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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

MOF at Tampines 1

Date of visit: 04.10.2013

Normally, I wouldn't dine at restaurants after 7pm on Fridays or weekends.  My practise is to have early dinner at around 5pm to beat the crowd, I rather waste my time sleeping than queueing lolxx....

Not sure what's wrong with me this particular Friday, I joined a short queue at Tampines 1 MOF.  My first visit was during a Bloggers' Food Trail, read HERE to view pics of the dinning ambience.

Selfie during the queue.  I looked evil, heeheeehee.....
Those who knows me in real person will know that I got chubby and droopy cheeks.  Didn't photoshop (too lazy..)  How you tilt the camera just make wonders.

Fish eye photoshopped lolxx..

Chicken Char Siew Bento S$9.80
Something simple which would please most hungry kids, including King Luis.

Cha Soba Tempura Set S$18.80
Tempura sauce served warm, assorted tempura were crispy, no complains about the cha soba although it wasn't the best I had eaten.

Beef Teppanyaki Set S$19.80

I LOVE BEEF!  These were pretty good for the price tag.

There's always a charm in cooking your own food, be it on hot-plate or steamboat in various ingredients whatsoever, agree?
Beef taste the best when it's not too cooked.  Thin slices of beef took less than a min on hot-plate and could be send straight into the mouth pipping hot.

Mouth-watering video clip :P~~~

Yummy and pocket friendly, gonna order this if I visit MOF again.

Mango Dragon Roll S$13.80
Would be perfect if the mango slices were thicker, heehee.... *greedy*

"Tragedy" happened when we foot the bill with our vouchers.  The vouchers can only be used at LENAS T__________T  Sigh........  In born blurness just cannot be rectify no matter how old I becomes.  Laugh ba..... 

Please continue to visit my blog, more nom nom posts cum my hopeless blurness on their way!

Tampines 1
Tel:6784 5156

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