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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Genting 3D2N (Day 1) - Halloween Horror Spirits + Genting Club


Image from www.facebook.com/ResortsWorldGenting

Some time in April, I was invited by Resort World Genting to Genting Highland with a group of fun loving bloggers.  Do read about it here:

Many thanks to Resort World Genting for having me again ^^  This blog is going to be about Genting of course and many of you are going to say "Urrggg..... again?!?  Sian bo??"  But you will be surprise, same place, different companions, different itinerary and TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE.  Rolling out, here's the itinerary:

DAY 1 - 19 Oct 13
9.30am - Pick up from Novena Square to Genting Highland
4.30pm - Reached and check in First World Hotel
5.00pm -  Wi-Fi hunting + Shopping
7.00pm - Buffet Dinner at Coffee Terrace
8.00pm - Halloween Horror Spirits at Outdoor Theme Park
10.30pm - Genting Club Tour
11.00pm - Genting Premier Suite Tour
11.30pm - Cock-tail tasting + Live Band
12.30am - K.O.


King Luis and I reached early at the pick up point at Novena Square at 9.00am.  Despite of that, the whole van of people were waiting for us as we couldn't locate the van T_____T  Thus a 20 mins delay in settling off.  Pai seh big time >.<

We stopped over at Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House for a quick lunch (own expense).

Their menu with various types of noodles.

Plain You Mian 幼面 RM5.00
Pretty good springy noodles which King Luis slurped all and left nothing for me.  Ordered another bowl to satisfy the crave.

Fried FuZuk RM4.50
Crispy fried bean curd skin was great with noodles.

Yong Tau Foo RM4.50
Ikan bilis soup was tasty, was happy with this simple yet nice meal ^^

Also ordered ice lemon tea at RM2.50.  Food was decent though not the cheapest.

Nice stop-over which was not too crowded, rest-rooms were clean and they were selling some local tibits and noodles too.

Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House
123 Jalan Besar
83700 Yong Peng, Johor
Tel: 07-467 3985


It was about 2.30pm, when it started to rain.  King Luis self entertained with his precious earphone which he refused to lend me, so I watched THOR on ipad almost mute.

Reached Genting at about 4.30pm, accommodation at First World Hotel.  Here's a little interesting fact to share:

First World Hotel Service Lobby

350 square feet Superior Deluxe Room,  inclusive of breakfast for 2 pax.
First World Hotel - Superior Deluxe Room

Other facilities include:
* 29" Color TV
* In-house Video (Vision 4)
* Telephone
* Coffee Table & 2 seater sofa
* Mini fridge, tea & coffee making facilites
* 2 bottles mineral water
* Safe-deposit box
* Bath tub & Standing shower
* Basic Toiletries
* Slippers
* Hair Dryer
For other information and rates of  First World Hotel rooms, click HERE.

The dressing table top was fully occupied in no time with my makeup barangs.
Special thanks to my beauty sponsors Sephora, The SkinShop and Beauty Direct.

Haircare and some skincare sponsored by VanityTrove.
You see, it's impossible to travel light for me >.<


We had some time to spare before meeting the rest for dinner.  The first thing I could think of was to "chiong" down to Starbucks for Wi-Fi!!  Starbucks is located outside First World Hotel's lobby, super accessible.

Purchase is need to get their wi-fi password -___-  Previously we just stick around at any corner of Starbucks and gotten free connection (yup, call me cheapo, but I wasn't the only one hor lolxx..)  Desperate, bought a drink to get connected with the world and hubby.

Chocolate Creme Frappuccino with banana RM19.60
It's crazy yummy.....

King Luis is camera shy, so here's a rare pic of him with me ^^

Brought King Luis to walk around, Halloween mood was in the air!

Didn't know this TV programme is so popular till I saw it's name on eye masks!

Buffet dinner was at Coffee Terrace, Lobby floor of Genting Grand.
Image from www.rwgenting.com/en/fb/buffet/cterrace

Tables were reserved for us as well as local bloggers.
Couldn't help to feel important and happy, heehee.....

There are six different cuisines for diners to chose from.

Western counter with grilled meat and veg.

But my eyes were on the desserts.

Don't talk to me, let me eat =P~~~

Coffee Terrace's prices as follows:

Buffet Lunch
Monday to Friday: RM68.00 nett [adult] ; RM34.00 nett [child] 
Saturday & Sunday: RM72.00 nett [adult] ; RM36.00 nett [child]

Buffet Dinner
Sunday to Thursday: RM77.00 nett [adult] ; RM39.00 nett [child]
Friday & Saturday: RM81.00 nett [adult] ; RM41.00 nett [child]

For more information click HERE.


After dinner, we proceed to the high-light of this trip - 
at Outdoor Theme Park.

Wind blows......
Night's cold.......
 Come with me........ but do not regret......

Get yourself ready......

undead lonely children looking for playmates...... 

 Swing me please.....

Not frightening, was super cute to me.

Best couple ever!


One stormy night many years ago, a family was possessed by evil spirits when they were drowned in their sleep.  The dark force then spread throught the whole village.  After fiercely guarding their kampung huts for several decades, the evil spirits now welcome you to visit their ghostly abode........

She joined the queue....

Was screaming and laughing at the same time and ran for my life out of this haunted hut.  Only managed to catch these few pics >.<
She probably gave birth at the WC, but I didn't want to know......

These were the "occupants" in Kisah Rumah Puaka.  Notice that elf squatting there?  He creeped quietly behind us then suddenly talk beside your ear, wa lau...... 吓死人叻.
Image from https://www.facebook.com/ResortsWorldGenting

Time clock turns back to old Shanghai in 1930s.  Join the dance where coquettish songstress sings out her bitter fate, stroll down the street of darkness......

When the ghostly steam bun hawker sells something else............
I nearly died of heart-attack, was totally taken back by the "head" hidden in the big bamboo steamer!

Prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment or given death penalty are all incarcerated in this maximum-security prison.  Eventually some go insane due to intense depression.  The spirits of those who had been executed wander the hallways, as if they have old scores to settle.

This was the only pic I managed to take.....

Image from https://www.facebook.com/ResortsWorldGenting
Scared die me, cos' the passage way was very narrow, only one way, very difficult to run away or escape unless you can climb up the wall.  Although the "prisoners" will not touch visitors, but I was too freaked out to remember that.  By the time I run out of the "prison" I was panting..... fml

The story begins with a plane crash that leaves passengers of HHS Flight 2.0 stranded in a deserted city that has been decimated by a catastrophic plague.  All who were infected with the disease-bearing pathogen mutated into vampire-like beings called Walkers.

And these Walkers are great dancers......
So cute right!  But please pardon my high pitch ghastly laughters, was too excited and I almost forgotten that I was video-ing >.<

Accident!! Help!  Somebody is in bloody shit! HELP!!

Booo.... I don't need any help, any more lolxxx...

Who left his arm on the ground arh?!?  No littering hor! Please pick it up!!  Fearless now LOLxxxx


Took a peek into Genting Grand's Premier Suite to claim my nerves.

Haven of luxury and most important of all, free Wi-Fi!
337 square feet Premier Room with King Bed (Twin beds also available)

42-inch Plasma TV with a mini bar, coffee and tea-making facilities.

I took this pic in a wrong angle, this bath tub is actually huge enough for 2 pax, superb for 鸳鸯戏水 (couple's dip)...

 .... and can watch TV some more!


  • 42-inch plasma television (32 TV Channels including special in-
        house promotion plus 4 radio channels)
  • Complimentary fruits platter daily
  • Complimentary newspapers daily
  • Complimentary buffet breakfast for two
  • Room service and wake up call
  • 24 hours butler service
  • Laundry / dry cleaning service
  • Safe box
  • Extra beds available on request (chargeable*)
  • Baby cot available on request
  • Baby-sitting service (chargeable*)

  • Price from RM1,449 per night stay.
    For more information, click in www.rwgenting.com/en/accommodation/genting_grand


    Night was still young, dumped King Luis back to the hotel room and pretend to be single at
    Genting Club.

    Many people are not aware of Genting Club as it is newly launched on 28 Sep 2013.  This exclusive club is located at Genting Grand Lobby Floor, strictly for members only.  I had brought a dress specially for visiting Genting Club, but didn't get to wear it there  All thanks "that group of people" who jeopardised everything.  As a result, didn't get to charm any handsome or rich guy :/

    Walked into Ltitude Lounge & Bar, it has more than 400 over bottles of exquisite wines.
    I am a layman in liquors but top notch brands such as Armand de Brignac, Chateau Cos D'estournel, Torbreck Wines etc.. are in the house.

    Right outside the wine house is the cigar bar.  Luxurious leather sofa, long fire place, it's such a quite and romantic corner....... love...... for that instant, I missed le hubby.  Was hallucinating the both of us sitting together, hanky panky a little bit, watch the fire dance, act atas holding a wine glass, then start to crack lots of silly jokes till we row off the sofa waahaahaahaa...... ok sorry, that doesn't sound romantic at all lolxx....

    Ltitude Restaurant
    Image from http://www.rwgenting.com/en/gentingclub/

    They were having a culinary competition/food tasting, so didn't take much pics.

    360 Bar with Live Band and a large screen as backdrop.
    Sit around high stools at 360  Bar, closer to the live music.......

    or slumber in comfort at the high curved backed sofas which spread out in circular style around 360 Bar.

    Bottoms up!  Nothing beats ending a day with an awesome glass!

    If living is an art, enjoyment is a style - Genting Club is for you!
    Application for the club membership is at RM20,000 per annum.
    For more information, click in http://www.rwgenting.com/en/gentingclub/

    Enjoyed myself to the fullest on Day 1 at Genting.  Day 2 was just as exciting with many first experience with King Luis.  Stay tune for the next blog post!

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