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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Genting 3D2N (Day 3) - On our way back to Singapore


This is my last post for my 3D2N stay at Genting.  Click in to read about DAY 1, DAY 2 (part I), DAY 2 (part II), I assure you it's not the same old stuffs you read at other blogs.

This is going to be a short post cos' the day was very short as we set off at 10am.  As mentioned in the previous post, we had 2 days of breakfast at World Club Lounge.  
World Club Lounge

A relaxing morning with a cup of coffee and newspapers at such a cozy lounge would be more than prefect!

Located at 28th in First World Hotel, the scenery from here was beautiful!

Interior design of the dinning area was kept sleek and chic.

A stalk of carnation on every table.
Most tables were occupied but the diners were mellow and we could eat calmly and peacefully.

Was really thankful for this breakfast arrangement,  read about my previous experience at First World Cafe HERE.  Food was just as good but was a war zone with multi-nations lolxx....

Shiny cereal dispensers, behind were bread slices, buns and croissants.

Order your sunny up or omelette!

Juices and hot beverages.

Ingredients for noodles/kuay teow.

Yong Tau Foo


Sambal prawns

Chicken Curry - me gonna vote this as the best dish they served for breakfast.  Not that I fancy something so heavy for breakfast, but I will miss it very dearly once back to Singapore.
  Medium spicy, tender chicken meat, flavourful curry with perfect consistency!  Mad love!!  It's the same as what was served at First World Cafe.

Delicious food need not be complicated :P~~~

Part of my breakfast, heehee.... had curry chicken of course and we dipped it with bread, hooohooohoooo, life was so good!!

After breakfast, we set off in the comfort of this:
Took pic of our private transport at a stop-over.

Half of the journey, I was a sleeping beauty beast here.
King Luis and I were spoiled rotten.....

We weren't exactly hungry but we just had to make some stomach space for this:

A root beer float plus a plain waffle was RM11.30, they never gimme receipt leh...

But I gotten the address, heehee....

Lot R3 Ayer Keroh
Overhead Bridge
Restoran KM210
7800 Melaka

Smooth journey, skipped the hassle of queuing up at the custom, our private transport send us right to our door step at 2pm ^^

Special thanks to Resort World Genting for sponsoring King Luis and me, giving us a priceless mother and son bonding trip at Genting Resort.
Image from www.facebook.com/ResortsWorldGenting

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