watch where you are going.

Sun light passed through these dead leaves casting weird spooky orange light on them, very halloween in real life but my camera couldn't capture.

There was a herd of monkeys, more than 10 at least.  Swinging on the trees and some running around the path.

Both Luis and I was wearing red, so papa halt our steps.  He said the red was too attractive to animals and we might provoke them in a way.
We waited a few minutes and walked pass with a larger group of people.

On our way back, saw some Japanese students making their way up.
Also saw a genius couple both wearing slippers and carrying a less than 2 years old baby.  Probably they hadn't any idea what's ahead.  Good luck to them.

Round trip to the TreeTop Walk is about 6km, takes about 2 to 3hrs to trek depending on your speed.

My advise for this TreeTop Walk trail:
* If you are pregnant, scared of heights, pant at 2 flights of stairs, there are still other nature reserves in Singapore you may visit, links at the bottom of this post;

* If you want to bring a toddler, unless she's very hyper and active, be prepared to carry her for at least 5km;

* Wear proper shoes to protect your feet from mud and sharp stones.  It's quite disgusting to have mud sipping under toe nails >.<;

* Avoid wearing flashy colors which I did unless you want monkeys' attention;

* Try not to eat.   It's okay if monkeys snatch your food, but not so nice if they scratched you;

* Silent is golden in nature reserves.  Talking loudly or playing loud music scares off all animals and it's disturbing to other people also;

* After reading this post, it's clear enough that cycling is not possible.

How to get to this walking trail:
By Car:
Park at the public car park at Venus Drive that is located beside the start of the trail.
By Bus:
Take bus number 52, 132, 163, 166, 167, 855 and 980.   Alight just outside ESSO station before the junction of Venus Drive, Upper Thomson Road and Sin Ming Avenue.

For more information, click link below:

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